Take a peek at the price of a used car Toyota Avanza 2015, Veloz is eligible for a loan, only IDR 100 million

Doc.Automotive Toyota Avanza Grand New Veloz 2015 Otoseken.id – Peek at the price used car Toyota Avanza 2015, the Veloz type is worthy of a loan, friend. Only Rp 100 million in the market. In the used car market (mobkas), used car price The 2015 Toyota Avanza Veloz type has 1.3 and 1.5. Used car … Read more

Take a peek at the price of used Toyota Avanza 2013 cars, make the whole family happy

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Good News, Xiaomi Note 10S HP drops in price, take a peek at the full specifications and the latest price

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Take a peek at the price of a used car for the 2010 Honda Jazz, RS type brush, friend, only this much

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EXPENSIVE MOTORCYCLE! The killer Yamaha Fazzio is now officially launched bro, take a peek at the specifications and advantages

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Daihatsu All New Terios Dizzy! Competitor SUV Appears Again, Hyundai Tucson 2022, Peek Special

METRO SULTEN-The new generation Hyundai Tucson is way above the competition in terms of features offered as it is packed with 4th Generation gills. The Tucson incident is, of course, a tough competitor to the SUVs that appeared first like Daihatsu All New Terios. More importantly, since its market debut a few weeks ago, the … Read more

MORE BIG! New Yamaha Mio 155cc Officially Released Using the NMAX Engine, Take a Peek at the Specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Use machine NMAX, New Yamaha Mio 155cc now officially released. This Japanese manufacturer does not want to lose to its rivals, so that New Yamaha Mio 155cc launched to compete with the scooter sales market in various countries. The body is getting bigger, making New Yamaha Mio 155cc look cooler … Read more

Peek at 3 Benefits of Oatmeal that Contain Low Calories for Heart Health

Quoted from Kompas.com. Dr Kiran Rukadikar, bariatric doctor and obesity consultant explains that it is important to have a low calorie diet. This low-calorie food provides various benefits for the body, one of which is maintaining heart health and lowering cholesterol. “Oats are nutrient-rich foods that help lower blood cholesterol if consumed regularly,” he said. … Read more

LIKE A VESPA! This Suzuki scooter is not an opponent of Scoopy and Fazzio, take a peek at the specifications and prices

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Comes with a 50MP main camera, Nokia G60 5G is getting more attention, peek at other qualified specifications

HELLO SUKABUMI – With quality camera main 50MP, now Hp Nokia G60 5G ready to accompany you to photograph unique things. A clear camera is very important in taking photos or other videos, so having a cellphone Nokia G60 5G very precise. Not only superior to camera, Nokia G60 5G use Qualcomm Snapdragon technology, which … Read more