Who shined? Famous faces are enjoying Grape and Sziget, they showed bold trendy pieces and festival must have accessories

The festival weekend started in a big way. Famous beauties also came to enjoy the Grape Festival or Sziget in Hungary. What outfits did they bet on? The festival mania continues. After successful Good luck 2022 here we have again a weekend dedicated to music, fun and trendy outfits. In progress the Grape festival, but … Read more

Save 10 pieces of Yushan Gold in 4 years!Shareholders Expose “Dividend Amount” Touched: Enjoy Life – FTV News

Financial Center/Reported by Chen Guanyu In recent years, the Taiwan stock market has been hot, and among many investment methods, the stable “stock deposit” is the favorite of many investors! Recently, some netizens shared their experience of “finally saving Yushan Gold to 10” for more than 4 years. It is estimated that the dividend can … Read more

“Nice approach to the market to be on June 5th, only 4 pieces are missing”

Paolo Del Genio, journalist of Tele A and Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, makes irony on the Naples market through his Facebook account Paolo Del Geniusjournalist of Tele A and Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, through his Facebook account makes irony on the Naples market: “As of today, 5 June, Napoli’s approach to the market is good. … Read more

Mahindra has launched sales of the ‘big daddy of all SUVs’. The first 25,000 pieces sold out in a minute

Mahindra introduced the Scorpio-N model last year and now it has started sales. The first batch of discounted 25,000 units was sold out within a single minute. India’s Mahindra introduced the Scorpio-N as a replacement for the aging model Scorpio. It’s still a ladder-frame SUV, but it promises a more modern design and technology. The … Read more

ESA and NASA aim to bring pieces of Mars to Earth by 2033

The future Mars Sample Return mission has been reimagined again: the rover is off orbit and replaced by Mars helicopters – courtesy of Ingenuity. How’s the upcoming Mars Sample Returnmission look like exactly? It is an important question that both NASA and ESA are currently sparring about. And they can go back to the drawing … Read more

Murderer-Mutilation Ungaran 3 Days Live With Boyfriend’s Body Pieces

Semarang Regency – The Semarang Police held a scene of the murder and mutilation case in Ungaran. There were 21 scenes that the suspect Imam Sobari (32) acted in five different places. From the re-enactment, it was revealed that the victim had lived with the victim’s body for three days. The scene begins at the … Read more

A Spanish family delivers 19 boxes with more than 2,000 pre-Hispanic pieces to Mexico

A Spanish family gave Mexico, voluntarily and anonymously, 2,522 pre-Hispanic pieces. There are a total of 19 boxes full of small-format objects: sgraffito human bones used as ritual objects, pre-Hispanic seals, obsidian and flint stone material, stone figures, spindle whorls, molcajetes and metates. “On July 11, 19 boxes arrived in our country containing 2,522 objects … Read more

Pieces of Chinese rocket will fall back to Earth in the coming days. Where? That’s unclear

Launch of the Long March 5b rocket with research module Wentian.Image AP The launch makes the Chinese space station, the counterpart of the International Space Station, a bit bigger again: research module Wentian linked the research module ‘Tianhe’ to the central module ‘Tianhe’ around 9 a.m. Dutch time on Sunday evening. Just like the last … Read more

65-year-old cyclist scares a bear and puts it on the run, the animal returns later and tears it to pieces

MONTANA – A woman was attacked and killed by a bear, in a park in Montana, in the United States. The victim, who was camping, had scared the animal a few hours earlier and managed to make him escape. A little later her bear returned, tearing the woman apart. The incident, dating back to a … Read more

Dozens of explosions, bodies torn to pieces. Bloody Friday also shook the IRA itself

According to British BBC the IRA detonated 22 bombs in 75 minutes that day, according to the website Military History even 26 bombs in 80 minutes. The vast majority of them were hidden by the terrorists in cars, driven to the places where they were supposed to explode. The explosions killed seven civilians and two … Read more