Rosángela breaks when she reveals that she was kicked out of This is war for visiting Elías Montalvo | EEG | Peter Fajardo | VIDEO | shows

The businesswoman and influencer Rosangela Espinoza He appeared on television after several weeks to tell more details about his professional and personal life. your visit to love and fire served for the ‘Selfie Girl’ to break her silence regarding her retirement from This is war, despite being one of the most popular and controversial figures … Read more

GoldMan Sachs – $ 100,000 per minute; Peter Brandt – $ 30,000 per minute!

Bitcoin during the weekend (cryptocurrency market is open) did not show strong movements. Basically, we can only record the second test level 40 746 USDwhich we consider to be very strong and even trend – creating. In other words, if bitcoin resists the onslaught of bears, it may return to the “bull” trend. Maybe not … Read more

Premiere of the growth drama ‘My Father – Peter Pens’ at Valmiera Theater

On Friday, January 7, after a long break during guest performances throughout Latvia, performances will resume in the premises of Valmiera Theater – the Round Hall. The debut of the new director Henri Arājs on the stage of Valmiera Theater – the growth drama “My Father – Peter Pens” will be the first meeting with … Read more

Peter Bogdanovich: – Hollywood director died

Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich is dead. He turned 82 years old. The director died in his own home in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bogdanovich passed away just after midnight Thursday night for natural reasons, his daughter Antonia Bogdanovich told the website. Now the brother is also dead – He never stopped working, … Read more

We are all afraid. Director Henry Arayy’s debut performance at the Valmiera Theater My Father – Peter Pen / Day

Director Henry Aray’s debut on the stage of Valmiera Theater – a drama of growth My father is Peter Penn, says the hero Daniel returns to his childhood, where he learned a secret at the time – his father is Peter Penn, yes, the same flying boy from Nowhere, a boy with special abilities. Finding … Read more

Peter Sagan once again positive for coronavirus

Already affected by the coronavirus in February 2021, the Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan announced on Tuesday that he was once again positive for Covid-19, like his brother George. “My brother and I have tested positive for Covid-19. We are symptomatic and follow the directives of the authorities. We keep you informed“tweeted the 31-year-old three-time world … Read more

This is how Péter Márki-Zay’s financier, László Bige, tricks

Péter Márki-Zay’s financier, László Bige, still did not settle the 11 billion bill of the fertilizer cartel. The left-wing oligarch would take advantage of the legal options to gain more and more time until the referral. Bige has repeatedly threatened Hungarian farmers in recent months and has openly believed in the left. So far, Bige … Read more

Peter Wright world champion for the second time

Peter Wright (PDC-2) defeated the Englishman Michael Smith (PDC-9) in the final of the Worlds, Monday evening at Alexandra Palace in London. The 51-year-old Scot, who won 7-5, clinched his second world title. Finalist in 2014, “Snakebite“Wright had already been world champion in 2020 thanks to a 7-3 victory over the Dutchman Michael van Gerwen … Read more