Evergrande Health Valley is unfinished, more than 200 householders have paid the house payment and have nowhere to go | Evergrande Crisis | Land Recovery | House Purchase Payment

【NTDTV, Beijing time, January 27, 2022】Evergrande Health Valley Project in Xiuwu County, Henan ProvinceunfinishedThe situation has attracted public attention recently.It is known that at least 256 owners have paidPurchase money, and now neither the property nor the money that has been paid can be received, and more than 1,000 mu of land for this project … Read more

McDonald’s accepts Musk’s call to add dogecoins as a form of payment, but puts a condition (and causes the creation of a new token)

Published: 26 ene 2022 14:33 GMT On Tuesday, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted that he would eat a McDonald’s kids’ menu on TV if the chain “accepts dogecoins.” McDonald’s announced this Thursday in Twitter that it is ready to add the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin to its payment methods, but only if Tesla starts … Read more

Lowering Naver Pay and Kakao Pay fees… Financial authorities promote easy payment fee disclosure

data photo The financial authorities have announced that they will induce technology companies to determine their fees on a reasonable basis in relation to the simple payment of electronic finance and prepare a disclosure system. This is what Jeong Eun-bo, the head of the Financial Supervisory Service, met with officials in the financial platform industry … Read more

Instagram: know the details of payment to creators for their videos

Instagram, one of the most used social networks in these times and even essential in our lives has announced an important advance that you should know about which can benefit you if you consider yourself a staunch content creator and looking for an income under a subscription. This new Instagram strategy can have favorable results … Read more

Revenue Agency And Payment Folders. The Point On The Question

The 2022 Budget Law introduced an extension of the payment terms for the bills notified from January 1st to March 31st 2022 and this is not new, as a similar extension was introduced by Law Decree no. 146/2021, better known as the Tax-Labor Decree, for the bills notified from 1 September to 31 December 2021. … Read more

For 600 riyals only, get a Toyota Corolla 2022 installment offer without down payment over five years

For 600 riyals only, get a Toyota Corolla 2022 installment offer without down payment over five years – educate me 600 riyals in installments for a Toyota Corolla is one of the most important offers for installments for that car, which contains the most important features and equipment that must be available to ensure safety … Read more

Due to the large price increase, many companies are raising wages higher than planned

Some wage increases were planned by large and medium-sized companies, often with an international background, but they had to overwrite their plans and still have to throw in a few percent due to large price increases. This is shown by a survey of 182 companies, which is a large survey, and the results are available … Read more

Payment by smartphone: CIH Bank innovates through CIH PAY

CIH Bank announces the launch of CIH PAY, its new smartphone payment solution, in partnership with Mastercard. This innovation is a first in North Africa. CIH Bank continues to innovate as part of its strategy to digitize banking services. Thus, the bank announces the launch of a first in North Africa, consisting of a new … Read more

“The largest individual payment ever”: a user falls into a trap and pays 1.14 million dollars in bitcoins to scammers

Published: 17 one 2022 14:52 GMT The criminals posed as a respected person in the world of cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin owner has lost $1.14 million after being scammed with promises that his funds would be increased if he sent them to the scheme’s organizers, who impersonated a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world. Attracted by … Read more

Here, developers are allowed by Apple to offer alternative payment methods

Only for dating apps This week we could write that Apple will in the future allow South Korean developers to offer alternative payment options in their applications. Now they offer this opportunity to Dutch developers as well – but only in applications with dating purposes. Again, this is not a voluntary choice from Apple, but … Read more