Scientists Find a Way to Make Iron on Mars, Without having to be sent from Earth

JAKARTA – Human efforts to colonize Mars in the future seem to be getting easier. The reason, a number of scientists from Australia managed to find a way to produce metallic iron on the red planet. Sputnik News reported that the findings would be of great value if future expeditions to Mars were carried out … Read more

The Planet with the Highest Mountain in the Solar System – Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet because of its red surface. The red color comes from large amounts of a chemical called iron oxide or “rust” in the rocks and soil. Another uniqueness of the second smallest planet in the solar system is that Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system. … Read more

Mars and Earth may be ‘brothers’, in which part?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Mars and Earth are not alike. However, scientists say one region on Earth, Iceland, may have need Earth similar to Mars 4.5 billion years ago, before the region changed much due to tectonic movements. The allegation emerged from a recent study examining 4.48 billion-year-old Martian rock called Black Beauty. According to … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war is getting hotter, Europe stops cooperation on missions to Mars with Roscosmos

BERLIN – Space Agency Europe (ESA) officially terminated cooperation with the Russian Federal Space Agency ( Roscosmos ) in the Mars exploration mission often called the ExoMars program. The ESA suspended Russia’s participation in the rover mission after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February 2022. As originally planned, the rover named Rosalind Franklin will be … Read more

Researchers Reveal Planet Mars is livable for the long term, suitable for Earth’s inhabitants?

INDOZONE.ID – Researchers reveal land in Mars worth living in long term. That is, Earth creatures or humans may be able to live on the red planet. Soil shows the presence of water because it has a neutral pH with minimal evaporation of water. Water in the area is said to have existed since about … Read more

The Mars rover’s Perseverance Robot Wind Sensor Defects, Here’s the Explanation – explorer robot Perseverance owned by NASA from Marssuffered damage to one of the wind sensors due to gravel carried by strong wind gusts. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover arrived on the Red Planet in February 2021 carrying several instruments including a weather station dubbed Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA). The instrument includes two wind … Read more

Unexpectedly, there is also garbage on Mars, astronauts try to clean it up

INDOZONE.ID – If trash is scattered in every corner in front Earththe taste is not surprising because it is human nature to leave garbage when they die. However, it turns out that something unexpected appears from the planet Mars. Where the planet that is only visited by the astronauts turns out to also have rubbish. … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Throws Trash on Mars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration’s cruiser (NASA), Serverance found a piece of trash in Mars. Uniquely, the garbage actually comes from the Serverance department itself. This debris is known to be a thermal material used by NASA to protect the Perseverance spacecraft from extreme weather as it travels to Mars … Read more

NASA Finds Balanced Rock and Snake Head on Mars – NASA’s space probe on Mars has again discovered a mysterious shape in the 750-mile wide Jezero Crater, namely a rock the size of a bowling ball with a balanced position on a large sloping rock and the shape of a large snake’s head sticking out of the cliff. The discovery was announced just … Read more

Asteroid Treasure Hunt is Recommended in Mars Orbit, Here’s Why

JAKARTA – Hunting for treasure stored in Asteroids is recommended to be carried out on the planet’s orbital trajectory Mars . The space agency authorities in various worlds are recommended to build a special station on the Mars satellite, Phobos. The construction of stations and the mining of treasures stored in asteroids is believed to … Read more