Jean Paul Santa María speaks about alleged mistreatment of María Pía Copello | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 05/17/2022 07:12 am María Pía Copello faced a difficult week after the accusations of three people who claim that she mistreated them when they were children and were part of the cast of ‘María Pía y Timoteo’, more than 20 years ago. MIRA: Dancer who denounced that María Pía yelled at critics as … Read more

Paul from Merchtem bought a new car to be in order with the Brussels low-emission zone, but purchase turns out to be superfluous

Paul stopped working in local politics as alderman in Merchtem in 2018. Yet he wanted to continue to work for the Merchtemnaren. “For example, in 2019 I started volunteering at the less mobile center (MMC) of Merchtem. I transport Merchtemnaren to the hospitals in Asse, Dendermonde, Aalst, and the UZ in Jette.”

Paul Merson: Liverpool will not win the Premier League even if they score 55 goals against Southampton

Former Arsenal player Paul Merson insists that Liverpool He has absolutely no chance of winning the Premier League title. Manchester City gave Liverpool a glimmer of hope, after its draw yesterday with West Ham, with two goals, at the London Olympic Stadium in the thirty-seventh round of the English Premier League. Manchester City has 90 … Read more

“I achieved”. At the age of 69, the Nobel Prize in Economics Paul Krugman decided to cycle from Sagres to Évora – Current Affairs

“I got it. Did anything happen in the last ten days? Anyway, I’m not supposed to be back on duty until Sunday.” The tweet is from last Friday and shows a trip from Tavira to Faro and from Sagres to Évora. The economist had already warned those accompanying him that he was going to spend … Read more

Tomorrow, Paul Pogba’s agent meets Juventus officials to discuss transfers

TWITTER.COM/FZAHINKML Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba. BOLASPORT.COM – Agen Paul PogbaRafaela Pimenta, is reportedly going to meet the higher-ups Juventus on Monday (16/5/2022) to discuss the transfer of his client. Working time Paul Pogba from Manchester United expires on 30 June 2022 and the player does not appear to have any intention of renewing his … Read more

US Republican Sen. Rend Paul blocks bill on $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine / Article

The package, which includes military, humanitarian and economic funding, was passed by House of Representatives in the House of Representatives on Tuesday with 368 votes in favor and 57 against. Only Republican congressmen voted against it. Senate Democrat majority leader Chuck Schumer and Republican minority leader Mitch Maconel sought a quick approval of the package … Read more

Paul talked about Waldwin: he tried to spit in my face, the whole Olympiacos knows about his character

In the Spanish league on Saturday, Bovona’s Joventut team met with Vitoria’s Baskonia and defeated it 89:81. After the duel, a representative of Joventut spoke on his personal Twitter account Brandon Paulwho saw claims against his former teammate Wade’ui Baldwinuiwith whom he played for the Piraeus Olympiacos. “I am a professional, but I will never … Read more

Rodrigo de Paul dedicated a romantic gesture to Tini Stoessel in a photo

Rodrigo de Paul made it clear that his courtship with Tini Stoessel move steadily forward sign a heart in his live Instagram. In the middle of estrangement rumorwhich was enhanced after his ex Camila Homs travel to Madrid for his children to spend time with him, the footballer dedicated another tender gesture to the singer. … Read more

Parting with Man United, Paul Pogba Choose CLBK to Juventus?

TWITTER.COM/FZAHINKML Paul Pogba reportedly left the WhatsApp group of Manchester United players and sent messages to his colleagues. BOLASPORT.COM – Midfielder Manchester United, Paul Pogbawill reportedly return with Juventus after it was widely reported that he wanted to leave Old Trafford. Paul Pogba almost certain to leave Manchester United at the end of the 2021-2022 … Read more