Take a peek at the Police’s ‘Headed’ Tax Fortuner

Jakarta – The driver of the Toyota Fortuner caused a commotion, this time by ‘heading’ the police who stopped him with the front nose of the car. The police have pocketed the identity of the Fortuner with the number plate B-12-MGN. As is well known, the Fortuner incident which “headed” the traffic police occurred at … Read more

Take a Peek at Where Indonesian Snapper Coal Issuers Save Jumbo Cash

Writer: M. Nurhadi Pratomo Rupiah currency and United States dollars at a money changer, Jakarta, Saturday (30/7/2022). Business/Himawan L Nugraha Bisnis.com, JAKARTA — Mark cash and cash equivalents owned by big coal mining issuers have also increased significantly along with the growth in financial performance in 2022. Where will the jumbo funds go? number of … Read more

Take a peek at the specifications of the Toyota All New RAV4 GR Sport PHEV, what’s the price?

Otomotifnet.com – Apart from announcing the price of the All New Agya, PT. Toyota Astra Motor also presents its premium SUV, the All New RAV4 GR Sport Plug-In Hybrid EV at the Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week 2023 event. The presence of the RAV4 is also Toyota’s first plug-in hybrid SUV in Indonesia. Even more interesting, … Read more

Oppo OHealth H1 – Sneak Peek

Hello, Star Trek! OHealth H1 can measure six different health parameters and save them locally or to the cloud. CameraFind Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.no SaveSave article Barcelona / Tek.no: Star Trek is known for a lot of things, but one of them is its “medical tricorders” – small gadgets that the doctors on the spaceships use … Read more

Cheaper than Brio RS, Peek at the Lowest Type of Wuling Alvez Specifications

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Wuling officially markets Alvez, which is its newest product in the compact SUV segment. You could say this car comes with quite a lot of capital to tempt the market. Not just the appearance, the comfort of the cabin, as well as the luxury of the technology and features that are presented, … Read more

Take a peek at the Classy Performance of Crypto Assets in February 2023

JAKARTA, investor.id – February has been a not so good month for the crypto market. Even so, there are a number of crypto assets that performed brilliantly in February 2023. Quoted from Tokocrypto, the best performing crypto asset lineup this February according to Cointelegraph is Stacks (STX) which is getting a lot of attention when … Read more

Take a peek at 7 portraits of the beautiful volleyball athlete Pungky Afriecia, here’s Mojang Bandung’s track record in the ProLiga

tvOnenews.com – Pungky Afriecia is a former volleyball athlete who has competed in the highest caste of the Indonesian volleyball competition, ProLiga. For Indonesian volleyball lovers, of course they are familiar with the name Pungky Afriecia. But for those who are new to Pungky Afriecia, of course they are curious about his track record in … Read more

Take a Peek at the Beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the Bridge Connecting Earth and Heaven

STRATEGI.ID – The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is one of the most spectacular and mysterious natural phenomena in the world. The dazzling light of the Aurora Borealis and the colors seen in the night sky are the result of the interaction between the constantly moving solar wind and the magnetic field near the Earth’s … Read more

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross 2023 Ready to Fight Toyota Rush 2023, Take a peek at the price and performance!

PEKALONGAN PORTAL – Mitsubishi Xpander Cross Facelift 2023 has now arrived in neighboring Indonesia, namely the Philippines. The Philippines is the largest market for the Mitsubishi Xpander Manufacturer. This car is also one of the best-selling in the country. During 2022, it is known that Xpander Cross sold 16,309 units. Also Read: Daihatsu Ayla 2023 … Read more

Former Tesla engineer from RI makes electric motorbikes priced at Rp. 20 million, take a peek at the specifications

Jakarta – Former Tesla engineer from Indonesia, Niko Questera, released a new motorbike at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). This time, his newest electric motorbike, Atom II, – a development from Atom Alpha, can be legal on the road. Previously, Quest Motor released the Atom Alpha at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show … Read more