Pedro Franco arrives in Blooming from Bolivia: this is how Diego Aroldo Cabrera received him | Colombians Abroad

Pedro Franco is ready to face a new challenge in his career and try to have a very good 2021 to recover his best level. After six months without competing, as his contract with América de Cali ended, the Bogota defender is ready to play in Blooming, Bolivia. The center-back has already arrived in Santa … Read more

Theater with a mouth full of dirt

The token PEDRO PARAMO **** Theatre festival. Cervantes Theater. Date: January 16th. Direction: Mario Gas. Dramaturgy: Pau Miró, based on the novel by Juan Rulfo. Distribution: Vicky Peña and Pablo Derqui. It corresponds to clarify, from the outset, that the sole intention of carrying Pedro Paramo the tables denotes a huge desire to complicate life. … Read more

Pedro Campos and the comparisons with his famous actor parents: “I don’t care anymore”

To the actor Pedro Campos (32 years old) we see him these days as “Julian” in “Edificio Corona”, his new character in Mega’s dramatic area. The actor thus adds a new professional challenge on television, which is added to what was done in “Power Games”, “Amanda”, and “Poor Gallo”, among others, that have seen its … Read more

“Broli: solidarity letters to lung”, with Víctor Fernández and Pedro Copelmayer | the daily

Illustration: Ramiro Alonso January 11, 2021 · Writes German Deagosto in Trade and external sector Victor is 24 years old and studies business management. In 2018 he started with Broli, a social bookstore with a model one for one (1×1): for each book sold, another is donated to a public school in Uruguay. Years later, … Read more

Pedro X. Valverde Rivera: Brexit: the triumph of Boris Johnson | Columnists | Opinion

I have followed quite closely (considering that I am not English, as well as the natural and obvious geographical and cultural distance) the trajectory of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, brilliant British conservative politician, born in New York, twice Mayor of London, MP , former Chancellor and British Prime Minister since July 24, 2019. His … Read more

The Mandalorian: Pedro Pascal is the most popular actor in the world, according to IMDb (PHOTOS)

According to the specialized site, in recent weeks the Chilean actor and star of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, was chosen as the most popular actor in the world. LOOK: Hundreds of people arrive in Peru: Since when will they have to comply with mandatory quarantine for 14 days (PHOTOS) According to IMDbha, Pedro … Read more

Pedro Pascal was sure that the failed Wonder Woman television show would be chosen –

Pedro Pascal, who plays Max Lord in Wonder Woman 1984, reflects on the failed Wonder Woman television pilot he was involved with in 2011. Wonder Woman 1984 The star Pedro Pascal remembers his participation in the failed television pilot Wonder Woman. Pascal plays the villain Max Lord in Wonder Woman 1984, a charismatic businessman with … Read more

Jorge Javier Vázquez leaves television and signs for Pedro Sánchez as head of communication

Jorge Javier Vázquez says goodbye to television after 23 years of experience in Antena 3 and Telecinco and goes on to lead the Government’s communication cabinet. The day had to come and it has come. Jorge Javier Vázquez leaves television forever after signing for the Government of Pedro Sánchez as one of the main managers … Read more

Urologist Pedro Torrecillas, awarded for his cryosurgery treatment in lung cancer

Pedro Torrecillas, Malaga urologist and coordinator of the International Center for Cryosurgery and Cryomedicine, has received the Pasteur Medicine Prize for his contribution and trajectory in the world of cryosurgery. This award recognizes the advances in the world of cryomedicine developed by the Cryosurgery group coordinated by Torrecillas and “be pioneers and obtain great results … Read more