KPK Issues Second Call to Lukas Enembe, Papua Police Alert 1,800 Personnel

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Papuan Regional Police alerted 1,800 personnel to anticipate disturbances in public security and order after the KPK issued a second summons to the Governor of Papua Luke Enembe. The summons is in connection with investigations for a number of alleged corruption cases. Deputy head Papua Police Brigadier General Ramdani Hidayat said … Read more

A gift from ‘Roads For Life’ to civil defense personnel… Brigadier General Khattar: Our missions will not stop (photos)

The General Directorate of Civil Defense received fire-fighting jackets and fire hoses as a gift from the “Roads For Life” association, in a ceremony held at 6 pm yesterday at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dunes – Verdun, in the presence of the Director General of Civil Defense, Brigadier Raymond Khattar, representing His Excellency the Minister … Read more

Dissecting the Rules for the Elimination of Honorary Personnel in 2023 which could potentially be overturned

PNS. ©2022 – The government continues to improve the staffing system in government, both at the central and regional levels. The most widely highlighted is the abolition of honorary workers starting in 2023. This is stated in the letter of the Minister of PAN-RB No. B/185/M.SM.02.03/2022 concerning Employment Status in Central Government Agencies … Read more

Police Deploy 250 Personnel to Guard Online Ojek Community and Company Meetings

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – police station JSouth Akarta deploys 250 joint personnel to secure a meeting of application company representatives online motorcycle taxi and the related Indonesian Driver Online (Drone) community increase price BBM in Block S area. “We prepare 250 personnel from the Regional Police, Polres and Brimob,” said the Head of Operations (Head of … Read more

Vueling cuts flights and personnel in Fiumicino

September 15 11:37 2022 by Gabriele Simmini Print this article Archived the summer of record di voli post pandemic – accompanied by a contextual primacy of inefficiencies and cancellations – now air transport is preparing for a warm autumn which also sees the first signs of operational instability appear, even in Italy. The Air company … Read more

Boost the Immunity of Kodim 1208/Sambas Personnel Performing Exercise Before Work – Search Patrol News

Sambas, – To improve friendly relations and maintain health and fitness before carrying out the routine work of Kodim 1208/Sambas members after carrying out morning apples led by the supervisory officer Pasi Log Kodim 1208/Sambas Captain Inf Aris Yuda Yana, and continued with working gymnastics, which was carried out in the Makodim apple field … Read more

Russia is sending additional armor to the front. It thus admitted the insufficient protection of its armored personnel carriers

“Additional protection sets for the BMP-3, BMP-, BTR-82A and BTR-80 were made and the delivery of these sets to soldiers, especially in the field of special military operations, was ensured,” Shestakov said in Friday’s edition of the army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, while for the war in Ukraine used the Russian official term special military operation. … Read more

One against the occupying column: 64-year-old Valentyns stopped Russian armored personnel carriers in Bucha with a grenade launcher

“I am 64 years old. Last year I had a stroke, Valentinas tells Ukrainska Pravda. “But I don’t want to stand aside.” Because I care. I’m worried about the children, about Ukraine.” His volunteer territorial defense battalion had not yet finished formation when the enemy columns moving towards the Ukrainian capital had already entered Buch. … Read more

Rasa Stratkauskienė became the personnel manager of NFQ Technologies

Germany — Lithuanian Rasa Stratkauskienė became the new personnel manager of the capital software developer NFQ Technologies. An expert with more than 12 years of personnel management experience became responsible for the development and implementation of the personnel strategy. R. Stratkauskienė plans that the People and Culture team led by her will continue to remain … Read more

Accident in León: There are three lines of investigation, 2 point to the driver of the personnel van

Leon, Guanajuato.- Las judicial authorities investigate las causes of the tragic accident happened this Friday morning on the Silao-León highway in which 7 people died and 12 more were seriously injured. According to the version of elements of the National Guard, there are three lines of research for determine las causes of the accident, and … Read more