Quantum Physics Viewing Reality Nonmaterial

Physicist Bruce Gordon argues that idealist philosophy is the best way to understand the bewildering world of quantum physics. The idealism of this view emphasizes ideas and ignores material things. Dthe realm of philosophy of idealism of reality itself is explained by psychic symptoms, spirit, mind, self, and absolute thoughts, not with regard to matter. … Read more

Fundamental physics overcomes the barrier of gravity • Trends21

Not only can the fifth state of matter be created in space, but the fluctuations of atoms can also be measured in microgravity. The next thing will be to check the equivalence principle in a rocket. German researchers have shown that the fifth state of matter can be achieved in space and also that the … Read more

Scientists say particle physics can break the rules

Twenty years later, in 2001, research confirmed that a small particle violates scientists’ best theory of how physics works under the rubric of the Standard Model. The Fermilab Division of Energy in Batavia, Illinois, sent scientists a beam of muon into a large 50-foot-wide storage ring controlled by superconducting magnets. Electrons and cosmic rays are … Read more

Bad Astronomy | The Muon experiment demonstrated new physics

The muon does not rotate as predicted by the best physical models. Why not? This could be due to completely unknown subatomic particles popping in and out of the quantum foam’s existence. This is not some kind of science fiction technology. This is from the results of a real experimentAnd the universe may tell us … Read more

The muon, a revolutionary particle that agitates the world of physics

Reidar HahnIn front of the measuring devices of scientists at Fermilab, in the United States, the muon, a tiny subatomic element cousin of the electron, disobeyed the laws of the “standard model”, the theoretical bible which governs our understanding of the world. DISCOVERY – In physics, the border that separates the revolution scientist the dead … Read more

Muon eccentricities point to new laws of physics

All is not good in the muon! Certain physical phenomena which involve this charged particle, heavier cousin of the electron, are not working well. This is the conclusion of the Muon g-2 experiment, carried out by several hundred researchers at FermiLab, in the United States. Their results, published in Physical Review Letters, suggest a flaw … Read more

USA: A new discovery in physics related to the operation of molecules

The Americans’ experiment was based on muons – particles related to electrons, but much heavier. When the muons were placed in an intense magnetic field, they did not behave as expected In 1998, scientists from Brookheaven conducted the first research on muons, but the obtained results were not surprising Fermilab Science Center experiment launched in … Read more

She goes to your house and takes virus samples before you know you are ill – Vetenskapsradion Nyheter

– People who are at high risk of becoming infected, but they have no symptoms yet and have not had time to be tested, explains Jakob Löndahl, aerosol researcher. He is one of the researchers who can come home to a newly infected person with the mini truck full of measuring instruments in the project … Read more

Experiment shakes up the standard model of particle physics – news from the web

An experiment at the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) is shaking up the standard model of particle physics, which describes how our Universe works in the infinitely small, the organization said in a statement Tuesday. The LHCb experiment studies a type of particle called the B meson. It detects its decay in the LHC, the … Read more