‘Belgium just plays very badly’

ANP/NOS NOS Football•Thursday, 06:28 Luke Blijboom editor NOS Sport Luke Blijboom editor NOS Sport One, who grew up at the posh Anderlecht, feels sympathy for the Belgians during the World Cup football. The other, a former player, trainer and director at Schalke 04, never looks at the Germans unbiasedly. On the day it’s there in … Read more

Overall, what are you going to do later? Park Mi-sun’s stinging advice to Lee Hae-in, who takes off her underwear and plays the piano

Actor Lee Hae-in revealed the reason why he plays the piano without wearing clothes. Actor Lee Hae-in, who made his face known as a roller coaster, appeared on Channel S’s ‘Attack on Sisters’, which aired on the 29th. On this day, Lee Hae-in replied, “I am active as a million YouTuber” to the MCs who … Read more

Neuron chip ‘DishBrain’ that plays video games

The first coded video game ‘Pong’ Lab-grown brain cells can now play the classic table tennis game ‘Pong’. It is a completely new computing technology that creates artificial intelligence (AI) by connecting living neurons and silicon. It is expected to open a new path to create an AI that thinks like a human. Australian start-up … Read more

It supports immunity, plays an active role in the fight against cancer! Watch out for vitamin D deficiency! What is vitamin D and what are its benefits?

Supports the immune system Stating that vitamin D is one of the most important supporters in the immune system, Prof. Dr. Ali Kutlu continued: “Vitamin D has many functions, from protecting cell membranes, hormone and cholesterol synthesis, to supporting bone health. Vitamin D is one of the most important supporters of the immune system and … Read more

Military expert: If Russia plays its part, Israel’s anger could change the situation fundamentally

Russia has used up almost all of its ballistic missiles Russia has almost run out of ballistic missiles, which are extremely difficult to shoot down, so they are looking for help in Iran, military expert J. Fyodorov stated on the air of the Ukrainian news channel Fabrika Novin. The only ballistic missiles “Iskander“, which were … Read more

The page is famous, exposes the stars of the big channel, plays drugs, netizens flock to comment

with a message that says, “From the picture, who knows what it is? # big channel stars #You’ll see me for sure” This event caused a lot of white-legged netizens to comment. This work on the girl side Minda The former actress also shared the post via Facebook Sornsawan Thaensap (Minda) with the message that … Read more

Gossip of art: Sama Al-Masry, the cream, does the impossible and plays billiards with her ass. Watch

The Egyptian artist bought itSama Al MassriA new video clip of her showing her playing “billiards”, on her own account on a social networking site. From the video, it seemed to her that she was proficient in this game, as she won her round over the person who was with her. Sama Al-Masry recently shared … Read more

An Englishman plays football in Klatovy thanks to a woman. They believe in Brazil at the World Cup

“At the age of six, friends from my neighborhood brought me to him, we played street football together,” Cole recalls of his first steps with the maroon. “It helped me become a tougher player because there are no rules on the street. Only technology, which of course you have to have, is simply not enough … Read more

Kylian Mbappé already plays very big

What’s next after this ad Roller coasters. Between Kylian Mbappé and the Blues, the love story has had its ups and downs. Quickly, the crack of Bondy was able to conquer the heart of France, he who was invaluable in the conquest of the title in 2018. A first tournament where he had shone with … Read more