The scientific milestones that will revolutionize the world in 2023

Christian Garavaglia Meteored Argentina 01 Jan. 10 min Vera Rubin Observatory, will take its first images in 2023. Credit: NOAO / AURA / NSF World science is advancing by leaps and bounds, and throughout 2023 there will be several events that will leave us speechless. THE prestigious scientific journal Nature compiled the main scientific events … Read more

These are the Causes of Food Poisoning and Risk Factors

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Food poisoning is an infection or irritation of the digestive tract that spreads through food or drink. A person can get food poisoning if they eat something that has been contaminated by one of these pathogensie bacteria, parasites, or viruses. This can happen if the foods eaten include: • Not cooked or … Read more

WHO Releases Pathogens to Watch Out for as Next Pandemic, Disease X

Jakarta – WHO released a new list of priority pathogens to watch out for because they could trigger future pandemics or outbreaks. The reason is, this research can help the availability of vaccines, testing, and other tools to be available more quickly during the next pandemic. Based on the WHO release, there were more than … Read more

New virus in bats. Similar pathogens kill 1 in 3 people

NaturalWorldLover Mops condylurus Pathogens similar to those found in bats in Tanzania and DR Congo can kill up to a third of the people they infect. Scientists have discovered a new virus that affects tailless insectivorous bats (Mops condylurus) caught in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At issue is the vírus Kiwira, a … Read more

What Is A T-Shaped Virus? It’s Structure to Examples

Jakarta – Virus The T-shaped form is a virus called a bacteriophage or phage for short. But before getting to know phage further, let’s discuss thoroughly what is the meaning of a virus. According to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Learning Resources, the virus comes from the Latin word, virion which means poison and … Read more

Canada needs a better detection system for respiratory pathogens

According to an analysis published in (CMJA). Clinical and Outbreak Management (COM) platforms were essential tools in the response of the Canada to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we need expanded surveillance systems to anticipate emerging viruses and support an effective public health response. “Strengthening surveillance in Canada remains critical,” writes Dr. Beate Sander, of the … Read more

Using machine learning, researchers can predict outbreaks of pathogens such as coronavirus and monkeypox

The rate at which emerging wildlife diseases infect humans has steadily increased over the past three decades. Viruses, such as the global coronavirus pandemic and the recent outbreak of monkeypox, have heightened the urgent need for disease ecology tools to predict when and where outbreaks are likely. An assistant professor at the University of South … Read more

20th Century Vaccine Offers New Hope Against Various Pathogens

New York.- In the early days of the covid-19 pandemic, when prevention seemed light years away, several scientists launched trials to see if a tuberculosis vaccine developed in the early 20th century could protect people by bolstering the system. immunological. The Bacillus-Calmette-Guerin vaccine has long been known to have broad effects on the immune system … Read more

Gas produced by plasma helps protect plants against pathogens

The lightning and dancing auroras contain a fourth state of matter called plasma, which researchers have harnessed to produce a gas that can activate plant immunity against widespread diseases. The team, based at Tohoku University in Japan, published their findings on June 24 in PLOS A. “Currently, chemical pesticides are the mainstay of disease control … Read more