Mi Smart Band 6 with NFC for Xiaomi and Mastercard contactless payments

September 17, 2021 Living in the shadow of the pandemic made us think about how to rebuild a smart, healthy and stress-free life under the new norms of social distancing. Contactless payments are one of these changes. To help users adopt that changing lifestyle, Xiaomi is reshaping its technological innovations, starting with everyday wearables. In … Read more

Xi Jinping’s regime seeks to dismantle the Alibaba group’s payments application, the most used in China

An ATM with the Alipay logo (Reuters) The Chinese regime wants Dismantle the popular Alipay payment app from the giant Alibaba group, for take away the lucrative business of online loansreported this Monday the newspaper Financial Times. This mobile payment service is an indispensable application in China, where cash has practically disappeared and the vast … Read more

U.S. App Store Judgment Workshop… “Allow external links” vs “Allow other payments”

“Is it an external link? Another payment button?” The Verge announced on the 12th that the impact to Apple could be significantly different depending on the interpretation of a US court ruling that the ‘anti-steering provisions’ applied by Apple’s App Store constitute an act of anti-competition. (hereinafter local time) reported. This is because it can … Read more

JP Morgan takes over majority in Volkswagen Payments

The US bank wants to introduce tailor-made payment solutions for the brands of the Volkswagen Group. The US bank JP Morgan has secured an almost 75 percent majority stake in Volkswagen Payments as part of a partnership. The bank wants to invest in the payment business, develop it further and expand the system for direct … Read more

The next step towards digital currencies will be tested by the bank to settle payments

The study, called the Dunbar Project, aims to develop prototypes for a real platform that will enable international settlement in the official digital currencies used by central banks. The system should allow direct transactions in the central currencies’ digital currencies, which the BIS stands for CBDS, and reduce their time and costs. Central banks around … Read more

it will be impossible for 3 hours!

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 12:33 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Maintenance work will be carried out on the Worldline payment network. Electronic payments with international cards could be hampered. The intervention will take place in the night from Sunday to Monday from 12:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. During this period, it is … Read more

Facebook Messenger turns 10 and celebrates it with survey games and internal payments

MADRID, 27 Ago. (Portaltic/EP) – The messaging app Facebook Messenger turns 10 this month of August, and to celebrate it has launched a series of functions, such as new survey games for friends and option to send money to other people. With ten new features for the same birthday number, Facebook Messenger wants its users … Read more

WB has frozen payments for its projects in Afghanistan

Update of payment data for subscribing to DELFI content Good afternoon! DELFI makes service and security improvements. To make your payments more convenient and secure, please update your payment details here, on the DELFI website *. Thanks for your cooperation, we give you the following 8 weeks subscription for 1 euro * In case you … Read more

Sports Collaborators Bonus, payments of suspended allowances arrive

Sport e Salute, the company that is dealing with the management and disbursement of the sports collaborators bonus, in a press release dated 1 August, announced that it has just begun the payment phase of some indemnities. These are those bonuses not yet disbursed due to the inconsistencies recorded at the outcome of the data … Read more

Bitcoin erases profits. Amazon has denied introducing cryptocurrency payments

The price of the most famous cryptocurrency bitcoin fell again after a short Monday climb over $ 40,000, ie about 872,000 crowns. Amazon, the world’s largest online store, has denied reports that it intends to begin accepting bitcoin payments by the end of the year. Reuters reported. According to the CoinDesk server, bitcoin sold for … Read more