Cool, this YouTuber assembles his own PS5 Slim, Jakarta – PlayStation 5 (PS5) does have a larger body shape than consoles on the market today, such as the Xbox Series X|S, PS4 or PS4 Pro. Based on experience, Sony has usually launched “slim” models for its previous PlayStation consoles. However, until now Sony still has not revealed any information about the whereabouts … Read more

HyperX Cloud Flight for PlayStation, a quality wireless alternative

One of the things I don’t like about the PlayStation 5 is that it does not have support for Bluetooth headphones or headsets. Even if you buy the headphones Sony Pulse 3Dyou still have to use a USB adapter. Other brands also have options like the Cloud Flight Wireless de HyperXwhich we tested in NiusGeek. … Read more

Pre-ordered PS5 June. Added new rules. Fairer than before, but still sold out in minutes.

Today (17 June) via Sony Thailand and dealers There is a reservation PlayStation 5 (PS5) In June 2022, it was announced via the Sony Store Thailand fan page that there will be reservations in 3 formats as follows. PlayStation5 model has an Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ disc reader paired with a DualSense wireless controller and … Read more

Gungrave GORE presents its brutal gameplay trailer

We’re in the middle of announcement season for the video game industry, so in the last week we haven’t stopped seeing trailers for games coming soon to consoles and PC. One of those games is Gungrave G.O.R.E.coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC in the fall of 2022. Gungrave GORE … Read more

Waiting for Resident Evil 4 Remake to release next week

After it was launchedgameWith many new releases coming out of the series, Capcom was not released to fans.gameHad to leave the waiting period for too long but also preparing to disclose information ofgameVarious come out again next week. That’s why we will be excited to discover new information. Resident Evil 4 Remake continuously without having … Read more

Sony Will Boost PS5 Production, Expand Games for PC and Mobile

Jakarta – Nearly two years after its launch, PlayStation 5 is still a rare item and if it is found even the price is exorbitant. To overcome this scarcity, Sony committed to increasing PS5 production as one of its focuses this year. In a briefing with investors, Sony hopes to close the PS4 and PS5 … Read more

COWCAT launches three games in one day

Xenon Valkyrie+, Riddled Corpses EX and Demon’s Tier+. Although it may seem like they are three separate games, they have quite a few similarities. All three were published by COWCAT, all three were released today for PlayStation 5 for €9.99 each with a free update of the PS4 version and all three are included in … Read more

First gameplay of a PSX game on PS5, this is what Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee looks like

Just over a week ago Sony confirmed the first games that were going to be part of the catalog of the new PlayStation Plusa service that Sony has remodeled from top to bottom to unify the old PS+ and PS Now giving gamers up to three different subscription models (four if you count Deluxe in … Read more

“Death Stranding” actor revealed that Hideo Kojima in the development of the sequel also responded with a twitter “execution” photo #playstation 4 (177581)

After the official launch of “Death Stranding” on the PlayStation 4 platform in November 2019, the Windows PC platform version was launched in July 2020, and then the director’s cut version was launched on the PlayStation 5 platform. 5 million sets, and the game story has also sparked discussions among many players. served in the … Read more