NBA playoffs, MVP of the Conference finals: the top-3 in the East and West. CLASSIFICATION

8/12 Despite his saving performance in Game-4, the Mavericks’ hopes remain slim: elimination is the most likely scenario, despite Luka Doncic has proven to be the best player on the court. Dallas has tried them all, even finding a couple of games where the three-point shot went in, but against this version of Golden State … Read more

NBA playoffs, Jayson Tatum drag and Boston dominates Miami in Game-4: it is 2-2 in the series

5/8 Miami instead collapses in a match in which the Heat quintet literally never makes a basket: Max Strus and PJ Tucker closed at 0Kyle Lowry scores three points, while Jimmy Butler puts in six with 3/14 from the field and not even a free throw attempted. Bam Adebayo, on the other hand, closes with … Read more

NBA playoffs, Grant Williams as Steph Curry in Game-7: he is the hero of Boston

1/7 GRANT WILLIAMS BETTER EVEN THAN JAYSON TATUM | With such a provocatively brazen match plan against the Celtics long, Boston did not hold back and asked Grant Williams to shoot from the bow even after missing five of the first six shots. In the end, 27 points arrived – never so many in his … Read more

NBA playoffs, Luka Doncic overwhelms Phoenix in Game-7: Dallas in the final against Golden State

3/11 The Bucks, on the other hand, draw the worst possible performance out of three at the worst possible time. The reigning champions they score just 4 of the 33 triples attempted in the match, only one in the whole shot. Giannis Antetokounmpoalready very tired of his own after two weeks of battling against all … Read more

NBA playoffs, Golden State Warriors: ‘Game-6 Klay’, Thompson to decide against Memphis

2/12 THE RANKING OF THE BEST KLAY VERSIONS | StatMuse, a reference site with all the statistical (and not only) curiosities related to the NBA, immediately relaunched an updated ranking on which is the best version of Thompson: the result? Klay with the band in race-6. In fact, the one seen against the Grizzlies has … Read more

NBA playoff, Jayson Tatum monstrous from 46 points in game-6: the reactions of the NBA world

The All-Star of the Celtics plays a legendary game, closed with 46 points, 7/15 from the arc and 9 rebounds to avoid the elimination of Boston and thus forcing a game-7 to be followed also on Sky Sport channels. A performance that did not go unnoticed, also celebrated by some of his colleagues (and special … Read more

NBA playoffs: Tatum beats Giannis and strength game-7, Golden State in the final of the Conference

5/10 Missing was the rest of the Bucks, who failed to follow the Greek champion’s play: Jrue Holiday scores 17 points with 17 shots, but it fails to be as effective as in game-5, while Pat Connaughton adds 14 to the game in progress and is the only one to find the strength to engrave. … Read more

NBA playoffs: Milwaukee forward again against Boston, Memphis overwhelms Golden State

3/10 Not only defense, but also attack for Jrue Holiday who scores the triple of the draw at 105 43 seconds from the siren, thus finishing with 24 points, eight rebounds and eight assists – one of the other three double-digit players at the Bucks house along with Bobby Portis (14 points and 15 rebounds) … Read more

NBA playoffs: Boston comeback and makes 2-2, Memphis without Ja Morant also knocked out in Game-4

9/10 Instead, Ja Morant remains to watch from the bench for the whole match, unavailable after the injury in race-3 and called to incite his teammates who do not go beyond 21 points with 21 shots by Jaren Jackson Jr., the 19 of Tyus Jones (who tried his best to replace the All-Star) and a … Read more

Nba playoffs, conference semifinals: here’s what will decide them

The Playoffs restart after a night without games: this is what will decide the four challenges Davide Chinellato @dchinellato 6 maggio – Milano A night of … reflection. The conference semifinals restart today, after having archived the first two games of each challenge. Series by series, here are the three sentences on what we have … Read more