Giuliana Rengifo threatens Ricardo Rondón with sending him a notarized letter for telling him that she was with a married man VIDEO Paul Pineda celebrity | SHOWS

Giuliana Rengifo celebrates his 39th birthday this Thursday, September 22, in the midst of the ampay presented by Magaly Medinawhere he is seen kissing the notary Paul Pineda. READ ALSO: Fiorella Retiz: “All my life I have been with people over twenty years of age” Thus, the cumbia singer contacted the program En boca de … Read more

‘I’ll give you five days to settle everything’: new threats sent to Paul Pogba from his brother’s cell phone revealed

The Pogba case continues to make headlines in France. While the French international’s brother, Mathias, was charged and imprisoned Saturday for “extortion in an organized gang and participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime”, The Parisian reveals new elements of the investigation. Our colleagues have indeed had access to the … Read more

Jerome Powell is following in the footsteps of the Federal Reserve in the eighties. Who is Paul Volcker?

It is no secret to those who follow the policy of the US Federal Reserve that Jerome Powell, the current president, admired the policy of Paul Volcker, the Fed president in the eighties, which focused on Curb inflation at any cost..even went on to call him a hero! There are many factors in common between … Read more

Two hooded robbers, withdrawal refused, threats: the chilling story of Paul Pogba in front of the police

The Paul Pogba case continues. Every day offers us new details of what has happened in recent months around the Juventus player and the France team. While five men, including his brother Mathias, were arrested for attempted extortion, in particular, the newspaper Le Monde reveals what the player explained to the police. He recounted the … Read more

WWE formalizes the match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul

It’s official, the meeting between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns will take place in less than two months ! The American wrestling league held a press conference this evening presented by Michael Cole. WWE/Universal Undisputed Champion – Roman Reigns – and Logan Paul attended as scheduled. The Tribal Chief was always well accompanied since Paul … Read more

Death of Elizabeth II: who was “Tall Paul”, her trusted man for 44 years?

He was the Queen’s most trusted servant, and served her for decades without ever betraying her greatest secrets. At 64, her slender figure (1.94m) earned her the affectionate nickname of “Tall Paul”, or in French “Grand Paul”. That’s what the Queen and her family called him. Paul Whybrew, who was with the Queen at the … Read more

The series Paul Pogba and his brother continues .. Arrests and investigations

After he posted videos in which he threatened to reveal information about his brother Paul Pogba, police have taken Matias Pogba into custody following an ongoing investigation into an alleged extortion plot, according to reports in France. And the French newspaper Le Monde claimed that Pogba, the brother, turned himself in on Wednesday, after being … Read more

Amala Paul Ponniyin Selvan: I, Mani Ratnam not sad to reject the film!! Amala Paul on not acting in Ponniyin Selvan – actress amala paul says why she quit mani ratnams ponniyin selvan

Amala Paul is one of the most popular actresses in South India. Amala’s last film to hit the theaters is Kadavar. Now Amala is talking about Mani Ratnam calling her to Ponniyin Selvan. Mani Ratnam called him to act in Ponniyin Selvan. But Amala revealed in an interview to Times of India that she had … Read more

Paul comments on Pugacheva’s possible return to the scene

Maestro Raymond Pauls has been friends with Alla Pugacheva for years. Also this summer, while living in Jurmala, Alla Pugačova and Maksim Galkin visited Raimonda Paula. “I and Alla Pugačova and Maksim Galkin share many points of view,” says Maestro Raomond Pauls in the Radio SWH program with “Dziesmu pa živė”. Raimonds Pauls also watched … Read more

The mutilated body of British Paul Uri, who died in captivity in Donbass, was returned to Ukraine

The body bore numerous cuts and signs of torture, and several body parts were missing, Lubinets wrote. “As the human rights representative of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, I can say today with full responsibility that this death was violent. A person simply cannot endure such torture. I have seen a photo of the dead … Read more