Ilva Valeika: Late payment trend: are we only thinking about our ‘plate of dumplings’?

Payment culture can say a lot about a person as well as a company. It could be said that the way a company treats its customers and business partners is part of building a reputation and a brand. But are Latvian businessmen in good faith and practice sustainable payment practices? After “Interior” according to the … Read more

How do you know that the pearl on the plate is worth millions?, Thailand

The melon snail (Melo melo) is widespread in the central Indo-Pacific. Photo: Wikipedia/Norbert Nagel (mörfelden-walldorf) BANGKOK: Imagine you are having a mussel dinner and suddenly there is a wonderfully shimmering pearl on the plate in front of you. Thailand’s so-called mussel lottery produces new winners every day – but only a few become millionaires. Valuable … Read more

This license plate is more expensive than a Bugatti La Voiture Noire

We have already reported several times about license plates that cost as much as supercarsbut so far none has reached the values ​​like the registration number we are talking about today. With the letters “MM” only, this California State license plate costs 24.3 million dollars (about 24 million euros), a value that makes this piece … Read more

Continental Plate Movement Triggers the Largest Volcanic Event on Planet Earth

Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The cause of massive volcanic events that occurred millions of years ago, prompted some of the most catastrophic extinction events in the history of planet Earth.—Scientists have explained the timing and possible causes of events volcanic that happened millions of years ago. This event caused such climatic and biological upheaval. Thus, … Read more

The fate of Johnny G Plate at the end of the horn, the Minister of Communication and Information is urged to resign with honor

Jakarta – The aftermath of many cases data leak What happened in Indonesia by hackers made the fate of the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) at stake. Sekjen Kornas – Jokowi Akhrom Saleh said something was wrong in the Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) regarding allegations data leak what hackers or hackers do. … Read more

Akhrom Saleh Says Jokowi Needs To Remove Johnny G Plate And His Men, After Public Data Leaks

Jakarta – The rise of data leakage cases in Indonesia has dragged the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) under the leadership Johnny G Plate and his men. Secretary General of Kornas-Jokowi, Akhrom Saleh responded personal data 1.3 billion people allegedly leaked, in particular 325 million Indonesians. According to him, the data leak shows the … Read more


The singer’s parents Marie (†66) and Karel (†77) rest in a small grave at the back of the forest cemetery To Gott and also other family members. On the tombstone is a box with an urn containing the remains of the singer’s longtime driver and friend Olda Havránek (†78), who lived with Gott’s cousin Hanka … Read more

a personalized plate gets his full attention, “how could it have been authorized?”

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 11:44 a.m. Par Sudinfo A personalized license plate deeply shocked a Belgian motorist. And he is surprised that no checks have been carried out upstream. The plaque might go unnoticed by people who don’t have the historical reference. Gilles, he noticed it immediately, as he reported to our … Read more

Personal Data Leaks Happen Again, Johnny Plate: People Must Change Passwords Often

TEMPO.CO, Nusa Dua – Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate responds to the leak personal data which is happening again in the digital world. He appealed to the public to frequently change their passwords on their respective digital platforms. “One time password We must always replace it so that we can keep our … Read more

Amazon in the running to acquire Signify Health, on the plate 8 billion

Amazon accelerates its expansion into healthcare. After buying the One Medical clinic chain in July for $ 3.9 billion Paying it in cash, Jeff Bezos’ company has now made an offer to also buy the Texas home health services company. Signify Health, preparing to invest up to $ 8 billion. The Wall Street Journal reports. … Read more