Saint Petersburg – out of the war

“So what, let’s build a city!” – said the Russian emperor Peter I at the time. And so in 1703 he founded St. Petersburg. He envisioned it as a mighty European capital, not just a northern port on the Baltic Sea. The capital of an empire! At the end of November, St. Petersburg is golden-magical … Read more

Court decision in the case of the inheritance of the owner of the Black Pearl yacht, billionaire Burlakov from St. Petersburg in Moscow in November 2022 – November 24, 2022

Contact details for Roskomnadzor and government agencies Fontanka is a St. Petersburg online newspaper where you can find not only the news of St. Petersburg, but also the latest news of the day, and everything important and interesting that is happening in Russia and in the world. Here you will find the most significant incidents, … Read more

Videos record shocking explosion and fire at Russian gas pipeline near St. Petersburg | International

Several videos on the Internet report a strong explosion that affected a gas pipeline located 20 kilometers from the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. The detonation caused a fire that summoned a large number of firefighters. According to the first information, the event did not record any injuries or deaths. During the day of this … Read more

Explosion at a gas pipeline outside St. Petersburg – VG

Local Russian authorities say the explosion was an accident caused by a pressure error. Published: Yesterday 18:27 Updated yesterday 19:07 A gas pipeline outside St. Petersburg in Russia exploded on Saturday, causing a massive fire. The explosion must have happened a little before half past two Norwegian time. The exact reason for the explosion is … Read more

Massive flare-ups after pipeline explosion in St Petersburg

There was a huge explosion on a gas pipeline in the north of St Petersburg on Saturday. There have been no casualties. The fire brigade has the gigantic flames under control. gjsBron: BELGIAN Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 5:40 PM The explosion on one of Russia’s main gas pipelines is believed to have occurred between … Read more

Scandal – not at all: in St. Petersburg – another performance of Drobiazk and Hawk

“We are gradually opening the cards. We know how much you look forward to detailed and accurate program compositions! Incredible, loved by all and absolutely irreplaceable Margarita Little thing and Povilas Hawk In Saint Petersburg, he will play the main roles in a musical “Sleeping Beauty”– announced on the Instagram social network, on the account … Read more

War commissariats issue mass summonses in Moscow and St. Petersburg

of Russia in the largest cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, on Friday men are issued en masse summonses on the streets and in residential complexes to appear at the military commissariats, on the messaging platform “Telegram” reports local news channels SOTA, “Baza” and “Avtozak LIVE”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In St. … Read more

Petersburg in Finland? This is how Putin parodies – o2

According to the TV station Belsat, in a fictitious referendum, nearly 99 percent of the city’s residents decided to join St. Petersburg to Finland. Similar results were achieved by the Internet voting conducted among the inhabitants of the entire Leningrad Oblast, where nearly 97 percent of the population decided to annex the city, which was … Read more

Military commissariats issue mass summonses in Moscow and St. Petersburg / Diena

In St. Petersburg, police officers and people in civilian clothes stop men in residential complexes of Kalinin and Neva districts, as well as on Varashilova Street. “We have a raid in the residential building complex – police, road patrol service, civilians. They stop passers-by, cars, walk around the houses,” a resident of the “Ladoga Parks” … Read more

An exhibition dedicated to the work of Alexei Balabanov opened in St. Petersburg

A large-scale retrospective exhibition dedicated to creativity has opened in St. Petersburg Alexey Balabanova. Inside the director’s MCU, you can learn how the films that have become a reflection of the era were created – «Brother» and «Brother 2», “Zhmurki”, “Cargo 200” and others. Andrey Zakharov, correspondent of MIR 24, visited the opening of the … Read more