Index – Economy – Fuel will be much cheaper from Wednesday

They wrote that with the drop in the international price of oil, the market price of gasoline per liter will drop by HUF 20 gross, and that of diesel by HUF 15. Together with this decrease, the average prices are expected to develop this way from Wednesday according to: 95 gasoline: HUF 671.9/liter diesel: … Read more

Almost everything is becoming more expensive, but not petrol and diesel | NOW

Inflation is at its highest level since 1975 and we are paying more for gas, electricity, food, drink and much more. Only petrol and diesel have become less expensive and even dampen inflation. From figures from UnitedConsumers it turns out that 1 liter of petrol now costs 2.25 euros, where the price two months ago … Read more

Good news for drivers. Gasoline and diesel will become cheaper, even though the Saudis “coughed up” Biden

Fuel in the Czech Republic is currently rapidly becoming cheaper. On Tuesday, a liter of gasoline was sold for an average of 44.53 crowns. This is 1.52 crowns less than a week earlier. During that time, diesel became cheaper by 1.15 crowns to 45.24 crowns per liter. Gasoline is now the cheapest since mid-May, diesel … Read more


Will the price of a liter of gasoline at the pump in France stabilize, go up, go down? Question that we ask ourselves a lot and that poses a lot of French media when speaking, precisely, of the price of gasoline at the pump. An extremely daily expression, slightly mediatic, it is true, and which … Read more

Buy Tickets at Petrol Pumps, These Residents Win Lottery Prizes Worth IDR 19 Trillion. Dream What Yes! » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

money illustration JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM – I don’t know what dream, someone in Illinois managed to get a lottery prize of US $ 1.337 billion or Rp. 19.8 trillion. The organizer of the lottery, Mega Millions announced the winner of the 12-digit lottery, Saturday (30/7/2022). The winning number is 13-36-45-57-67 with Mega Ball 14. Final score jackpot … Read more

EcoDrive and Hypermiling – How to save petrol when driving – Radio SRF 3

contents Using simple means, fuel consumption when driving can be reduced by up to 15 percent. In this way, 500 million liters of fuel could be saved in Switzerland every year. When Felix Egolf drives a car, he leaves nothing to chance. The retired pilot is Hypermiler. This driving style is about driving as far … Read more