No more regulation of carbon emissions from power plants by the government, the US Supreme Court has decided — ČT24 — Czech Television

The court ruled by a six-to-three vote that the landmark “Clean Air Act” of 1963 did not allow the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue major rules on carbon dioxide emissions from US power plants. The majority opinion was written by Chief Justice John Roberts, who was joined by five conservative members — including … Read more

Iacp initiates checks in all plants

The three injured, even the most serious, a 65-year-old Reset worker, are all out of danger. This is the good news after the accident that took place yesterday in Largo Vincenzo Balistreri, at the Sperone, where in an Iacp building, at number 3, an elevator crashed from the third floor. Investigations are underway to understand … Read more

Nearly 2,000 cannabis plants discovered in a house in Boussu

Significant police resources were deployed on Tuesday at rue de Quiévrain in Boussu, according to our colleagues from Sudpresse. Unmarked cars, helicopters, dogs, etc. indeed went there to get their hands on nearly 2,000 cannabis plants. A real estate agency would have alerted the police. The operation lasted several hours. Fields behind the targeted house … Read more

Nuclear, Calenda presents a motion to the Senate for 7 power plants: “I challenge Read to a confrontation”

Carlo Calenda presents a motion in the Senate that aims to reintroduce nuclear power in Italy with 7 new power plants and “challenge” Enrico Letta to a discussion on the subject. The motion was presented this morning by Action at Palazzo Madama. The goal, explains Calenda, “is to reintroduce nuclear power into our energy mix. … Read more

Two important genes have been identified for plants that colonized Earth 470 million years ago

Scientists think it’s possible that two genes, PEN1 and SYP122, paved the way for all kinds of land plant life. Researchers have explained how plant life originated on Earth researcher from University of Copenhagen This has explained how plant life originated on the surface of our planet. Specifically, they showed that two genes are required … Read more

Expo “Vegetal” in Paris: when plants fascinated artists

The way to achieve this? offer the viewer works by artists little known for their interest in botany. Like the sketches of ivy signed by the architect Le Corbusier. Or the herbarium of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau… not to mention the impressive Iris paintings by Otto Dix that we find far from its iconic broken … Read more

There is nothing healthier than the smell of the desert after the rain!

The creosote tree is particularly known for its beneficial smell. One of the healing compounds that contribute to this smell is caryophyllene. It actually comes from a fungus that lives inside the plant rather than the plant itself. © Dietlinde DuPlessis, Adobe Stock

Mangrove Plants Become a Place to Live for Giant Bacteria

Jakarta – In a swampy mangrove forest in the French Caribbean, a strange creature hides among the fallen leaves. Apparently this creature is bacteria biggest ever. This bacterium, which has the scientific name Thiomargarita magnifica, has a length of 1-2cm, making it a “giant” compared to other microbes. Because of its size, Thiomargarita magnifica is … Read more

Belgian nuclear power plants, dependent on Russian uranium?

In Belgium, we currently have two nuclear power plants, one in Doel and the other in Tihange. These plants will operate at least until 2025. To make them work, you obviously need fuel, and this fuel is Uranium. This heavy metal, with high toxicity due to intense radioactivity, is essential to the nuclear industry. A … Read more

People started watering the plants with beer. The reason is clear. One bottle will give you up to 5 liters of effective solution

You have some golden juice left after the event and you are wondering what to do with it? Do not pour it at any cost, it will help rid your garden of pests. As a bonus, you can get a completely natural fertilizer. Cheers! Today you will not drink, but your plants. We probably won’t … Read more