Can the cancellation of the Note series help the S21 series sales?Korean media: not necessarily – Page 1 – Samsung discussion area

When the Galaxy Note series was canceled last year, there were rumors that Samsung wanted to focus consumers on another flagship to drive sales of the Galaxy S21 series even higher, but the idea didn’t seem to be as expected. Recently, South Korean media reports pointed out that the sales of the Galaxy S21 series … Read more

3 famous photographers unveil a new legend with the Leica M11 – Post Today work-life-balance

Three renowned photographers unveil a new legend with the Leica M11. Date 17 Jan 2022 time 09:50 Leica marks a new era in the Year of the Tiger by unveiling the latest Leica M-series camera “Leica M11” and inviting 3 famous photographers to unveil a new legend. Release the shutter to tell the story of … Read more

Scientists explain the mysterious properties of moon rocks

Khabarni – Scientists used to believe that in the past, convection currents occurred in the interior of the moon periodically as a result of the strength of its magnetic field. This explains why traces of magnetization are present in some moon rock samples.And the journal Nature Astronomy indicates that the analysis of samples of moon … Read more

【Exclusive Deals】Impossible!Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is the most popular price of 6,790 yuan (1/14~1/20) – Page 1 – Samsung discussion area

Samsung launched a cheap 5G mobile phone that you can find for 10,000 yuan. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, which is known as a bean machine, should not be considered ordinary because of its cheap price. The trendy appearance and color matching are the focus of everyone. It is equipped with 6.5 inch large screen, … Read more

TVs like never before TVs like never before, with an even better picture, but that also comes with a price

Gadget inspector Quantum Dot Oled – Sony A95K QD-Oled. — © rr At CES in Las Vegas, the first major multimedia event of the year, albeit in a modest corona edition, all eyes were (literally) on the top televisions for 2022. The latest generation of living room screens delivers thanks to some high-quality technologies. a … Read more

This picture is good for the heart. Doctor-Tata gathered together to celebrate Rae’s 6th birthday.

Even though we broke up as husband and wife But as a parent of waterOng-Rae’s son, Tata Young and Dr. Chatradul Most recently, on January 12, 2022, Tata Young revealed a family photo reuniting with each other on the birthday of her son, Nong Rae, who turned 6 years old. Tata, the doctor and Nong … Read more

Isolation is not afraid of boredom! CMHK, SmarTone add code support!Please listen to songs + watch movies for free – ePrice.HK Mobile Version

A new coronavirus has been playing with everyone for two years, and it keeps mutating and mutating, and the family is talking about Omicron. Hong Kong people want to talk about returning to normal life, and it really has to wait until 2046. The worst part is, and Omicron is so contagious, if you don’t … Read more

Picture of the day: Viktor Orbán published a mysterious photo

The picture was taken today at the Carmelite Monastery, the first government meeting of the year. Viktor Orban posted – with other photos – on Facebook: (Source: Facebook / Viktor Orbán) Although the prime minister has not revealed who has set foot on the public, the sock has a telltale sign: a symbol of radioactivity. … Read more

‘A dear friend gave me this three-in-one visor mask’: The star shared the picture

The world is worried about creating a third wave of Kovid. Now, the note shared by actor Murali Gopi is noteworthy. ‘A dear friend presented me with this three-in-one visor mask and asked me to’ be safe ‘. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. ” – Murali Gopi with a mask. .

Watch for a massive asteroid approaching Earth near its closest in 200 years – Post Today Around the World

Watch for a massive asteroid approaching Earth near its closest in 200 years Date 13 Jan 2022 time 16:36 Next week, a 1-kilometer-wide asteroid will orbit the closest to Earth in 200 years. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Near-Earth Object Study Center, which monitors the movement of comets and dangerous asteroids that are … Read more