“Huge advantage” for Munich: penguins drive the bus – the opponent flies

Stand date: March 18, 2023. Authors: Karsten Lübben and Niko Schleicher Bild: Imago | Eibner Money also plays an important role in the playoffs. While the people of Bremerhaven travel to Bavaria by bus, the people of Munich always get on the plane in comfort. “Ooh, how is that beautiful!” chanted Fischtown Pinguins fans as … Read more

Nylander back in NHL – Penguins turned around and won

Alex Nylander played his first NHL game since March 2020. And he got to experience something very special. Despite a 0-4 deficit and a steep uphill climb, the Pittsburgh Penguins got up and won 5-4 after the sweep against the Columbus Blue Jackets. – I thought I played a good game to be the first … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ Girgenson and the “Sabres” already win their fifth in a row, while Blüger’s “Penguins” suffer a loss

The “Sabres” beat the Winnipeg “Jets” with a score of 3:2 (0:0, 2:0, 1:2), while the “Penguins” beat the “Penguins” with a score of 2:3 0:1, 1:0, 1:1, 0: 0, 1:2) recognized the superiority of the Washington “Capitals” in the postgame shots. The Latvians did not reach the results points. Girgenson spent 12 minutes and … Read more

Contest will give away expedition to Antarctica: how to participate to be “commander of the penguins” | Technology

People over 18 years of age can participate, who only need to register on the company’s website between January 24 and March 17. As an initiative to educate about the fauna present in Antarctica, a travel company launched a contest to enter an all-inclusive Antarctic adventure, to serve as the “commander of the penguins”guided by … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ Blüger’s “Penguins” give way to “Devils” in “bullies”

The “Penguins” recognized the superiority of the “Devils” of New Jersey in the extra time with the result 1:2 (1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1). Already in the 56th second of the game, Jack Hughes put the home team in the lead, who after sliding into the zone made a shot under the cover of the opponent’s … Read more

Blüger’s “Penguins” win over Anaheim “Ducks” in overtime

Theodore Blüger’s Pittsburgh “Penguins” defeated the Anaheim “Ducks” 4-3 in overtime in the home game of the National Hockey League (NHL) on Monday. Jake Guentzel scored the victory for the Penguins in the first minute of overtime with an accurate shot. Blüger played 13 minutes and 37 seconds, scored once, blocked two shots, made three … Read more

Sea Thrills From Antarctica: The Roaring Drake Passage, The Enchanting Beauty Of Glaciers And The Ocean Jump | Life

Sister lost the idea When asked how Antarctica became the destination of the trip, Jūratė says that her sister suddenly lost this idea. “Back in the spring of last year, I was thinking about where I could take a break between two career stops. At first, I traditionally considered Southeast Asia – to stay there … Read more

Hockey player Bluger’s “Penguins” wins the NHL match; Merzlikin and Girgenson lose / Article

Blügers played 13 minutes (13:07), of which less than four minutes (3:53) were in the numerical minority. He made two shots, two blocks and won 60% of his shots. Blügers finished the game with a negative +/- indicator of -2. In the fifth minute of the game, the “Canucks” opened the score, and in less … Read more

Bruins, Penguins arrive in baseball style for Winter Classic

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins didn’t just take a bus to Fenway Park for the 2023 Discover NHL Winter Classic. They took a trip back in time. The Bruins arrived in throwback Boston Red Sox uniforms, complete with old-style baseball gloves. Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron and forward Brad Marchand carried bats given to them … Read more

“Penguins” of Blüger lose to the conference leader in an outdoor hockey game / Article

Blüger played for 11 minutes and 35 seconds, of which one minute and 15 seconds were in the numerical minority. The Latvian made two shots, used one power play, won 57% of shots and earned two penalty minutes. He finished the game with a neutral +/-. The result of the game was opened by “Penguins” … Read more