Five Planets Will Be Visible From Earth Simultaneously, Save The Dates

stars or planets. ©2015 Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – This year is a very good time to see the planets in our solar system. Five planets will be visible in the sky at the end of March. This is a rare phenomenon and should not be missed. Quoted from the Indy100 page, Wednesday (22/3), … Read more

NASA’s Visit to Venus Mission is on the Edge

VERITAS’ mission has now been forced to be postponed due to a large withdrawal of funding. Photo/IFL Science. JAKARTA – Mission NASA a visit to Venus via the VERITAS mission turned out to be on the rocks. Because the funding provided for the mission has actually been withdrawn. As a result, NASA’s desire to be … Read more

Get to Know the Planet Allegedly Filled with Sea

Jakarta – Researchers estimate that a planet outside the solar system will be filled with oceans, aka covered in oceans. What planet is this? Quoted from detikEduResearchers revealed that the shape of the mini exoplanet (exoplanet) is currently not its final form. Researchers Susana Barros et al in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics explained, the … Read more

Asteroids are celestial bodies, understand their characteristics and types

One of the things that sets asteroids apart from other shapes is their irregular shape. In addition, there are a number of things that distinguish asteroids from other celestial bodies. The characteristics of asteroids are as follows: 1. Irregular shape Unlike planets which have a round shape resembling a ball, the shape of an asteroid … Read more

3D images from the Mars rover Perseverance make the red planet come alive – space

For more than two years, the Mars rover Perseverance has been sending hundreds of images of the Martian surface to Earth every day. Experts from the Joanneum Research in Graz and the Vienna Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization (VRVis) are now making it possible to experience the high-resolution images of Mars in 3D, with … Read more

How have NASA’s suits evolved over the years?

Historically, NASA spacesuits were designed to provide the protection and support needed for spaceflight. Since NASA’s first mission in 1961, many different types of spacesuits have been developed. In the beginning, spacesuits were air suits adapted to the space environment, which were narrow and uncomfortable for the astronaut. Over time, spacesuits have been developed to … Read more

Near the equator… the great discovery on Mars

the date 3/18/2023 10:00:22 AM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) Near the equator, 6 kilometers long and four kilometers wide, lies the great discovery on Mars. It is the remains of a glacier, suggesting that a form of water still exists in an area on the ‘Red Planet’. Scientists detected the remains of mineral deposits near the equatorial region … Read more

Rarely does anyone know, it turns out that the planet Mars can hum, why?

Scientists find humming sound coming from Mars. What’s that? (SpaceX/pexels) – NASA’s robotic geologists discovered that the red planet Mars can hum. The hum is intermittently quiet and constant, which is known to originate from its cold, dusty surface. However, the source of the buzzing sound from Planet Mars is not really known. Through … Read more