DAPI Encryption: Outlook passwords are insecure

24. October 2022 – Encryption of Outlook passwords is patchy. With a simple API query, the passwords can be read out in plain text. The passwords for IMAP accounts stored by Outlook in the Windows registry are not really secure, as a post on “Borncity” reveals. emergesreferring to one Tweet from Mariusz Banach, Red Team … Read more

A study warns against the use of thermal cameras and AI to hack passwords through these cameras password thieves could be on your trail

A password may not be enough to protect a device from hackers. A new study has revealed how criminals can use thermal imaging cameras to trace the password someone typed on a smartphone, computer keyboard or even an ATM. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have shown how heat-sensing cameras can help crack passwords up … Read more

so you can see the passwords saved on your cell phone

While passwords are a good way to protect your data, they can be inconvenient if you constantly have to enter them. Fortunately, Android has a way to save and remember the PINS you’ve entered in apps so you don’t have to do it again each time. While this can be convenient, it’s important to understand … Read more

Password Managers – Easy and Secure Use of Strong Passwords | Business

Too confusing and complicated? There are simple ways to increase security online, use secure passwords, but at the same time not get lost in the abundance of them. The illusion that we are safe and original Although nowadays we successfully use biometric security measures: fingerprint scanners, 3D face scanners, biometrics alone is not enough – … Read more

Forgot your password? How to reset passwords in Windows

There’s nothing more annoying than not remembering your PC’s password. Fortunately, you can always reset passwords in Windows. That’s how you work. Passwords serve to secure our accounts. He who does not know the secret password will not enter; that’s how it should be anyway. Microsoft also relies, in combination with more modern biometric authentication … Read more

Personal Data Leaks Happen Again, Johnny Plate: People Must Change Passwords Often

TEMPO.CO, Nusa Dua – Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate responds to the leak personal data which is happening again in the digital world. He appealed to the public to frequently change their passwords on their respective digital platforms. “One time password We must always replace it so that we can keep our … Read more