Future dollar, market thermometer: is devaluation expected?

the market of future dollar It usually has two main roles in the look forward of the investor: it works as a change insurance or as a coverage before a possible devaluation and can also be a thermometer of what the market expects for the evolution of the exchange rate. In recent months, Implicit rates … Read more

Dollar rises to 190 pesos in the Cuban informal market

The unstoppable rise of inflation in Cuba set another record for the price of the US dollar in the Cuban informal market, rising three points in less than 24 hours and place this Sunday at 190 Cuban pesos. This Saturday, the dollar reached 187 CUP after a rise of two points compared to the estimated … Read more

Do not put money in FIXED TERM without knowing this key information

With the intention of seducing savers, the Government raised the interest rate paid by bank deposits, in a framework where inflation shows increasingly higher data. Therefore, the debate that is opening up among investors is to know if now it is better to carry out a traditional fixed term or if it is preferable to … Read more

Liverpool is giving up to 5,000 pesos to users who complained to Profeco for not receiving discounted televisions

Liverpool is rewarding users who paid for televisions at a discount and who did not receive the products. The case dating back to last August led hundreds of users to organize themselves in WhatsApp and Telegram chats to file massive complaints with Profeco, and the Attorney General’s Office even issued a communication in this regard. … Read more

After increases in services, what salaries does a typical family need

In September 2021, the basket of services was $101.66, while in September 2022 this same family should spend $118,928. The details By Damián Di Pace – Economic Analyst 22/09/2022 – 09,40hs It will be difficult for the Government to lower the inflation for the rest of the year finding a new monthly floor of 6%. … Read more

If I put 10,000 pesos in a fixed term, how much do I earn?

After the last increase in the interest rate of the fixed term: How much do I earn with a 30-day deposit? How much does $10,000 pay in a month or a year in 2022? By iProfessional 16/09/2022 – 13,26hs Currently, the floor for deposits of fixed term at 30 days with a maximum capital of … Read more

Dollar and MLC are close to 170 Cuban pesos in the informal market

The US dollar and the Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) are trading this Thursday at 168 and 169 Cuban pesos, respectively, in the island’s informal market. These values, calculated from the analysis of the offers published on social networks and classified ad sites, move further and further away from the official rate established for the Exchange … Read more

Price of the dollar in Chile today, September 15: exchange rate and value in Chilean pesos

One of the fronts most affected in the country by the difficult foreign and national contingency is the price of the dollar. During the month of July, the exchange rate reached historic figures, exceeding $1,000 for several days. The Central Bank intervened in the market to reverse the situation, since the rise generates a series … Read more

Nostalgia? revive Loreto Valenzuela’s eighties commercial with drinks that cost 79 pesos | Society

The commercial mentions the value of a promotion in one liter containers. The price surprised Internet users, who made the comparison with the current value of beverages and other anecdotes from those years. There is no doubt that inflation is a phenomenon that, yes or yes, will affect the pockets of Chileans during these National … Read more