Jornal Médico – Mamede de Carvalho: The multidisciplinary approach “improves the life expectancy and quality of life of patients” with ALS

Mamede de Carvalho: The multidisciplinary approach “improves the life expectancy and quality of life of patients” with ALS As part of the World Day of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, celebrated on June 21, and in order to alert the population to this degenerative disease that affects between 900 and 1200 Portuguese, the Portuguese Association of Amyotrophic … Read more

PTN with the Best Pharmacy Department QS WUR 2022 Version

Jakarta – The university ranking agency QS WUR by Subject 2022 released the list best university world. The rankings are broken down by university excellence. One of them is the subject or field of pharmacy study. As a result, there are four universities that are considered to have the best pharmacy majors. 4 PTNs with … Read more

He will lose FLEK in the Farm

For several months, viewers enjoyed Sunday night watching Let’s Dance. When it was over, Markíza included a new feature in the broadcast that enjoys huge audiences around the world – the Lego Masters. The principle of the project is to build interesting jigsaw puzzles on different topics and with different rules and restrictions. Unfortunately, although … Read more

How a health pharmacy helps you take care of your health

We all know that naturopathic products help maintain the health and well-being of the whole body. People have been using the active ingredients in natural health products for thousands of years to help with health and to treat diseases. Sometimes these natural products are the basis of some of today’s common medicines. Thus, the supplements … Read more

Free cancer screening arrives at the pharmacy

A screening that saves your life. In the coming weeks in 1,800 pharmacies throughout Lazio, thanks to an agreement between the Region and Federfarma, whoever wants to be able to undergo a complete check-up. The initiative was announced by Andrea Cicconetti and Eugenio Leopardi, presidents of the pharmacists federation of Rome and Lazio. “We are … Read more

A CHANGE to the post of moderator? The farm says goodbye to a famous person!

Already in the fall, fans of the closely watched reality show Pharmacy they will see the 14th series of a tough fight for a fairytale reward. The favorite trio of celebrities – Eva “Evelyn” Kramerová, Martin Šmahel and Martin Bagar will now be left by one person. The Slovak model tried the harsh conditions on … Read more

Attacks in the pharmacy with knife in hand: two robbers arrested

On charges of aggravated robbery, the carabinieri of the Palermo Centro station arrested Fabio Mercurio, 41, and Massimo Cavataio, 49. The suspects are held responsible for four shots, scored between July and December 2021, in four activities: farmaca Minore in via Cavour, Minore pharmacy in largo Villaura, Marcella Vetra pharmacy in via Emerico Amari, Ciancio … Read more

One of the most beautiful brides in recent years! Exfarmar Lula is already married Mrs. | Current

Former farmer Lula Gachulincová, who is now a successful businesswoman and influencer, married on Saturday (May 7). The beautiful brunette did not hide the fact that she is engaged and is planning a wedding with her partner, but she did not reveal a specific date. Although it will be in the near future, a recent … Read more

Addiction when using psychotropic drugs | Pharmacy news

Drug addiction is especially known for the use of opioids and benzodiazepines. Other medicines used in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and psychological problems (psychopharmaceuticals) can also lead to addiction. Psychopharmaceuticals Side Effects Center Lareb received 112 reports of drug dependence and abuse of psychotropic drugs. Drug dependence has been most commonly reported with the … Read more