The peak of inflation is behind us, and Planning Bureau expects it to cool down considerably next year

Inflation will still exceed 10 percent in December, but will clearly dip below that mark from January onwards. That is what the Planning Bureau predicts on Tuesday. Annual inflation is expected to be 5.3 percent in 2023. Bron: Belgian Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 3:01 PM The peak of inflation is behind us. The peak … Read more

Weakest future prospects in 13 years – economists believe the interest rate peak is close

follow Sun on Facebook! – According to today’s figures, we think the interest rate hike in December – 0.25 percentage points – could be the last in this cycle, write macro analysts Dane Cekov and Kjetil Olsen in Nordea Markets in a comment on the latest figures from Norges Bank’s Regional network. Several economists believe … Read more

Mortgage rates are stagnant. They have probably reached their peak, according to the analyst

According to the Fincentrum Hypoindex, the average mortgage offer rate increased slightly from 6.31 percent in November to 6.34 percent as of December 5, 2022. “The very small correction of this offer rate is the result of a rate adjustment at one of the smaller banks. Thus, we can continue to talk about the stagnation … Read more

Swedbank: Mortgage rates continue to rise – but the peak will be lower

Market interest rates have fallen somewhat, which in turn affects Swedish mortgage rates. The ten-year US Treasury yield, which is often pointed out as the risk-free rate, has fallen from 4.2% just over a month ago to 3.5%. “Interest rates have fallen both in Sweden and the rest of the world during the last month, … Read more

Peak and plate from December 5 to 9, 2022 in Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

We are already settling down to December, the last month of the year, and Decree 0522 of March 31, 2022, which establishes the peak and license plate for the different types of vehicles, remains in force. The measure, which restricts the daily circulation of private cars and motorcycles, will apply until next December 30. Decree … Read more

The flu is spreading throughout Italy, the ISS: peak incidence, Sardinia does not provide data

The flu in Italy strikes like it hasn’t happened since 2010. The data of the latest Influnet monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health say it: the contagion, on a population that for years has worn masks to defend itself from the coronavirus, it arrived first and spread very quickly. In the week from 21 … Read more

The dear bills turn off Christmas. Consumption from thirteenth to peak

Like a ruthless Grinch, the energy crisis is preparing to ruin Christmas for millions of Italians. The downtown streets without lights and slightly colder houses weren’t enough to save on gas, now even the joy of the thirteenth is threatened by inflation with the risk of seeing more empty spaces than usual under the tree. … Read more

Venice: with Mose in the city 70 cm, at sea 121 cm – Veneto

High water blocked by movable bulkheads (ANSA) – VENICE, DECEMBER 04 – Thanks to the Mose, Venice remained dry again this morning, in conjunction with a peak tide which reached 121 centimeters at 6.50 am, measured in Adriatic at the Lido’s Port Inlet, while in the city the water rose to a maximum of 70 … Read more

U.S. Treasury Yields Soar, Strong Jobs Data Boosts Peak Rate Outlook – Bloomberg

US employment statistics for November exceeded market expectations for growth in both the number of non-agricultural employees and wages. After the announcement, the market’s expectations for next year’s peak interest rate jumped significantly, and US Treasury yields also rose. US Treasuries were sold, and the two-year bond yield temporarily rose 18 basis points (bp, 1bp … Read more