Cornèr launches a virtual payment solution for businesses

Visa Commercial Pay is available in Switzerland initially and will be extended to “other countries in Europe in the near future”. The Cornèr banking group announced on Wednesday the launch in Switzerland of Visa Commercial Pay (VCP), a payment solution for businesses (B2B) based exclusively on virtual cards. “Employees no longer need to use their … Read more

Watch – Mai Omar wears a suit that she hopes is equal to an apartment down payment in October

The beautiful actress did Mai Omar With the participation of her fans, a group of new photos of her on her personal account on the social networking site for sharing photos and videos, Instagram. And it appeared Mai Omar For the most recent photo session that she underwent while she was in the United Arab … Read more

I have not received payment of the first installment of the 13th salary, what should I do?

The deadline for payment of the first installment of the 13th salary ended this Wednesday (the 30th), the next one has to be paid until December 20th, and discounts apply to this second part. The Christmas bonus, as the 13th is also known, is a right of all employees with a formal contract, who have … Read more

One of the largest bank-owned mobile payment companies in Europe is being created, with an IT competence center in Lithuania

Donatas Kunigonis, CEO of MobilePay in Lithuania. The leaders of Scandinavian mobile payment services have merged – MobilePay, which belonged to Danske Bank, operates in Denmark, Finland, has an IT competence center in Lithuania, and Vipps, which belongs to a consortium of banks, and operates in Norway. This merger will aim to become one of … Read more

The dollar is ravaging the Egyptian pound.. Will weakening the currency become an alternative to defaulting on payment? | Economie

Cairo- The limits of the flexible exchange rate of the Egyptian pound exceeded all speculations, and it fell below the worst expectations of local and international investment banks, economists and financial analysts, amid a state of confusion and astonishment in the Egyptian markets. A report by the American Bloomberg Agency – before the decision to … Read more

rate and form of payment

The mortgage loan market is almost non-existent in Argentina, but is it possible to save in crypto to buy a property? The lack of access to credit, unstoppable inflation and the continuous devaluation of the peso make up a Hostile environment to fulfill the dream of owning a home. To this we must add that … Read more

Traffic jam of tax deadlines, from VAT to aid for Covid – Economy

Perfect Storm of fiscal deadlines ready to unleash at the end of the month: November 30thin fact, it will be the last day on which it will be possible to present both the Lipe (VAT communications of periodic liquidations) for the third quarter of the year, as well as making the payment of the 2022 … Read more

Start Network Announces $400,500 Drought Insurance Payment for Senegal

The State of Senegal will receive 400,500 dollars in insurance (252.37 million FCFA) against the risk of drought from Start Network, a group of humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to fight against the food insecurity. The measure announced on Thursday 24 November by the group’s spokesperson was triggered on Monday 21 at the end … Read more

They would have asked for $300,000: film director accuses unemployed truckers of collecting tolls in La Serena | National

Members of a film production company accused that the mobilized truckers “charged tolls” on Route 5 north in order to pass. $300,000 is the amount that those affected were asked for. A film producer accused that the truckers who are mobilized in the north would be charging money to those who do not adhere to … Read more