Blocked processes and distant objectives: the obstacle course of clean energy. “In 2022 the Regions authorized only 1% of solar plants”

While in Italy the energy production from coalin 2022 only 1% of the projects of photovoltaic systems received permission. It’s about the data lower of the latter four years: in 2019 to receive the authorization were the 41% of the instances, to then progressively drop to 19% in 2020 and al 9% in 2021. Even … Read more

what apartment dwellers need to know about remote solar power plants

As electricity becomes more expensive, more and more people are considering installing their own solar power plant. And although for a long time it was believed that only homeowners can invest in solar energy, but this option is also available to residents of apartment buildings. Experts in real estate (NT) and renewable energy tell us … Read more

Chinese willingness to finance the construction of two power plants

In a previous session, the Lebanese Council of Ministers agreed to move forward with contracts for the construction, financing and operation of new power stations, two stations, the first in the Zahrani region in the south and the second in Deir Ammar in the north, with a power of 1600 megawatts, and this number gives … Read more

What is zinc in plants? Includes 5 plant-based sources of zinc. besides meat

What is zinc in plants?? Who wants to add zinc or zinc (Zinc) to the body besides eating meat? Some plants are also rich in zinc, what are they? Go check the list! What is zinc in plants? 1. Seeds Seeds such as hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds are rich in zinc or zinc. … Read more

Can ammonia be an alternative to coal-fired power plants?

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The Germans want more power for solar power plants on balconies without major procedures: 600 watts is too little, 3 kilowatts is better

Most Germans don’t buy their homes – they rent them. This also means limited opportunities to install a traditional solar power plant. Perhaps this has partly led to the popularity of small solar power plants built on balconies, terraces or fixed. However, it is now being said that 600 watts is too little, and if … Read more

Unusual Insectivorous Plants, Very Unique!

Insectivorous plants are very unique. This type of insect-eating plant is quite terrible. However, its existence is one proof of the diversity of living things. Although including living things, including plants that are quite passive. That’s what makes them often at the bottom of the food chain. Maybe you’ve often seen the appearance of animals … Read more

5 Plants with Creepy Names and Shapes

One of them is called ghost plant plant illustration with scary names and shapes ( de Wit I Bobbruxelles) The world of flora is indeed very diverse, from what you usually find in your yard, to plants with unique shapes and creative names. Call it the aloe vera plant because of its elongated pointed shape, … Read more

The UK used back-up coal-fired power plants for the first time yesterday

The operator of the British transmission system yesterday activated and connected two backup coal-fired power plants to the grid for the first time in history, in order to ensure sufficient power to cover the expected higher demand. The operator of the system warned before the beginning of this winter that households there could face restrictions … Read more

Orkla plans to close two plants in the Czech Republic and lay off workers. Znojmia cucumbers will probably change producers

He informed about the Norwegian company’s plans Diary of N with the fact that it is supposed to be the Pika Bzenec and Agrimex Vestec plants. Martin Frýdl, spokesman for Orkla Foods Czech Republic and Slovakia, confirmed this to the newspaper. “The aim of the possible measure is to ensure long-term competitiveness in light of … Read more