Ben Weyts introduces his pig Kotelet: “He is a bit afraid of our dog” | showbiz

quadrupedsAs Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare, it can hardly be otherwise, the Weyts family also counts a few faithful four-legged friends among their families. In the HLN Original ‘Kende Viervoeters’, Ben Weyts (51) presents his animals: Kotelet the pig and Sepp the dog. Isaura Leffelaer 1 aug. 2022 Latest update: 02-08-22, 07:31 At the minister’s … Read more

Pink pig Yura narrow ant waist certification… The clavicle line is also soft TEN★

Photo = Yura’s Instagram Singer and actress Yura showed off her goddess figure. On the 22nd, Yura posted a picture along with the sentence “It’s awesome 🥰” on her Instagram. In the published photo, Yura is wearing a pink tube top dress. Yura impressed her with her slender waistline with her lovely and cute charm. … Read more

Genetically modified pig heart transplant gives new hope

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on New Scientist On June 16 and July 6, two xénotransplantations –transplantation of a graft whose donor is of a biological species different from that of the recipient– of pig hearts genetically modified have been carried out, reports a New Scientist article. This is a first for researchers at … Read more

Pig heart placed on two brain-dead patients in US for the first time

NYU Langone Health / AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 22:01 Doctors in the United States have transplanted pig hearts for the first time in two brain-dead patients. The newspaper reports that The Wall Street Journal† The operation took place at a teaching hospital in New York. The bodies were flown hundreds of kilometers into the city. The … Read more

Doctor Reveals Cause of Death of Pig Heart Transplant Patient Not Organ Rejection – David Bennett, 57, is the first person in the world to receive a transplant pig heart early last year, but died two months later. Doctors say Bennett died of heart failure due to several factors, not organ rejection. This was revealed by a team of doctors from the University of Maryland Medicine, in … Read more

Genetically modified pig heart implanted in human!

Genetically modified pig heart implanted in human NYU Langone Health researchers announced that they transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a deceased person as part of a research study. FIRST EXAMPLE OF ITS KIND OF WORK According to the news in CNN International, after the brain death of 72-year-old Lawrence Kelly, a Navy veteran … Read more

Two pig heads on law firm and home: threats to Sticchi Damiani

LECCE – Two huge severed pig heads wrapped in plastic bags and accompanied by tickets. A few words, with a clearly offensive tone. The first was found hanging from the handle of one of the entrances to the building where the law firm is located. The second, on that of the apartment where he lives … Read more