Kepo-in Atmospheric and Planetary Study Program Itera: Things Learned to Job Prospects

Jakarta: Study program Atmospheric and Planetary Science is a study program that focuses on studies in the fields of atmospheric science and astrophysics. One of the campuses that provides this study program is the Sumatra Institute of Technology (Itera). In Itera, the Atmospheric Science Study Program studies the atmosphere in near space which studies the … Read more

Shooting stars, planetary conjunctions, and brighter days

New year starts with Mars and incoming month busyness Shooting star In early January, planetary duet Venus And Saturn A month late preparation together. Oh – and the days are getting brighter. When the night phase begins, LandThe reddish neighbor is seen at magnitude -1.1, nice and bright, according to the US Naval Observatory. You’ll … Read more

Scientists discover two strange aquatic planets in a planetary system

Scientists found evidence that two planets orbiting a red dwarf star are made of a large part of water and, surprisingly, their temperature is very high, something often thought incompatible with having a high water content. Located in the Kepler-138 planetary system 218 light-years away in the constellation Lyra, these worlds are unlike any other … Read more

“It’s a path”: a London establishment erases the tattoos of a planetary artist for free!

She then loved “his music”, and in particular what he defended, in particular the “bipolar community”, disorders which the young woman explains to be herself affected. “I idolized him at the time.” But the rapper’s recent anti-Semitic remarks and his displayed admiration for Hitler have changed everything: “I don’t want him on my skin anymore,” … Read more

Marc Dugain: The spy novel is a great opportunity to understand planetary geostrategic issues

Three books in one year. Wouldn’t Marc Dugain be a little hyperactive? On reading his eclectic course, we would be tempted to say yes. Read instead! After graduating from the Institut des Sciences Politiques in Grenoble and another as a chartered accountant, He started his career in finance and creates a financial engineering company specializing … Read more

The Planetary System: Uranus and Neptune

Today we will learn about the planets Uranus and Neptune. Uranus is the planet that is in seventh place with respect to the Sun. It was discovered by the astronomer William Herschel in 1781. It is the size of 64 Earths. YOU CAN SEE: The Planetary System: Jupiter and Saturn Despite being so big, it … Read more

The Planetary System: Jupiter and Saturn

Today we will talk about two planets of the Solar system: Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the largest of our planetary system. It resembles a star and is covered in streaks of swirling clouds. YOU CAN SEE: The curse of Tutankhamen, the terrifying myth of the youngest pharaoh of ancient Egypt discovered by Howard Carter … Read more

Discovery of the Ancient Solar System in the Milky Way, Full of Planetary Graves!

Amazing discoveries of the ancient solar system. This ancient solar system was discovered by British scientists. What then existed in this ancient solar system? Outer space has always kept many mysteries. When these mysteries begin to unfold, it will greatly surprise humans. The revelation of a new mystery awakens people to how magnificent the universe … Read more