Valentino Rossi, the 100 km of champions: the pairs of riders on the track at the Ranch

Saturday the first of the two days of the super appointment at the Valentino Ranch, which will run in pairs with his brother Luca Marini. But many are the champions on the Doctor’s flat track: from Jorge Lorenzo to Vinales to the American legend of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath, the seventh edition of the 100km of … Read more

NBA, the results of the night: Golden State stops Phoenix, the LA derby belongs to the Clippers

Golden State breaks Phoenix’s streak of 18 in a row, dominating the match and regaining first place in the West. The Lakers, despite the 50 points combined by the duo James & Davis, lose the derby in the sprint against the Clippers, Durant scores 30 points and the decisive basket to beat Minnesota. Philadelphia passes … Read more

Federica Pellegrini retires from swimming, the career of the ‘Divina’: from the Olympics to the World Championships

5/26 © Ansa HERE IS THE PARTY. After the silver medal in Athens, in Spinea (Venice), where Federica grew up, friends invade Piazza del Municipio to celebrate their fellow citizen. “Olympic Goddess Faith “, says the tricolor banner. .

Formula 1, Saudi Arabian GP: the Jeddah circuit for the 2021 World Cup. PHOTO

7/11 ©Getty ALL SOLVED? – It was a struggle against time to get prepared for this weekend: the most recent problems have mainly concerned the building of the pit-lane and, in general, the paddock. Everything solved? From the images circulated by social media these days, it seems so. .

Funeral of Ennio Doris, crowd at the funeral of the founder of Banca Mediolanum. PHOTO

The last farewell to the banker, who died at 81, in his hometown, Tombolo (Padua). Also present were Berlusconi and the governor of Veneto Zaia. During the funeral I read the last message left by the manager: “Without faith it is difficult, very difficult to overcome anything, especially illnesses. I want to do this publicly, … Read more

Copa Libertadores, Felipe Melo beats Gabigol. The photos of the final won by Palmeiras

5/16 © IPA / Photogram GABIGOL. Gabriel Barbosa, born in 1996, arrived in Italy at a very young age. At Inter, in the 2016-17 season, he scored a goal in nine appearances before being shot on loan at Benfica and Santos without returning to Serie A. In Brazil he found his dimension, with Flamengo he … Read more

Mobile bonuses, how to take advantage of the spending ceiling of 16 thousand euros until 31 December

8/12 © IPA / Photogram Between large appliances that can be included in the 2021 Mobile Bonus are there refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electric stoves, electric hot plates, microwave ovens, electric heating devices, electric radiators, electric fans, air conditioning devices .

NBA, LeBron James chases two fans in the front row: the reaction of the Pacers fans

The images of the distancing of the two fans in the front row after the report of LeBron James have been around the world in the last 24 hours: a decision that has caused a lot of discussion, especially on social networks in the USA where the nickname that fans has entered into trend of … Read more

Mom bonus 2021, the deadline is December 31: here’s how to ask

7/10 © Ansa The request for the Mother Bonus can be made through a duly completed form downloaded from INPS website, or through telematic services such as educational services, contact centers on 803164 or 06164164 and patronages. The application must be attached or it state of pregnancy or, for foreign citizens, residency permit. For those … Read more