Altroconsumo, here’s what is the best pasta: who wins the podium?

Other consumption is always at the service of consumers. As an association it tends to carry out some research aimed at identifying those products capable of supporting the quality-price ratio in a balanced way. – Advertisement – In the last tests carried out Other consumption has identified the best pasta present for sale, pasta that … Read more

Glycemic index: With these simple tips, you can reduce the glycemic index of rice, pasta and potatoes.

Pasta, potatoes and rice are known to have a high glycemic index, but by using a few simple tricks in the kitchen, we may be able to reduce it a bit, with benefits for our health. Rice, potatoes and pasta are among the foods with the highest glycemic index. This definition is used to indicate … Read more

What alternatives to wheat pasta?

Everyone loves pasta! Young and old, we all appreciate (with a few exceptions) a good dish of spaghetti bolognese or pasta carbonara. That said, wheat pasta is not really the best in terms of nutrition and health. In short, this pasta is not healthy. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives to … Read more

What should the child’s school package contain. Fruits and vegetables instead of grains and chips

Doctors claim that vegetables and fruits should not be missing from our daily diet. In the same way, pediatricians support the importance of introducing fruits and vegetables into the child’s diet. In our country, the number of obese children is increasing, which should be a source of concern primarily for parents. For this reason, both … Read more

Picture of the day: Pasta is that much cheaper next door – only for the nervous!

If it is possible to get official price flour in shops, then it can be bought relatively cheaply in Hungary, but the situation is very different in the case of products made from flour. The We’re not dying, we live like this Facebook page has just published a recent montage about how much the own-brand … Read more

Half bat, half pasta. An expedition found a sea of ​​unknown creatures off Australia — ČT24 — Czech Television

Thirteen thousand kilometers in thirty-five days were covered by a research expedition on board a ship RV Investigator. She set off at the end of September to an area two and a half thousand kilometers from the west coast of Australia. Oceanologists were hoping to make some interesting discoveries, because the place they chose is … Read more

NHL | Pasta la vista! Pastrňák hit from an incredible angle. This is not often seen with him

Currently, the best team in the overseas league is undoubtedly Boston, for which several Czech compatriots play. The most visible is David Pastrňák, a native of Hávíř, who with eight goals is third in the NHL scorers table, right behind the unstoppable pair from Edmonton McDavid – Draisaitl. His last hit against the Rangers is … Read more

Hot, burnt and crunchy…”Killer pasta” changes the rules for preparing this dish

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Pasta can be prepared in all shapes, sizes and sauces. But the first stage of its preparation has always been simple, tested and correct.. Its consistency: Put the main ingredient (pasta) in a bowl of boiling salted water. However, spaghetti esacina, or the killer pasta, makes you reconsider everything … Read more