Son Tae-young ♥ Kwon Sang-woo’s daughter, 7th birthday party in the US… Lovely pink princess

[스포츠조선 조윤선 기자] Actor Son Tae-young revealed the scene of her daughter’s birthday party. Son Tae-young posted on his Instagram on the 10th, “My love ♥ I had a busy weekend. I went to my classmate’s birthday party, and my friends also came to Riho’s birthday ^^ Christina who gave me flowers as well~~ Thank … Read more

Hyejin Han, wearing a pink bra top and showing off her figure 11 abs…, a top model’s morning routine!

Top model Han Hye-jin revealed her morning routine. On the 7th, he posted a picture on his Instagram with a morning greeting saying “Good morning.” In the photo, he was shown holding a drink and hydrating while starting an early morning workout. She showed off her perfect body by wearing a pink bra top and … Read more

Pink: Russia would like to see a world where big countries have a say in small ones

Russia would like to see a world where big countries have a say in small ones, which is not the world in which Latvia, as a relatively small country, currently lives, said Jānis Sārts, Director of the NATO Center for Strategic Communications Excellence, in an interview with TV3. Commenting on Russia’s proposals to NATO and … Read more

Watch .. Handa Archil crosses the border with pink swimsuits and presents this area in a very shameful way!!

You are now following the news of Handa Archil crossing the border with pink swimsuits and presenting this area in a very shameful way!! And now with the details Riyadh – Rowaida bin Abbas – Again, as she is used to, the Turkish actress Handa Archil shared with the audience a set of photos on … Read more

Baldini: “Valid pink, we dream. I changed? The spirit is there, we can amaze “

The words of the new rosanero coach who spoke at a press conference this afternoon The Palermo restarts from Silvio Baldini. After a difficult period in which, in addition to the game, the results were lacking, the company headed by Dario Mirri he decided to take advantage of the Christmas break and in concert with … Read more

If THIS doesn’t happen, the fortune teller doesn’t see it in pink!

For half a year, the public had no idea that Dara Rolins was enjoying a new love – the popular singer was packed by Czech football player Pavel Nedvěa. She seems familiar the beauty has finally found the real nuteven though the seer sees it differently. “We are also” just people “:)), we have families, … Read more

With 20 billion net worth…Yang Mi sweeps “40% off underwear”, picks up cheap “mysterious little pink” and fights to kill red eyes | Entertainment | CTWANT

Yang Mi, a 35-year-old mainland actress, has made her debut since she was a child and has been in the entertainment industry for many years. Not only is she a leading actress in mainland China, she also invests in media companies, and has accumulated 4.5 billion yuan (about Taiwan dollar 19.7 billion) at a young … Read more

Pink Floyd secretly released 12 live albums, they said nothing

All recordings date back to the 1970s. These titles are: They Came in Peace, Live, Leeds University 1970; Live at Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg 1971; Mauerspechte Berlin Sportpalast, 1971 Live, Lyon 1971, Tokyo 1972; Live in Rome Palaeur 1971; Amsterdamse Bos Free Concert 26 June 1971; Live in Montreux 1971; KB Hallen, Copenhagen, 1971; KB … Read more

the appeal of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd-

from Carlo Macr In Cariati the many interventions of politicians have always fallen on deaf ears. Now in a video (in Italian) the musician supports the cause of the city civic committee (thanks also to director Ken Loach) by Carlo Macr, sent to Cariati (Cosenza) And if music undermined the politics and the voice of … Read more

Champion with a big heart! At the call of the singer Pink, Ronaldo lights up Christmas for the children

“Hello, Cristiano. I support several children this year and they want nothing more than one of your signed jerseys for Christmas, “the singer began her request for kindness, saying that she is determined to make the children happy. “Don’t you want to send me some jerseys and change their lives?” Pink asked. “I know you’re … Read more