Ford presented a new European-made electric car

Ford has unveiled the all-new Explorer electric car. The family-friendly electric SUV is the first of a wave of purely electric models to hit the European market in the coming years. The market of the old continent is mentioned for a reason, because the new model will emphasize the combination of American style and German … Read more

Shams Al-Kuwaiti in a sleeping dress in her first dramatic experience – in pictures

Kuwaiti actress Shams revealed her first dramatic experience, and the character “Ibtisam”, which she embodies in the series “Surra Al-Batea”. And Shams Al-Kuwaiti appeared in the scenes from the bedroom, wearing a blue nightgown, and commented: “Ibtisam, from the series Surra Al-Bataa, wait for me with my first dramatic experience in the Egyptian drama, and … Read more

what apartment dwellers need to know about remote solar power plants

As electricity becomes more expensive, more and more people are considering installing their own solar power plant. And although for a long time it was believed that only homeowners can invest in solar energy, but this option is also available to residents of apartment buildings. Experts in real estate (NT) and renewable energy tell us … Read more

“Second Bakhmut” concerns in Ukraine, eastern | Reuters

Ukraine said on Thursday that the eastern town of Audiyivka could soon become a “second bakhmut”. Photos are from video footage. A car damaged by debris. AUDI IUKA, 2023. REUTERS/Donetsk Region Police. KYIV (Reuters) – Ukraine said on Thursday that the eastern town of Audiyivka could soon become a “second Bakhmut”. Audiiyka is located just … Read more

Lily Bissar, Miss Lebanon 1968 .. Therefore, she was excluded from Miss World, and this is how she is today, after 55 years have passed – in pictures

The northern beauty, Lily Bissar, was one of the most distinguished holders of the Miss Lebanon title in the 1960s. When she was a teenager, Lily was elected Miss Tripoli in 1968, and because she received great encouragement to participate in Miss Lebanon, she decided to participate for the title, except that her conservative parents … Read more

An employee who ‘sold her own nude pictures to porn sites’ was fired

News18 Malayalam | March 21, 2023, 7:34 PM IST The woman also revealed that the famous footballer of the Everton club asked her to send him nude pictures through Snapchat. 1/ 6 A young model and HR employee was dismissed from her job after she was accused of selling her nude pictures to porn sites. … Read more

Still a beautiful woman: First lady Eva Pavlova shared pictures from her youth

5 Petr Pavel and Eva Pavlova First Lady Eva Pavlova has been very active on social networks in recent months. There, she shares various images from her life with her supporters and the supporters of her husband, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and she does not forget her childhood either. In one … Read more

They showed pictures from Smolensk. His family lives in such conditions

share Tweet In Smolensk, the house where the relatives of a Russian soldier live is falling apart. The man was mobilized for the war in Ukraine, and the family is fighting a fungus and notoriously flooded basements. “This is how they care about soldiers” – internet users ironically. Photos of flooded and partially destroyed house … Read more

The reason why the president of luxury went to Instagram hots after taking pictures of Lotte and Shinsegae

Bernard Arnault, president of the world’s largest luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), visits Dior Seongsu, located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, with his daughter, Delphine Arnault (behind), CEO of Christian Dior. /news1 Bernard Arnault, the head of the world’s largest luxury goods group, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) and one of the world’s richest … Read more

Pictures – Model Rose grabs the attention with her look from the forest and her dress, which is the audience’s talk

Model Rose shows off her grace from the woods and sparks controversy with her dress The Saudi model, Model Rose, appeared on the audience with a set of new photos, which she documented from her latest photo session, and caught the audience’s attention with her grace. Rose looked very elegant, as she underwent a photo … Read more