WhatsApp will stop working on these cell phones from August 31

Photo File There are more than two billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp has established itself as the leading instant messaging application in the world. Anywhere and anytime, the app allows users to communicate easy, free and reliable way. However, from this August, 31, some cell phones will stop enjoying the advantages and utilities of … Read more

Cell phones Made in China

The Chinese industry has shown great signs of its immense intervention in the world of cell phones, not only with the companies that gain ground year after year and approach the most powerful ones, as well as being the largest manufacturer of parts for the assembly of mobile phones. Cell phones and telephones are Chinese … Read more

Motorola regains its glory with the Moto Razr, a destroyer of Android phones and a fierce competitor to the latest versions of Samsung and Xiaomi

Motorola has launched a group of leading smartphones, at varying prices and with different specifications, as it launched 3 phones for global markets, one for the middle class, which is the Moto S30 Pro phone, and the second phone is the Moto X30 Pro, which came with excellent specifications, and the third phone is the … Read more

These China phones are much more popular

Realme conquers the second largest smartphone market in the world while Xiaomi and Samsung fall behind. (Image source: GIGA) Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi are facing more and more competition from Chinese smartphone manufacturers who can offer even cheaper prices and are thus gaining market share. Samsung and Xiaomi can’t compete in India … Read more

Foldable phones – Where have they come and what could be next for Samsung and its competitors

More than 15 million foldable phones will be bought worldwide this year, and the segment, while still niche, is growing in a shrinking overall smartphone market. Samsung has the “lion’s share”, but the rivals are not in vain either. What the present looks like for foldable phones and what’s next. Samsung foldable phonesPhoto: Hotnews Counterpoint … Read more

Telegram founder criticizes Apple for holding back update – Update – Tablets and phones – News

While I agree with the first part of your story (I do believe that Apple can control what happens on their platform, just like Sony is allowed on the PlayStation, Tesla on their center console and Miele on their fridge), I agree. disagree with the second part. I think you even contradict yourself a bit; … Read more

Nothing Phone (1) fails to achieve claimed clarity, but company considers update – Tablets and phones – News

that other phones do indeed achieve the maximum specified brightness of the panels. Except this one. No that’s not true. The specs of the panels are not the specs of the Phones. The phones achieve the maximum specs of the phones, but the panels in an iPhone, high-end Samsung or other high-end devices can often … Read more

Xiaomi announces foldable Mix Fold 2 smartphone – Tablets and phones – News

Xiaomi has announced the foldable phone Mix Fold 2 for the Chinese market. The device gets a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a primary camera with a 50-megapixel sensor and smaller battery compared to the previous generation. When unfolded, the device is 5.4 mm thick. if de Mix Fold 2 unfolded, the device measures 161.1mm x … Read more

OPPO shows first smartwatch with Qualcomm W5-soc and does not claim longer battery life – Tablets and phones – News

OPPO has presented the first smartwatches that run on the recently announced Qualcomm W5 Gen1 soc. It concerns the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. The clocks would last four and five days on a single battery charge, roughly the same as the predecessors. The Watch 3 has a 400mAh battery that should last four … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 | Streamer Ibai Llanos presents the special pack of the Galaxy Z Flip4: what does it contain? | Cell phones | Mobile | TECHNOLOGY

Samsung Electronics has announced, together with the content creator River Llanosthe launch of a special pack of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, which will have exclusive products and will be available in a limited capsule edition in units. After the official event in which this folding device from the South Korean company was unveiled, … Read more