Huawei unveils ‘Enjoy 60’ with 14-nano Kirin chip at an event on the 23rd

Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei plans to announce its foldable smartphone ▲Mate X3 flagship smartphone ▲P60 series at an event held in China on the 23rd. Huawei released a new teaser image and announced that it would also release ▲Enjoy 60 at the event. The ‘Enjoy 60’ in the teaser image shows a rear panel … Read more

The latest work of the popular physics-based bridge-building puzzle series “Poly Bridge 3” released more rich elements-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Poly Bridge 3” is a popular bridge-building puzzle game that uses physical mechanics. Use various materials to create your bridges, conduct mechanical tests to allow vehicles to reach their destinations, and the game includes more than a dozen worlds and more than 100 new levels. In the open world battle mode, more and richer new … Read more

Get to know the new content coming to ‘Need for Speed: Unbound’ [VIDEO] | Videojuegos | Need for Speed: Unbound | Electronic Arts | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox Series X | PC | VIDEOJUEGOS

Yes ok Electronic Arts posted a while ago ‘Need for Speed: Unbound’This does not mean that together with the developer Criterior they continue to launch new content for this great title, as we will see in the next update called ‘Volume 2’. That’s right, from next March 21 this will be available, and with it … Read more

“Layers of Fear” latest official release 11-minute live Hong Kong mobile game network

This work connects the story of the first and second episodes of “Layers of Fear”, built on Unreal Engine 5, supports ray tracing, HDR and 4K resolution, with stunning visual effects and nightmarish experience, Make the player feel as immersive and realistic as possible. In this 11-minute demo, get an early look at the gameplay … Read more

Resident Evil 4 is an excellent revision of a beloved classic | Review

Not as impressive, but just as good Written by Tom Kerkhoff op Friday, March 17, 2023 9:27 AM The impact of Resident Evil 4 is huge; on the survival horror genre, but also on that of third-person action games in general. The camera angle in which the player looked directly over the main character’s shoulder … Read more

Valve: Releasing a new Steam Deck model with an OLED screen will not be easy

Release of the updated model Steam Deck with an OLED display is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. This opinion was shared by one of the key developers Valve. In an interview with PC Gamer, the creator of Steam Deck Pierre-Loup Griffet noted that the company is aware of the … Read more

Life in the Mainland is fully digitized CMHK One-Card-Multiple-Number service facilitates travel across the country- – Technology Focus- 5G Mobility

After China and Hong Kong cleared the customs, many citizens immediately went to and from mainland China to visit relatives and travel. However, citizens who are familiar with the market know that in recent years, life in the mainland has basically been inseparable from mobile applications. It has also become a “pain point” for Hong … Read more

“Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins” has finally come to Steam, and the download version has a comprehensive price reduction

SE today released the new promotional video “The Journey Ends” of “The Origin of Final Fantasy: A Stranger in Paradise”, officially announcing that this work will be available on Steam on April 7, and will include a download version of the game and DLC content, which will be fully revised pricing. Newly revised prices for … Read more

Oppo’s next flagship ‘Find X6’ series confirmed to be announced on March 21st

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO held an event in China on March 21st and announced that it would unveil ▲Oppo Find X6 series ▲Oppo Pad 2. The Find X6 series comes in two versions, ▲Find X6 and ▲Find X6 Pro. They are powered by Mediatek Dimensity 9200 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 2nd generation chipsets, respectively. However, … Read more

Asus, ROG Phone 7 Variant Models 2 Additional Geekbench Appearances

Geekbench Capture Two variants of ROG Phone 7, Taiwan’s next gaming smartphone, were additionally found on the benchmark website Geekbench. The two models tested on Geekbench this time have model numbers AI2205_B and AI2205_C. Each is estimated to be a ▲ROG Phone 7 ▲ROG Phone 7 Pro model. The ROG Phone 7D previously spotted on … Read more