The best high schools and technical schools in Wrocław – Perspektywy Ranking 2023. Changes in the top!

The best high schools and technical schools in Wrocław in 2023 is a topic that has always aroused great interest among teenagers and their parents. Every year, the ranking of the Perspektywy publishing house presents the best high schools and technical schools in Poland. The list is particularly useful in making a very important decision … Read more

Slam Dunk movie experience: filled with youthful memories, the author’s perspective presented through the characters, a love letter to Inoue Takehiko fans (with thunder) #梨木花道(187475) – Cool3c

The Slam Dunk movie version of The First Slam Dunk launched a special New Year’s Eve show in Taiwan. This work has been serialized in Jump since 1990. After the TV animation version was broadcast in 1993, it has become the youth of many people, even because of this work. Basketball once became the sport … Read more

Correspondent’s Perspective China’s quarantine relief created by angry public sentiment

Chinese society, which adhered to the world’s most powerful ‘zero corona’ policy, is experiencing ‘with corona’ overnight. Shopping malls in Beijing, the capital city, have been revitalized for the first time in a while, and gene amplification (PCR) testing centers located throughout the city are closed. By abolishing regular PCR testing, transfer of infected people … Read more

A beautiful edition in perspective

After five successful editions, the Tasmit festival returns this year from November 30 to December 3 to take up residence in the majestic performance hall of the Maison de la culture with an even richer official selection that promises to keep the public and critics spellbound for six days. during. A dozen short films were … Read more

Fotoclub Frauental: Change of perspective as an exhibition worth seeing

From Saturday, November 16th up to and including Sunday, December 4th, the Fotoclub Frauental invites you to an interesting photo exhibition under the motto “amtskunst Kunst im Gemeindeamt” in the meeting room of the market town of Frauental. WOMEN’S TAL. At the official start of the Vernissage “Change of Perspective” organized by the community of … Read more

World Cup 2022 God’s perspective new view! Evaluation of the AR World Cup experience app Watching Bojin is fun-ePrice.HK

The 2022 World Cup is about to start, and the game will be held in Doha, the Middle East. From the previous summer, it will be in autumn. In addition to the change of the opening season, nowTV has won the broadcasting rights this time. They use new technology to broadcast live, so that everyone … Read more

Latvia is a perspective for a small sustainable aviation fuel production plant

Aviation the industry is interested in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Latvia, at the same time, the further development of plans requires a unified vision of the specific technology, industry demand and project costs. Content will continue after the ad Advertising About that Ministry of Transport and aviation industry experts agreed at … Read more

T-64BM2 in action. They showed the moment of the attack from the tanker’s perspective

Heavy fights are taking place in the Donetsk region. The Russians have recently suffered much more losses in this region. The Ukrainians showed their brilliant way to drive Putin’s soldiers out of the trenches. A recording of intensive firing of enemy positions using the Ukrainian T-64BM2 tank has been released to the network. The camera … Read more

Ban on heat engines in 2035: “a historic decision for the climate”… to be seriously put into perspective

In 2019 (last “normal” year, understand “without-covid” for which we have complete data), the world had emitted 38 billion tonnes of CO2 (Mt CO2) according to official sources. Of these, the European Union issued 2.94, or about 7.7%. Road transport accounts for approximately 20% of European CO2 emissions, or 0.59 Mt CO2. Cars and light … Read more