The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe ignites the Internet with a stark look.. She wore clothes attached to her body!! (picture)

2022/08/09 It’s 06:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe performed a party on the North Coast in Egypt, in which a large number of audience and some artists attended. Haifa shared her followers on her personal page on the social networking site, a set of photos and videos from the … Read more

A 1.6 billion picture turned into 30 billion… The faceless painter who shook the world

Workers at art auction house Sotheby’s hang up Banksy’s ‘Balloon and Girl’ artwork from 2018 auction. When this work was sold for £1042,000 (about KRW 1.66 billion), the painting was cut vertically and shocked. Provided by Mano Entertainment “We’ve been Banksy-ed.” In 2018, an unprecedented event occurred at Sotheby’s auction house in London, England. Even … Read more

Picture Perfect: James Webb captures the farthest star in the universe

To start your working week right, every Monday a great scientific or technical picture on our site. This time: Earendel shines in front of the James Webb space telescope. With the many news stories about James Webb, the space telescope that finally got off the ground on Christmas Day 2021, you would almost forget that … Read more

Director Mohamed Sami accepts star Mai Omar with a stark appearance from the sea… and the audience is shocked! (see picture)

2022/08/08 It’s 01:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Director Mohamed Sami shared, with his fans and followers, a picture of his wife, artist Mai Omar, as he kissed her on the beach. Through his account on “Instagram”; Muhammad Sami sent a message to his wife, Mai Omar, saying: “My world.” She replied: “You are … Read more

Positive Picture For Bitcoin (BTC) From Bloomberg Analyst: Buy Zone! › CoinTurk

Senior analyst McGlone made remarkable statements about the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Where is the buying opportunity zone in Bitcoin? Reading Time: 2 A minute McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitcoin (BTC) and made various evaluations about other cryptocurrencies. Buy Zone in Bitcoin It traded almost 66.4% lower than the all-time high seen … Read more

Kim Gu-ra’s retirement broadcast after 17 years… “I did enough” (Greegura)

(Export News Reporter Lee Seul) Kim Gura’s mother has been appearing on TV since 17 years ago, and emphasized her will not to do it again. On the 5th, on the YouTube channel ‘Grigura’, ‘I went into my grandmother’s house to eat watermelon.. Will I be able to avoid the doorbell…? An uninvited guest, Kim … Read more

Xiaomi launches Redmi 10 2022

Xiaomi launched an entry-level 4G phone last year:Redmi 10And after a year, Xiaomi quietly launched its slightly modified Redmi 10 2022 on August 1st. Compared with the previous generation, this phone is completely the same in appearance and design, and the specifications are mostly the same, including a 6.5-inch 90Hz screen, a MediaTek G88 processor, … Read more

“This is not a political movie.” They showed a completely different picture of the Polish family

Definitely with another, where certain things are not acceptable. The parents or mother-in-law of our main characters oppose the relationship in one way or another, but are not shown as monsters. Everyone Knows Better is not a political film. It’s a quiet movie that shows us from different angles, which is extremely valuable. On the … Read more

In a new image, NASA responds to Elon Musk’s doubts

The world was on a date with seeing another side of UniverseIn the middle of last July, colorful and clear pictures of ever before, as stars are born, galaxies are scattered, bodies twinkle and swim in space, in a unique sight that the human eye has not seen before! The most powerful of all, James … Read more