PS Plus with another game for free. Players can download the enhanced edition of The Persistence

PS Plus holders can take advantage of one more offer. The creators of The Persistence took care of an improved edition of the game and the Enhanced Edition is available for free to service customers. Sony has not informed about this option so far. The November PlayStation Plus offer was made available by Sony earlier … Read more

ECB: “Persistence” mantra is bad news for savers

“It’s not about keeping interest rates low any longer,” said Lagarde when presenting the ECB’s outlook. “We just want to achieve our goal.” The economic recovery in the euro area is on course, but the pandemic continues to cause uncertainty: “Nobody wants to tighten monetary policy too early under these circumstances.” Means saver. .

The Persistence of Officers in Cleaning Jakarta Bay Coastal Garbage

29 Oct 2015, 15:30 WIBUpdated 13 Feb 2016, 18:34 WIB Sanitation Department officers clean garbage on the coast of Muara Angke, Jakarta, Thursday (29/10). Officers use boats to clean up trash from the Muara Baru area to Pantai Indah Kapuk. ( Fanani) Photographer: Faizal Fanani .

Persistence of NASA’s self-driving Mars Rover ‘leading’

Today, Thursday, the US space agency announced that NASA’s newest six-wheel robot on Mars, the probe, is embarking on an epic journey through volcanic craters in search of signs of ancient life. A NASA statement said the rover team was heavily involved in planning navigation routes, drafting instructions for broadcast, and even wearing 3D glasses … Read more