The power plant’s water pipe in Garut is broken, allegedly due to soil movement – The water pipe for the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) owned by PT Tirta Gemah Ripah (GTR) in Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, West Java has burst. This event is thought to have been triggered by ground movement. The video of the water pipe breaking was widely circulated on messaging applications. In the video, … Read more

95 GW from offshore wind farms: Terna will connect the new plants to the grid by the end of the year

During the workshop “Renewables Evolution – Offshore 2022”, held on 22 November in Rome, Terna shared the numbers of grid connection requests from new gree plants. In October, applications reached a total value of approx 300 GW of power (of which 36% from solar sources and 74% from onshore and offshore wind sources). A significant … Read more

New competition at solar – power plants run away from the solar system owners – Kassensturz espresso

contents The Central Swiss power plants pay up to four times more for solar power than other power plants. “We only get seven centimes from the local electricity company for our solar power. That’s very little,” complains a solar system owner. Many are like you. Although they can deliver the solar power that they do … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – Bombs on Kiev, 4 nuclear power plants without electricity. US to the UN: “Putin decided to ‘freeze’ the country”

23 Nov 202222:49 Usa: “Putin decided to freeze Ukraine” “Vladimir Putin is determined to reduce Ukraine’s energy infrastructure to rubble. He has decided that if he can’t take Ukraine by force, he will freeze the country”. This was stated by the American ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, speaking at the Security Council. And reiterating … Read more

Ukraine crisis… complete darkness, stopping 3 nuclear plants, and advice on “invincible points”

Updated Wed 11/23/2022 07:17 PM Abu Dhabi time Missile attacks, the closure of nuclear plants and the release of Russian prisoners are the features of a new day in the Ukraine war, which has not ended despite the passage of 9 months since its outbreak. While Russia intensified its attacks on the infrastructure, darkness struck … Read more

Simatic PC neo with version 4.0 ready for process plants of any size

The web based guidance system Version 4.0 of the Simatic PCS neo from Siemens is suitable for industrial plants of all sizes. With the automation system Simatic S7-4100 Siemens is also presenting the new generation of controllers for the process industry. Simatic PCS neo V4.0: Completely web-based process control system | Image: Siemens Digitization, sustainability, … Read more

Stocks closed this morning, decreasing just 0.48 points. Banking groups – power plants help support – Hoonsmart>> The stock index closed this morning at 1,618.38 points, down 0.48 points, swinging sideways. Supported by banks – power plants Amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19 in China-Hong Kong The afternoon trend can swing positively, support 1,617, resistance 1,630 points. Stock market on November 21, 2022, the index closed in the morning at … Read more

Dawa Sinawi.. An initiative to expand the cultivation of turquoise land plants

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" people Sinai They know these plants, their importance and value, and use them for many purposes, especially medicinal ones. Salah Hamdi Hassan, one of the residents of the city of Deir al-Abd in the governorate North Sinai It was found that it is very important to cultivate these rare Sinai … Read more

6 Types of Pests that Damage Hydroponic Plants

Every plant can potentially experience damage. This is triggered by various factors, one of which is pest attack. Cultivation of hydroponic plants inseparable from pest attack. In addition to causing damage, production capacity will decrease if pest attacks cannot be prevented effectively. Hama in plants are organisms whose presence is detrimental and causes damage to … Read more

RATCH Group expands power plants – invests in hospitals, shows 9th month, 6,024 million baht

RATCH Group expands power plants – invests in hospitals, shows 6,024 million baht in 9 months RATCH Group Public Company Limited announces operating results for the first 9 months (January-September) of the year 2022 with a net profit of 6,023.68 million baht, an increase of 6.6 percent compared to the same period of 2021 as … Read more