Pink Floyd frontman gives reasons why he calls Joe Biden a war criminal

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ATLANTA – Rock legend and band leader Pink Floyd, Roger Watersexplaining why he labeled US President Joe Biden a war criminal. The label is pinned Roger Waters in giant layers during his single “This Is Not A Drill” concert in America this week. Apart from Biden, Waters also criticized President Trump. Waters appeared in … Read more

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi (60) with son Jess: Pink buggy…

When his eldest son Jesse (26) came to visit, the program was decided immediately. They both jumped into the stroller and frolicked around the area, mainly on the local sand dunes, until they went crazy. Famous Celebrities and Their High School Loves That Still Last Today Father and son have one more hobby in common: … Read more

In Angola, they discovered the largest pink diamond in 300 years

The stone was named Lulo Rose after the mine where it was mined, the Australian company Lucapa Diamond Company, which owns the mine, announced. Diamonds of exceptional quality have been mined in the Lulo mine in the past. The Lulo Rose tube diamond weighs 170 carats. Photo: The pink gem is the fifth largest … Read more

Rare pink diamond found in Angola: largest find in 300 years | NOW

In Angola, miners have found a rare pink diamond. According to the mine operator, it is the largest find in the world in 300 years. The diamond has been given the name The Lulo Rose and is therefore named after the mine where it was found. According to the Lucapa Diamond Company, the Australian company … Read more

I took three Pink Panthers, jewelers thieves in Milan – Chronicle

Three Montenegrins were arrested by the State Police in Milan, on a mandate from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Lombard capital, because they were suspected of being part of an international criminal organization called “Pink Panthers”, also made up of former soldiers mostly from the Eastern Europe and held responsible for various robberies committed … Read more

Pink pig Yura narrow ant waist certification… The clavicle line is also soft TEN★

Photo = Yura’s Instagram Singer and actress Yura showed off her goddess figure. On the 22nd, Yura posted a picture along with the sentence “It’s awesome 🥰” on her Instagram. In the published photo, Yura is wearing a pink tube top dress. Yura impressed her with her slender waistline with her lovely and cute charm. … Read more

Calciomercato Palermo, Elia blitz: visits and signing in the pink retreat in Lombardy

Elia reaches Palermo in retreat in the Bergamo area: medical examinations and signature Salvatore Elia is in fact a new player of the Palermo. The flexible exterior class 1999 represents a functional and quality reinforcement that embellishes the mosaic of Silvio Baldini. Son of the former rosanero striker Firmino Eliathe lateral arrives in Sicily fromAtalanta … Read more