The planet Mars can be seen clearly from Earth December 8 –

SOLOPOS.COM – Planet Mars illustration ( Solopos.comJAKARTA—On December 8, 2022, a rare outer space phenomenon will occur, where the planet Mars can be seen very clearly from Earth. This is a phenomenon called the Mars opposition. On the same day, Mars will pass behind the moon in an event known as a lunar occultation. This … Read more

Scientists Discovered Oceans Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Kilometers On Mars About 3.5 Billion Years Ago

Evidence of oceans on Mars is seen in the form of a distinctive coastline topography. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PENNSYLVANIA — Scientists have found evidence of vast oceans on the planet’s surface Mars about 3.5 billion years ago, possibly covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. That evidence comes in the form of a distinctive coastline topography, which … Read more

Former Martian Ocean Found, Is There Life There?

Bandung – New evidence of the existence of the ancient northern ocean found on the Planet Mars. This set of topographic maps of the Red Planet has just been released. Quoted from detikInet, Sunday (10/30/2022) the maps offer the strongest evidence yet that the planet ever experienced sea level rise consistent with a warm, wet … Read more

Meteor Collision Triggers M 4 Earthquake on Mars, Throws Ice Cubes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A meteor crashing Mars on December 24 last year the vehicle was detected InSight belonging to the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) caused a magnitude 4 earthquake. Launch France24, InSight detected the earthquake through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). MRO then took photos of the newly formed crater due to … Read more

Traces of the Ancient Ocean on Mars, Could This Planet Ever Have a Sea? page all – Recently released topographic maps provide new evidence of the existence of ancient oceans on the surface Mars northern hemisphere. This finding re-exposes an old debate about whether it is possible planet Mars have the sea. The map reveals that the red planet once experienced sea level rise consistent with a warm and wet … Read more

The Story of Lafayette, The Mysterious Stone from Mars That Can Make You Vomit

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The mystery behind the rock from the Red Planet aka Mars was revealed by the research team. Batu The one that can make humans and pigs vomit is called Lafayette. Quoted SpaceLafayette was blown up from the surface of Mars millions of years ago and eventually shot to Earth, and was … Read more

These are the 5 characteristics of the Planet Mars and in fact, what are the characteristics?

Sonora.ID – Here’s 5 characteristics planet Mars and in fact, what? One of the closest planets to the sun is mars. When viewed from Earth, Mars looks like a red star. The Red Planet is called Mars because the surface of this planet contains iron oxide. The name of the planet Mars originated when the … Read more

Mars once had a life but was destroyed because of his own actions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Tim researcher from the Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS) Paris, France, discovered the cause of the extinction of life in Mars. A new climate modeling study suggests ancient microbes are fueling climate change on Mars that is making the planet less habitable. In the end, it led to … Read more

One Day, Humans Can Go To Mars In NASA’s Flying Saucer

Bali – The flying saucer, which is synonymous with UFOs or unidentified celestial objects, is no longer just imagination. NASA is developing a spacecraft shaped like a flying saucer. The dream is, the flying saucer can load humans and heavy objects to go to Mars. The flying saucer is scheduled to launch on November 1, … Read more

Scientists Find Ancient Life on Planet Mars

loading… Scientists find signs of ancient life on Mars. PHOTO/ IST PARIS – Scientists discover ancient life forms in Mars that changes the planet’s atmosphere. This research was revealed by scientists from France on Monday, October 10, 2022. As reported by The Sun Thursday (10/13/2022), they say that ancient Mars may have had an environment … Read more