Mission to Earth, an innovative watch serving the preservation of the planet

Awake: Mission to Earth is a sublime watch in homage to NASA space exploration, an innovative creation in limited edition. For more than 60 years, NASA has worked day in and day out to develop technologies for space exploration. Astronauts on a mission have the privilege of observing our planet from theSpace, witnesses of its … Read more

Planet Fitness opens in Mexico and thus resolves its first viral complaint

Planet Fitness brought its famous chain of gyms to Mexico, taking advantage of the fact that in the country there is a great interest in joining these establishments. The Mexican consumer’s fondness for joining sports centers recalls a critical element in this medium, which is the experience of well-being, physical exercise, etc. Resolving situations such … Read more

This is the new revelation about the planet Mars

The search for life on Mars appears to have become much more complicated, following new revelations from scientists. Mars had a global magnetic field and a much denser atmosphere, like Earth’s. It became known that cosmic radiation is actually a big concern for Mars exploration. An average human being on Earth is exposed to about … Read more

China’s Mars probe photographed the entire Red Planet

Tianwen-1, meaning “Search for Heavenly Truth,” was launched in 2020 and landed on Mars last May when the onboard Zhurong rover began its mission to patrol and explore the planet while the orbiter orbited overhead. China’s National Space Agency (CNSA) said in a statement that the probe has now completed all of its assigned tasks, … Read more

China’s Mars probe has already photographed the entire red planet

Mission manages to capture images of the entire planet Mars 0:55 (CNN) — After more than a year on the surface of Mars, the Chinese probe Tianwen-1 has taken images spanning the entire red planet, the country’s space agency announced on Wednesday. Tianwen-1, which means “search for heavenly truth,” was launched in 2020 and landed … Read more

The global vaccination target of 70% against covid-19 is obsolete | Expert Network | future planet

Last week was called to be an important milestone in the global fight against covid-19. In 2021, at the G-7 summit, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Ghebreyesus, launched a challenge to the world: “To really end the pandemic, our goal must be to vaccinate at least 70% of the world’s … Read more

Wow, Researchers Find Evidence of Habitable Soil on Mars

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The research team found some evidence that the land on Mars may be habitable for a fairly long period of time. To confirm this, scientists have identified clay-bearing sediments from Mars. One of the soil samples studied came from northern Ladon Valles, a river valley system located on Mars. As a … Read more

There are still a few days left, let’s witness the Parallel Planet Phenomenon that only happens every 19 years

1TULAH.COM–The rare phenomenon of parallel planets in the Milky Way galaxy cluster, it can still be seen until June 30, 2022. Eitss…of course using special binoculars/telescopes. This rare phenomenon only occurs every 19 years. So it’s not surprising that the planet’s configuration, which always moves in the month of June, has become a hot topic … Read more