Food prices are rising in Poland, they have risen by twenty percent year-on-year — ČT24 — Czech Television

The Polish economy has achieved considerable success in recent years, but dissatisfaction is gradually growing among the population. Year-on-year inflation in February showed the highest increase in the last 26 years. “For example, electricity and also gas heating. That’s probably the biggest difference. It’s hard to pay all the bills,” said Warsaw student Kinga. Not … Read more

We will take decisive action. The head of the ECB wants to push inflation back to two percent in the eurozone

“But the public can be sure of one thing: we will ensure price stability, the return of inflation back to two percent in the medium term is out of the question,” she said. The head of the ECB spoke in this way despite the recent turbulence in the banking sector. The ECB raised its key … Read more

The results of the research conducted by the experts created great surprise. Those who couldn’t do this move had an 84 percent higher risk of dying.

In Brazil, 2,000 people between the ages of 50 and 75 were evaluated. It has been proven that those who cannot stand on one leg have an 84 percent higher risk of dying. Here are the striking and research and results… Not being able to stand on one leg for 10 seconds is a big … Read more

25 Percent Labor Wage Cut, DPR Member: People Suffer During Ramadan and Eid

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Member of Commission IX DPR RI Kurniasih Mufidayanti questioned the government’s decision to issue Permenaker Number 5 of 2023. Regulations that allow wage cuts up to 25 percent is considered to be burdensome for workers. What if wage deductions are made when Ramadhan and Idul Fitri where the price of basic necessities … Read more

Škoda Auto reports a 42 percent drop in operating profit

Last year, the operating profit of the Škoda Auto car company fell by 42 percent to 628 million euros (almost 15 billion CZK). The results were negatively affected by the war in Ukraine, but also by higher costs and unfavorable exchange rate developments. The parent concern Volkswagen announced this in its earnings report today. However, … Read more

Recovering after a dramatic drop in oil prices of more than seven percent

The drop in oil prices comes after unrest in the banking sector has flared up again. FALLER: The price of oil is around 74 dollars. Here the giant Johan Sverdrup field. Photo: TOM LITTLE / AFP via NTB Published: Published: 15. mars Investment director Halfdan Grangård at Handelsbanken points out that we have occasionally seen … Read more

Zamrazilová: If the CNB predicts a 10 percent increase in wages, there is a risk of a tightening of monetary policy

In the estimate of key indicators published on February 3, the Czech National Bank stated that it expects this year’s nominal wage growth of 8.5 percent, which would mean a real decrease of 0.4 percent. According to recent data from the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic rose nominally by 6.5 … Read more