Mysterious payment through Paysera: detective, where did the data leak and who is to blame?

To 15min a disappointed customer of the financial technology company Paysera, whose company has a business account with this payment company, contacted the editorial office. He suspects a possible data leak in Paysera’s systems, which led to a mysterious settlement from the account of the company he represents. At the time, the company said the … Read more

Mysterious payment through Paysera: detective, where did the data leak and who is to blame? | Business

Mykolas (name changed, but known to the editors), who wrote the letter to the editors, represents a young and small company that has a business account with the Paysera payment company. He said that on July 9 4:21 p.m. with the company’s card data, without the knowledge of the owner, in other words, without authorization … Read more

No need to set aside money for too long, buy a new car, just 5% down payment

Jakarta – After more than 2 years of being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, now, the stretching of community activities to rise up during these difficult times has been seen. This can be seen from a number of activities that have returned to normal, such as working with 100% WFO, face-to-face school students, crowded shopping … Read more

Taesa (TAEE11) sees net income drop 19.2% in the quarter and announces millionaire dividend payment

Companies in the energy sector are known to line investors’ pockets with dividends. Therefore, the market looks carefully at the numbers of the Aliança Electric Energy Transmitter (TAESA-TAEE11) released this Wednesday (10). But the balance did not bring good news: the company ended the second quarter with a net profit of BRL 564 milliona drop … Read more

Discounts available for everyone. Banks offer a prescription for an expensive one, all you need is a mobile phone and a payment card

We have selected the best and most interesting bank offers for all private clients that you can take advantage of during August. Banks generally offer several types of discounts when paying by card. 1. Automatic discount when using the card. Just activate it You don’t have to deal with anything, and when you pay by … Read more

What is the best payment terminal?

It is now inconceivable to lose customers for lack of tools to accept bank cards. Indeed, these means of payment are often preferred by consumers. You also have a wide choice of devices to read the cards. Thus, the electronic payment terminal (TPE) is essential in a business. You just need to choose the best … Read more

Clinics tighten conditions for insurers: RedSalud changed the payment system for all services to Nueva Masvida members

The decision informed last week by the German Clinic to the affiliates of the Consalud and Nueva Masvida isapres, putting an end to the Preferred Care Provider Agreement for hospitalizations in that institution -replacing the institutional direct payment modality for reimbursement- has been followed by other providers. This is the case of RedSalud – linked … Read more

Hackers could sneak access to 140,000 payment terminals

Administrators of a network of payment terminals had their passwords stolen. And they hadn’t enabled second factor authentication. Whoops. It is not because we manage tens of thousands of payment terminals that we are necessarily up to speed on IT security. Example: the company Wiseasy. Not well known to the general public, this Singapore-based start-up … Read more

[ICT 코리아패싱] ② Google and Apple in-app payment forced, domestic law ‘useless’

The global IT dinosaur’s encroachment on the domestic market is getting serious. The problem is that the private sector has lost its ability to self-regulate, and the National Assembly and the government are reaching a point where they can’t help themselves. This can be seen as the so-called ‘Korea passing’ situation. We would like to … Read more