A picture goes around the world

The British Sunday newspapers have prominently reported on the funeral service for Prince Philip: touching moments, numerous details and speculations are discussed. However, the large media presence surrounding the death of Prince Philip is not well received everywhere. The image of the lonely mourning Queen Elizabeth II touches people all over the world. Jonathan Brady … Read more

The latest picture “Comet C / 2019 Y4 (ATLAS)” adds more brightness. Win with the naked eye this April

National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) (SSO), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation revealed the image “Comet C / 2019 Y4 (ATLAS)” (C, Two, One, Nine, Y, Four, Atlas) brighter, more bright. Be excited to see with the naked eye in the coming April. Sittiporn Duantaku, Astronomical Information Officer, Specialist Prof. Dr. Sittakul … Read more

Did Ahmed Saad know the mold of Ramez Jalal?

Khabarni – Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad explained the fact that he knew the plot of Ramez Jalal, as he was the first victim of the prank program “Ramez his mind flew”. Saad said in a press statement: “I did not know that this program concerns the mold of Ramez Jalal. What made me laugh a … Read more

Khaberni site: Ahmed Al Shugairi with a disgraced chest .. And the public comments

Khaberni – The appearance of the Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shugairi swimming with admiration of many followers on social networking sites, as he appeared during his new Ramadan program “Sen” with a bare chest and reaped many compliments because of his athletic body. Pictures showed Al-Shugairi preparing to swim and was naked from the chest area, … Read more

Naked photo of Kiviča and Skulme flies on the Internet – Andris claims that the picture was stolen and his wife is suspected

The fact that they are really visible in the photo has been confirmed by Andris himself on his Facebook profile, claiming that the picture was stolen from his mobile phone. “This morning I received a message from my ex-wife in watsapa with a picture of us and Lien completely naked. The picture was in my … Read more

Chelsea’s defense statistics in the era of Tuchel and Lampard, which is better?

Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel. © AP Photo Bola.net – In recent years, the back line has become one of the sectors that is quite vulnerable to Chelsea. They also tried to bring in a number of players to fix the problem. Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell were recruited to fill the defense, plus Edouard Mendy … Read more

Embrace. This is the picture of the year on World Press Photo

The absolute winner was a film by an 85-year-old Brazilian woman who, after months of loneliness, hugs a nurse through a plastic membrane. The author is the Danish photographer Mads Nissen. The film is one of many competition photos dedicated to the covid-19 pandemic. Foto: World Press Photo 2021 “This iconic image of covid-19 is … Read more

Friendship between friends Wai opens a picture to take care of having a hunt, sleep at the bedside, not far away.

Wai girl also posted pictures in the past. During the time I went. Watch over the bedside, take care of the hunt during 8 Jan – 11 Jan 2019 with the message that “Stay on the lookout every day without work After leaving the hospital, I went to sleep at the condo every day for … Read more

Muhammad Ramadan remained famous and his picture is inscribed on the Burj Khalifa .. Know the reason

Artist Mohamed Ramadan published a post on his accounts on the social networking site and surprised his fans and fans by revealing his picture, which was decorated on Burj Khalifa, as his fans interacted with it and revealed the reason for that. وقال Mohamed Ramadan The reason for decorating Burj Khalifa with his image is … Read more

The first parliamentary comment on the series “What is not Kabir” after the release of a picture

03:05 PM Wednesday April 14, 2021 Books – I grew up on: Representative Ahmed Mhanni, deputy of the House of Representatives Manpower Committee, criticized the image of women in the Ramadan 2021 series. Especially in the series “Ali Maloush Kabir”, announcing his complete rejection of what came in the first episodes; Violence against women continues, … Read more