FK Austria Vienna | Subscription places reserved until Thursday

The easiest way: The subscription conveniently online at after logging in under “Reservations”. The member discount will be automatically deducted from all members of the 2022/23 season. Alternatively, especially if several places are managed by family members or friends, we recommend between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the fan shop get. Membership and … Read more

An absolute triumph for Toyota. She won the first four places in Kenya, Rovanperä already leads by 65 points

The 21-year-old leader of the championship, Rovanperä, took the lead in the Safari rally in Friday’s seventh stage after the defect of his teammate and defender of last year’s victory, Sébastien Ogier from France. The young Finn watched the leading position in the rest of the competition and defeated the nearest pursuer Elfyn Evans from … Read more

Several places in Latvia will celebrate Heroes’ Day today

Today, the defense sector will celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the Heroes and the anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis, with the leadership of the defense sector, soldiers and guards participating in ceremonial events in Rīga and Cēsis, the Ministry of Defense informs. To mark the 103rd anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis, at … Read more

In some bathing places in Riga, the water heats up to almost +20 degrees

Currently, the warmest water is in Lake Babel, where the temperature reaches +19 degrees Celsius. In Ķīšezers the water temperature reaches +18 degrees, in Vecāķi, Lucavsala, Kīpsala and Rumbula the water is +16 degrees warm. The coldest water is in Vakarbuļļi and Daugavgrīva, where it only warms up to +15 degrees. Riga municipal police invite … Read more

Taobao Goods︳$250 Amoy slide rail pull plate kitchen countertop is twice as big. Housewife praised it and practical: multiple places to put food! – The Sunshine – Home – Home

The cramped kitchen space is often a headache for housewives. A housewife recently shared that she purchased a sliding rail pull plate from Taobao for about HK $ 250, put it in the kitchen and pulled out the pull plate, which can double the countertop space. The owner praised it. It is really clean and … Read more

Miss Peru Jessica Newton ‘talks’ to magpies, but Magaly Medina replies: “We have been kicked out of better places” VIDEO Farándula | SHOWS

NEW ROUND! Jessica Newton snubbed reporters about her ex-friend Magaly Medina. The organizer of Miss Peru avoided declaring the “magpie” cameras, but she sent him “kisses”. READ ALSO: Melissa’s mom loses her temper and explodes against Magaly: “Sadist, psychopath, satanic! don’t mess with mine” “Is it Magali? (How are you?) Happy, content, excited (Can we … Read more

Uncover the hidden .. You will not believe what is the real name of the artist Fifi Abdo .. And how much is her fortune? And the surprise is her age and what condition she places on her husbands before cohabiting with her.!!

The pioneers of social networking sites and a number of Egyptian media outlets circulated private information published for the first time about the personal life of the Egyptian artist Fifi Abdo, which included secret information such as her real name, age, and the size of her wealth, which she earned within years of her involvement … Read more

out of 103 thousand places, only 14.5 thousand assigned, one pensioner per worker –

I’m 3.2 million, have an average age of almost 50 years, do little training (40 euros per person per year for updating) and, despite a good share of graduates (42.6%), have mainly legal skills, suitable for managing procedures rather than innovation projects or processes and digitization. the identikit of those who work today in Italy … Read more

8 Most Mysterious Places in the World, There is a Blood Waterfall – There are many mysteries in the world that have been questioned for years, including a number of unusual places and strange phenomena. Some of these strange phenomena are man-made, while others occur naturally from a long time ago. Read also: 15 Mysterious Places in the World, Cursed Cities to Exile the Sick Some … Read more