200 people in piazza Colombo to demonstrate against the Green pass, together with the singer Povia / The images

There were approx 200 people this afternoon in piazza Colombo in Sanremo to manifest against the Green pass and the latest restrictions enacted by the Government. The event-concert saw the singer as protagonist Giuseppe Povia, winner of the Sanremo Festival in 2006. Songs and slogans against government-imposed restrictions From songs and slogans, several exponents of … Read more

Roberto Piazza doubts Thelma Fardin’s complaint to Juan Darthés: “I don’t know if the asshole is right”

Roberto Piazza doubts the word of Thelma Fardin The complaint of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés it went to oral proceedings and, after it began, was suddenly put on hold. While it is expected that there will be news early next year, Roberto Piazza gave his opinion on the matter, doubting the testimony of the … Read more

3 undervalued stocks in Piazza Affari that have generated bearish signals and that could now fall by as much as 15%

We are fast approaching the new year and based on our forecasts based on the study of historical series and on statistical calculations, we could see a decline of a few months (until May / June?). How far could the Ftse Mib Future fall in that time frame? Fino all’area 24.020/25.860. Right now, prices are … Read more

“Probably the strike is wrong”: whistles and chants against Sala in Piazza Fontana. Question and answer between the mayor of Milan and those present

The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, was contested by a part of the demonstrators present in piazza Fontana to commemorate the fallen of the massacre of December 12, 1969. To trigger the reaction and whistles of a part of the square, a sentence of the mayor on the strike called for next December 16 by … Read more

The Omicron variant is less scary, a week of redemption for Europe. Piazza Affari recovers 3%

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Awakening week in Piazza Affari and for European stock exchanges folded in the second part of November by the resumption of infections from Covid-19, in particular due to the variant Omicron, and by the possible acceleration of central banks in coping … Read more

Analysts promote the Unicredit plan, the stock flies to Piazza Affari (+ 10.4%)

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Interlocutory day for European stock exchanges, with the main indices that have slightly slowed, on the fear that the pandemic may still weigh on the economy, after the measures announced by Great Britain and Denmark to fight the coronavirus. Piazza Affari was the best of the Old Continent dragged … Read more

The incredible jump in the prices of a stock allowed Piazza Affari to close with a profit

The European stock exchanges are marking time. In the penultimate session of the week, equity markets slowed and closed in negative territory. The only exception was the Milan stock exchange which ended the session with a rise. The incredible jump in the prices of a stock allowed Piazza Affari to close in profit, doing better … Read more

Stock exchanges today, 9 December 2021. EU markets close in red due to Covid fears, Unicredit drags Piazza Affari

MILANO – European stock exchanges closed down after the fluctuating day in Asia, despite a more relaxed atmosphere on the markets following the news on the effectiveness of vaccines against the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Investors therefore seem to be moving with caution in view of the US inflation data which, if it … Read more

Dividends, Piazza Affari is not satisfied: a 20% increase is expected in 2022

Listen to the audio version of the article Archived, and again with satisfaction, a dividend season in which shareholders have returned to remunerate regularly after the parenthesis linked to the pandemic, in Piazza Affari it is already time to look to the future. And the forecasts for the coupons that will be paid in 2022 … Read more