Real estate deeds fell 19.8 percent year-on-year in October in the City, according to the College of Notaries.

The amount of deeds of buy and sell from estate fell 19.8% in October compared to the same level of 2019, reported today the Association of Notaries from Buenos aires city. In October, 2,528 registrations were recorded, while the total amount of transactions carried out rose 10.3%, to $ 22,017 million. It is the twenty-ninth … Read more

The Provincial Council will finance one hundred percent theater, magic and circus workshops

The Diputación de León has opened the term to municipalities to request theater, magic and circus workshops for minors and young people in rural areas that, in this edition, will be subsidized one hundred percent by the provincial institution. The program, promoted by the Youth Service, aims to teach the performing arts, circus and magic … Read more

TV voting on the subject of euthanasia: After the ARD film “Gott”, over 70 percent were in favor of the death of the main character – media – society

After 90 minutes, Barbara Auer, as Chair of the Ethics Council, looked directly into the camera: How would you decide? And again, ARD viewers had the last word on a Schirach film: 70.8 percent of those who voted were in favor of the main character in the Monday film “Gott von Ferdinand von Schirach” being … Read more

Only 30 percent of patients follow care after a heart attack – La Crónica de Hoy

Cardiovascular disease is the most prevalent worldwide, and is the number one cause in the world and in Mexico. Secondary cardiovascular prevention is essential for all those patients who have already had a heart attack, in order to avoid the risk of it happening again, however, the serious problem we are facing, in the face … Read more

AMLO government plummeted care for cancer patients to almost 89 percent, denounces Éctor Jaime – Zona Franca

Leon, Gto. During the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, support for cancer treatment was reduced by almost 89 percent. This was denounced by the federal deputy of the PAN, Éctor Jaime Ramírez Barba, who explained that in 2018 the Ministry of Health supported 7,400 treatments for breast cancer, while for 2019 there were only … Read more

Applications for breast cancer studies increase by up to 50 percent

In the last two months, requests for studies such as mammograms and breast ultrasound to detect breast cancer have increased by up to 50 percent, reported those in charge of performing these analyzes. The mobile vehicle that is installed outside the State Cancer Institute on Ruiz Cortines Avenue shines every day with long lines of … Read more

Barcelona reduces its salary limit by 288 million euros, 43 percent less due to the pandemic

BARCELONA – LaLiga made public this Tuesday the salary limits of the First and Second Division clubs in Spain and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were noted with a generalized decrease that in the case of Barcelona affected it by 43 percent, falling from the almost 671.43 million euros of limit that had last … Read more

Supports Rolls-Royce 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel

As part of its ongoing decarbonisation strategy, Rolls-Royce will use 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel for the first time in ground engine testing with next-generation engine technology. The tests will aim to confirm that unblended SAF makes a significant contribution to improving the environmental performance of gas turbine engines. The SAF used in the tests … Read more

Already 5.64 percent: consumer loans are more expensive than they have been since 2008

In August were Consumer credit as expensive as it has been since 2008. This is shown by current figures from the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, compiled by the credit comparison portal “”. The awarded one The consumer credit interest rate averaged 5.64 percent. Since the Private individuals in Austria would not have had the financial crisis in … Read more