The Mental Patient Law allocates 10% of the mental health fund’s resources for awareness campaigns

Written by Noura Fakhry Friday, March 24, 2023 07:00 AM Law No. 71 of 2009 was devoted to issuing a law Psychiatric patient care10% of the resources of the Mental Health Fund to carry out awareness campaigns on mental health in the community. The law specified the fund’s resources, indicating that the proceeds are spent … Read more

The greyness and the rain flew over Belgium all day, how is this possible in the middle of spring? “You have to be patient!”

Despite the transition to summer time, we are still far from it. Indeed, the sun does not show itself. How to explain it? We looked for him all afternoon, but he couldn’t be found. Where is the sun? “Not here, anyway,” notes a brave jogger in the rain. Today, everyone is soaked. In the city … Read more

Getting to know PANTER TB-RO, formerly a patient is now an encouragement

Saturday, March 25, 2023 | 13:27 WIB | Writer : Editor : Tobari Malang, Infopublic – The number of cases of Tuberculosis (TBC) or TB in Indonesia is ranked second in the world. In 2022, there are 2,429 TB cases found in Malang City. The high number of TB cases encourages multi-stakeholder synergies, including the … Read more

“Palliative patient identification requires ‘performance’ fee” (KCE)

In our country, palliative patients receive financial support, but this is not always sufficient and it is mainly granted only in the very last phase of life. The Federal Knowledge Center for Health Care (KCE) investigated how this financial support could be better tailored to the individual needs of these people… but found that, unfortunately, … Read more

Hospital de Penafiel violated the law by preventing family members from contacting a Covid-19 patient until the day of death – Society

Hospital de Penafiel violated the law by preventing family members from contacting a Covid-19 patient until the day of death Hospital Center did not allow any kind of contact until the day of the woman’s death. • Photo: All Rights Reserved Penafiel Hospital The Health Regulatory Entity (ERS) concluded that the Centro Hospitalar do Tâmega … Read more

Uccle: the patient of a psychiatric hospital on which the police shot died

The police fired this Tuesday on a patient in a psychiatric establishment located in Uccle. He died in hospital as a result of his injuries. Around 10 a.m., the Uccle/Watermael-Boitsfort/Auderghem police zone was requested to intervene at the Fond’Roy psychiatric institute for a patient described as aggressive and whom the staff could not manage. “According … Read more