Finland will further restrict the entry of Russian citizens

Finland already this month sharply limited the issuing of tourist visas to Russian citizens. However, they continued to enter Finland with visas issued by other EU countries in the Schengen area. “The purpose of the decision is to completely prevent the current situation, which is observed in Russian tourism to Finland, and the related transit … Read more

Comments on: The Saeima supports the annulment of gun permits for non-citizens of Latvia

What’s wrong with non-citizens in general, or when were permits for the possession and carrying of weapons to be issued? Some are beginning to understand what idiotic laws we have, but there are many of them, read the laws, you will find all kinds of miracles. The Saeima accepts today what will happen tomorrow, no … Read more

THE BALL – «Marítimo is in a coma» (Marítimo)

The ‘Save the Marítimo’ movement, made up of a group of club members and led by Madeiran businessman Miguel Caires, delivered this morning, to the administrative services of Marítimo, a list of 63 signatures of red-green members requesting the convening of a extraordinary general meeting to discuss the current moment of the institution and later … Read more

Rare photo of Sarah Jessica Parker with her twins at the ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ premiere | Movie

Film‘Sex and the City’ legend Sarah Jessica Parker (57) appeared on Tuesday at the premiere of ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ alongside her 13-year-old twins: Marion and Tabitha. That is very exceptional, because the girls are rarely seen. They live their lives completely out of the spotlight. Parker’s two daughters were on hand with their father Matthew … Read more

The Saeima supports the annulment of gun permits for non-citizens of Latvia

The law provides for the annulment of weapon permits issued to non-citizens of Latvia as of September 1, 2023, as well as persons who have received permanent residence permits in Latvia, but are not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a member of the European Free Trade Association, the Australian Union, the Federative … Read more

cyber abuse; abhirami suresh shared crying selfie on instagram

Image: Facebook ThAbhirami Suresh came to the scene yesterday with a response to the cyber attacks on Nick and his family. Abhirami reacted emotionally through Facebook Live. The actor said that everyone in the family is facing severe mental torture and it is an unlivable condition. But even after that, abusive comments came to Abhirami. … Read more

Centuries-old floating castle found off the coast of Sweden (photo)

Scroll through the photos and read the description! Source: Brett Seymour / Scientists from the University of Lund, together with colleagues, made new dives to study the “Gribshunden”. This is a flagship belonging to King Hans (or John) of Denmark and plying the seas until the moment of its crash in 1495. About it … Read more

Climate livability index, the ranking of cities with the best climate in Italy. PHOTO

2/15 Corriere della Sera – The index is constructed considering the data related to 13 meteorological parameters assumed in function of the feeling of well-being of the inhabitants. Factors include: heat, tropical nights, hours of sunshine, heat waves, temperature range, cold days, fog, daytime cloudiness, comfort for humidity, gusts, summer breeze, rainy days, heavy … Read more

SLIMMED and “home” Danuta Martyniuk appeared on TV! “COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON” (PHOTO)

In May Zenek and Danuta Martyniuk they surprised everyone at the Personalities and Successes 2022 gala, where they appeared completely changed. The Discopoler invested in new teeth, while his spouse lost as much as 15 kilograms, presenting a new figure in a fitted styling. Their metamorphosis clearly surprised the Internet users, who did not spare … Read more