Samsung site confirms arrival of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with notch in screen – Tablets and phones – News

Because the screen surface can then be larger with smaller bezels, except where the camera is. I don’t understand why a small group of people are so vocal about this. Obviously, most of humanity either has no problem with this, or even prefers it. It’s not a matter of stopping this nonsense, but moving with … Read more

Rumor: Motorola Frontier has 200Mp camera and variant Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 – Tablets and phones – News

Motorola is said to have a smartphone in the pipeline codenamed Frontier. It would have a 200-megapixel camera and a variant of the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-soc. It appears to be a high-end smartphone. The Frontier would be the Samsung HP1-camerasensor to use, something about there was a rumor last year. That is … Read more

OnePlus stops official support for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T – Tablets and phones – News

You want us to define what would be “reasonable”, but that is impossible. After all, reasonable is different for everyone, it is inherently subjective. What I think is reasonable, you may find unacceptable. In addition, there are many other factors that come into play. If I buy a phone new for 1000+ euros, I think … Read more

Apple: iPhone 13 doesn’t support background noise feature – Tablets and phones – News

Apple confirms that iPhone 13 models do not support Phone Noise Cancellation function. This function to limit background noise is on earlier models such as the iPhone XS. It is unknown why the feature is not present. According to 9to5mac, this omission initially seemed like a bug, but the site now writes that Apple seems … Read more

Specifications of the Redmi K50 phone .. the cheapest Android phones and on the hands

It announced several reports on the specifications of the Redmi K50 phone, which is supposed to be officially launched next February, and we will now know in this report about those features, including the type of wonderful processor. The most important specifications of the phone Redmi K50: phone screen: It measures 6.67 inches, and the … Read more

Germany evaluated Xiaomi mobile phones as safe

The German Federal Council for Information Security has been tackling the Xiaomi facility since last year. He looked at them more closely after the first year in Lithuania, about the dangers of mobile phones, where Xiaomi also mentioned the function of censoring anti-Chinese words as well as sending dt to a server in Singapore. The … Read more

No censorship features found in Xiaomi phones, says German cybersecurity watchdog

Through : Laura| Keywords :| Updated on 15-01-2022 Germany’s cybersecurity watchdog did not find a censorship feature in Xiaomi phones, local media reported on Friday. After months of investigation, the Federal Cybersecurity Authority (BSI) found no evidence of censorship features in Xiaomi smartphones. The BSI findings denied Lithuania’s claims that Chinese phones have a … Read more

Analyst: iPhone 14 Pro gets round hole and pill-shaped hole in screen – Tablets and phones – News

Apple gives the iPhone 14 Pro models two holes in the screen, according to analyst Ross Young. That would be a round hole and a pill-shaped hole. Behind the notches are the cameras and sensors for Face ID. The regular iPhones would get another notch. According to Young of analyst firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, … Read more

Røde VideoMic GO II: Directional microphone with USB-C for cameras, cell phones and compis

The Australian microphone specialist with the Scandinavian-sounding name (the company founders came from Sweden) has presented another video microphone with the VideoMic GO II, which is the second generation of which is designed for use with photo and video cameras, thanks to an additional USB-C Connection can also be used easily on computers, smartphones and … Read more

The latest and largest iPhone defies fire and passes the most difficult tests (video)

The famous JerryRigEverything YouTube channel recently reviewed a video that showed the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to withstand the harshest tests. Among the most difficult tests that the phone underwent was the test of the screen’s ability to resist scratches. After the expert tried to cut the screen with a sharp tool, … Read more