Honey Rose | One more selfie; Fans held out their phones to Honey Rose

News18 Malayalam | March 30, 2023, 4:10 PM IST Honey Rose at the inauguration without disappointing the fans 1/ 7 Actress Honey Rose has given another turn to her film career with the film Veera Simha Reddy. Honey made her Telugu debut as the heroine of Balayya. This is a movie that got more attention … Read more

Stop looking at the screen of your phones, says whoever invented them half a century ago

The problem with mobile phones is that people can’t stop looking at them. At least that’s the opinion of the man who invented them fifty years ago. Martin Cooper, an American engineer who earned the nickname “Father of the Cell Phone,” says the device in our pockets has virtually unlimited potential and could one day … Read more

WhatsApp beta users can no longer open the app – Tablets and phones – News

I’m so glad I read this, been messing around since last night. I only put my date back a week, but that doesn’t really work well, since half of my other apps don’t work anymore So was already writing an email to support, but fortunately saw this before I pressed send. Now just wait! I … Read more

Samsung Smartphone: know HERE the list of equipment that cannot be updated to Android 14 | Technology | cell phones | VIDEOS | NNAV | VR | VIDEOS

Some Android devices will receive an update before the end of 2023, however, not all Samsung Galaxy users will have this benefit. In this video we give you the list of equipment that will not have this new version.

Huawei launches one of the lightest foldable phones in the world

Huawei recently launched a new foldable mobile phone, which is characterized by its light weight, which does not exceed 239 grams. The new Mate X3 from Huawei features very light components that make it weigh only 239 grams. Although it is slightly heavier than the Oppo Find N2 at 233g, it is 10% lighter than … Read more

Lenovo has permanently stopped the production of Legion phones for games

Over the past few years, the smartphone market has been filled with gaming devices to the point where the differentiation between them is decreasing with the similarity of supply. Gaming mobiles have several distinctive characteristics that make them with higher capabilities than traditional phones, gaming phones are specially designed to have faster performance than traditional … Read more

YouTube Music: how to activate automatic downloads on Android phones | DEPOR-PLAY

There are many platforms that allow you to listen to music. One of the most popular is YouTube Musicwhich has now brought to light a new automatic download function, which consists of listening to users’ favorite songs in offline mode. This feature is designed for those people who want to listen to music when they … Read more

Leaks reveal iPhone 15 phones

A series is scheduled to be released iPhone 15 Later this year, it has long been rumored that Apple will finally adopt the USB Type-C charging standard. While many are happy about this change, according to a well-known analyst, there seems to be a big problem. In the current smartphone market, giant Apple is the … Read more