The leaders of the candidates of the Vysočina Region debated about the environment. They rejected the ban on the sale of internal combustion engines – ČT24 – Czech Television

overheat video Leaders of the Vysočina region on agriculture and the environment in the ČT24 pre-election debate Source: ČT24 Last year alone, the bark beetle calamity in the domestic forests caused damage worth 44 billion crowns, and also affected the Vysočina Region. The problem is solved not only by the owners of small forests, but … Read more

Pirates and STAN will start negotiations about the government the day after the election, but without Babiš and Okamura

The coalition again ruled out support for the cabinet with the participation of the ANO, SPD and KSČM movements. Pirates and STAN stated this in the post-election published today strategy. The results of the elections, which will take place on October 8 and 9, will be monitored by the subjects in the joint election staff. … Read more

The state must borrow 36 billion to raise pensions. He will not be left with a pension for young people, warns the opposition – ČT24 – Czech Television

Back in 2019, the pension account was in surplus by more than 16 billion. However, the economic effects of coronavirus and the current rapid increase in pensions have again plunged the pension account into deficit. The cost of pensions already accounts for more than a quarter of all state budget expenditures. At the end of … Read more

Pirates and STAN have launched a hot phase of the campaign

“I will vote for pirates. I like their program. I also elected them last year and they did not disappoint me, “Lenka Zemanová told the News that she came from Teplice to start the coalition campaign in Ústí. Councilor Berounská likes the coalition again that it brings politics closer to young people. “He is trying … Read more

In a few weeks, the Czechs will elect new deputies. Browse the candidates and compare the programs of all groups – ČT24 – Czech Television

The ČT24 election special includes two applications. Program comparator It serves as a signpost for recordings and articles from pre-election television programs, which can be clearly browsed according to the chosen topic or party (movement, coalition), and at the same time you can read the attitudes of candidates to fifteen areas. The positions of all … Read more

Done! Jágr slapped the Pirates, Kladno will play “at home” in Chomutov

Chomutovská Rocknet Arena, in which Kladno hockey players will find asylum. In the Chomutov hall, which was opened in 2011 and has a spectator capacity of 5,250 seats for hockey matches, the team of the playing owner, Jaromír Jágra, will play a general race on the extra league against Litvínov on 6 September. Four … Read more

Pirates and STAN target seniors. The Silver Bus will leave for the regions

Pirates and their politics are usually associated with young voters and their interests – digitization, interest in the environment, modernization of education or a greater share of European politics. Therefore, some political opponents often use Pirates as a simple scarecrow for older generations. Therefore, the pirates, together with their electoral partner, the STAN movement, prepared … Read more

30 thousand PLN fines for road pirates, up to 15 penalty points for an offense. The government approved the project

Among other things, the draft provides for higher fines for misconduct road, including driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. The resort also wants to protect pedestrians and reward them for safe driving, which will translate into lower insurance premiums. Watch the video Adrian Zandberg: The Polish parliament is made up of people … Read more

Behind the voters with ice cream. The pirates chose an ideologically suitable ice lolly

In the background of the coalition of Pirates with Mayors, freezing boxes are already being tested, in which 120,000 popsicles are about to be distributed around the republic as part of their election campaign. You can also play the article in audio version. The whole event was given the working name “nanuk tour”, the News … Read more

The West Bohemian spa triangle has entered the UNESCO list – ČT24 – Czech Television

Eleven spa towns together represent one item on the World Heritage List. In addition to the West Bohemian spa triangle, these are the cities of Baden-Baden, Bad Ems and Bad Kissingen in Germany, Spa in Belgium, Vichy in France, Montecatini Terme in Italy, Baden near Vienna in Austria and the City of Bath in England. … Read more