A new disaster in Barcelona because of Bartomeu .. Four illegal contracts for the stars

It seems that the problems will not leave Barcelona soon, after everyone thought that the team knew some calm with the return of Xavi Hernandez as technical director, improving the level and bringing in some deals, a big problem surfaced. The problem, according to Radio Cadena Ser, is that the contracts that Josep Maria Bartomeu’s … Read more

Gerard Piqué could be summoned as a WITNESS in a trial against Shakira for tax FRAUD

In the last few hours, the prosecution Spanish revealed a document in which it officially accuses Shakira of having committed fiscal fraud against the treasury of this country. In this document it is said that the Colombian must present at least 37 people to testify, among whom could be Gerard Piqué who would it be … Read more

The cold gesture in public of Gerard Piqué with Shakira that would hurt anyone

Shakira and Piqué confirmed their separation and since then they continue to be involved in controversy Weeks go by and separation process between Gerard Piqué and Shakira accumulate new details. After This Wednesday images will be known in which Sasha and Milan’s mother are seen leaving Miaminow the greatest attention is taken by a video … Read more

Financial problems never end: FC Barcelona still owe Gerard Pique €52m

FC Barcelona may have raised its head compared to recent months, but it is not yet out of trouble. The Catalan club, in debt to the tune of 1.35 billion (!) Euros, saw its former president José Maria Bartomeu be replaced by Joan Laporta. Since his arrival, the one who had already led the club … Read more

Shakira | Spanish, Catalan or English? This is the language that the Colombian uses to communicate with her children | Gerard Pique ntlr | Famous

Shakira he is an international superstar. The Colombian has been recognized worldwide due to hits like “Hips don’t lie” and “Waka waka (This time is for Africa)”. One of the lesser known facets of the interpreter is the academic side of her. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Philosophy and … Read more

Old statements by Pique put him in an embarrassing position

30 – July – 2022 Gerrard Pique Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was put in an embarrassing position because of old statements he made 9 years ago about his rival Real Madrid. The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published old statements by Pique dating back to 2013, in which he criticized the position of Real Madrid, but after … Read more

Shakira will have to take out the wallet, the two conditions imposed by Pique

Source : Closermag 29/07/2022 17:00 There are couples that we imagined to last a lifetime … But to everyone’s surprise, Shakira and Gérard Piqué will not be part of them. After twelve years of love and the birth of two children, the singer and the footballer have announced their separation. “We regret to confirm that … Read more

Reveal CONDITIONS of Gerard Piqué to SIGN agreement with Shakira for custody of their children

Today, Shakira y Gerard Piqué still unable to define the legal terms on the custody his sons. However, although it seemed that the soccer player refused to allow his ex-partner and the children to leave Spain to go live in Miami, it seems that his perspective has changed radically and now they have revealed las … Read more

Pique requires Shakira .. “airline tickets” and the payment of “debts”

The separation of Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and his ex-girlfriend, the former Colombian singer, entered into a new dispute between them, as the captain of the football team asked the famous singer 5 first-class airline tickets and a sum of money annually in order to agree to move her with their two children to the … Read more

They filter an emotional MESSAGE from Gerard Piqué to Shakira after signing an AGREEMENT about their children

The controversy between Shakira y Gerard Piqué It is getting bigger and bigger, because apparently not only was there a love break but also both celebrities have to sign and agreement To obtain the custody his sons. However, today, they managed to filter and emotional message from the soccer player to the Colombian that would … Read more