In Hong Kong, hamster owners are trying to save their pets from destruction / Article

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hong Kong faced extremely severe restrictions. Schools and gyms are closed, restaurants are only open until 18:00. Children’s playgrounds are sealed with tape. Residents have come to terms with the government’s “zero cowhide” strategy, but when the government announced the decision to put 2,000 hamsters to sleep, it has caused dissatisfaction … Read more

Photo: Expression of Cats when Inoculated with Rabies Vaccine

A vaccinator injects a rabies vaccine into a cat in the yard of the RPTRA Hati Suci office, Kampung Bali, Jakarta, Tuesday (25/1/2022). The Sub-dept. of KPKP, Central Jakarta Administration, Tanah Abang Sub-district, provided 100 doses of rabies vaccine in the free vaccination activity. © 2022 Buhori

Pope Francis points to human selfishness in choosing pets over children

Pope Francis has pointed out that people who choose to keep pets instead of children are selfish. The pope’s remarks were made when he discussed the status of parents in general audiences in the Vatican in Rome. “Today,” we see a kind of selfishness. We see that some people do not want a child, ”he … Read more

The amazing offers of El Corte Inglés to take care of our pets this Christmas

Dogs and cats of the world: you are in luck. Arrives The English Court, a global distribution group based in Spain, to make Christmas a little happier thanks to the magnificent offers they have published in their pet store. And is that El Corte Inglés knows that on these most special dates, you will have … Read more

Iran is proposing a law banning pets

“Crocodiles can be considered dangerous, but what kind of threat do rabbits, dogs or cats pose?” Ultra-conservative Muslims call pet keeping a decadent practice and recall that under Islamic law, dogs, like pigs, are considered unclean. In Iran, 75 members of parliament, or a quarter of all lawmakers, have condemned the fact that people live … Read more

PHOTO⟩ In Turkey, a cat with two pairs of ears has become an internet sensation – Pets – Nature and animals

Mida gave birth to a litter of six kittens in an Ankara yard, but was later taken home by Kanisa Dosemeci and her family. “We never even considered buying a cat because we wanted to take someone off the street,” says Dosemeci, the owner of two golden retrievers. The family was worried that Midai’s unusual … Read more

Free Fire: The Best Pets to Use With D-Bee | Mexico | Spain | Garena | SPORTS-PLAY

On Free Fire, having a well-synchronized character and pet skills is essential as they can give the player an advantage on the battlefield and can often tip the balance in your favor. There are over 15 pets, while the character roster is even longer, with over 40 available within the game. Of all the characters, … Read more

The shovel officer sees it “really happy” and invites you to show your favorite pets with ten million bonuses, etc._TOM News

Why do everyone love cute pets? Let’s not talk about the various cute facial expressions that make you want to stop and “suck” more than you can. Don’t mention their innate healing power, which makes people feel happy in an instant; just talk about the companionship that Mao children bring to people can dispel loneliness. … Read more