Metro: Exodus has been given a release date for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Metro: Exodus – Enhanced Edition will be released on June 18 for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. This was announced in a trailer on the game’s YouTube channel. The game will run at 60 FPS and 4K resolution. The polished version of Metro: Exodus will also use ray tracing. In addition, loading times have also … Read more

INTERVIEW: We talked to the Returnal developers about Lovecraft, American horror houses and the relationship with Sony

With games like Resogun, Alienation and Nex Machina behind it, Housemarque has a long tradition of making fast-paced and addictive arcade shooters. Their latest twist, Returnal, is nevertheless something quite different: Not only does the game offer a quite different perspective and a significantly higher level of ambition than what the Finns have offered before, … Read more

Sony to Integrate Discord Chat on PlayStation Next Year

loading… Sony will integrate the popular online chat platform Discord into the PlayStation Network by 2022. Photo / doc JAKARTA – leading gaming company, Sony integrating PlayStation with Discord so gamers around the world can communicate with each other. Today, Discord is used by more than 140 million gamers every month from PC and mobile … Read more

A new MARVEL fighting game may be in development by the creators of Mortal Kombat.

While MARVEL With so many superhero movies to watch, including Wanda & Vision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the upcoming Black Widow or Shang-Chi, rumors and hints have been made. That MARVEL is going to havegameNew battles of the super heroes. Which is secretly developed by NetherRealm Studio The creatorgame Mortal Kombat and … Read more

Housemarque responds to calls for save option in Returnal

Returnal is tough, and you have to reserve a few hours to progress in the game. That’s why some players are asking for a save function, which Housemarque seems to be thinking about now. Housemarque indicates the request to hear a save option for Returnal. That let the developer know on Twitter, linking to a … Read more

Free! Call of Duty: Warzone gives away a great skin and so you can have it

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Call of Duty: Warzone regularly offers temporary events with attractive rewards for players. Unfortunately, the gaming experience is not always the best and the community has serious problems getting the special content. This happened recently with the Hunt for … Read more

Returnal is the most important PlayStation 5 game of the year | Column

The recent major Sony exclusives are starting to fascinate me less and less. This opinion isn’t always appreciated, but I’m just not into those big AAA productions in open worlds – often the type of game that I’ll mix thirty-five again in November. And I’m not alone, as the discussion about Sony’s focus is in … Read more

PS5 and Xbox: Buyers may have to wait until 2022

Updated April 30, 2021 at 1:56 p.m. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have been constantly sold out for almost half a year. Those who have not yet been able to secure any of the consoles will probably have to continue to be patient. The corona pandemic is only one of the reasons for the … Read more

Developers call the PlayStation 5 their favorite console

The PlayStation 5 is the console of choice for developers to develop. However, the Sony console has to tolerate the PC for itself, because the PC remains the big favorite among developers.A study done by GDC shows that the PS5 is the platform of choice among consoles to develop on. Three thousand developers took part … Read more

PlayStation 5 sold over 7.8 million units already.

Sony Revealed that the game console. PlayStation 5 Able to surpass global sales 7.8 millionIs completed Which is the sales amount until 31 Mar the past For the year 2021, PS5 sales for the first three months totaled 3.3 million units worldwide. Produced not to meet demand How much is sold out Always put on … Read more