Should motorists be fined if they watch a video while driving? “It depends on the policeman.”

First of all, they mentioned this disturbing new trend that more and more motorists are adopting. In fact, 7% of people surveyed by the VIAS institute admit to watching videos when they drive. But this statistic varies from region to region. “It is in Brussels-Capital that the people surveyed most admit to watching videos, films … Read more

North Sumatra Police Special Team Investigate the Death of a Policeman who embezzled Rp. 2.5 billion in taxes

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 26 Mar 2023 20:50 WIB North Sumatra Police formed a team to investigate the death of Bripka Arfan Saragih who was suspected of embezzling Rp. 2.5 billion in taxpayer money at Samsat Samosir UPT Pangururan. iStockphoto/Herwin Bahar Medan, CNN Indonesia — The North Sumatra Regional Police have formed a team to re-investigate … Read more

Weapons, drugs, … suspected of being a “ripou”, the policeman of the ZP Germinalt under arrest warrant

An agent from the Germinalt local police zone (Thuin, Gerpinnes, Ham-sur-Heure/Nalinnes and Montigny-le-Tilleul) was arrested on Monday morning, La DH announced it to you first. This policeman was heard the same day, at the end of the afternoon, by an investigating judge in Charleroi, who placed him under an arrest warrant. The Charleroi Public Prosecutor’s … Read more

A “ripou” policeman arrested Monday morning south of Charleroi, for a case of arms and narcotics trafficking

A policeman from the local Germinalt area, in Thudinie south of Charleroi, was arrested on Monday: his colleagues came to pick him up in the morning! According to our information, he is suspected of being involved in arms and drug trafficking, all while performing his duties as a police officer. It would be, as often … Read more

Major police deployment in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: several people arrested following a burglary, a policeman injured

A large deployment of police took place this Sunday noon, Avenue Georges Henri in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, in the Brussels region. Several people were arrested following a burglary. A police officer was injured during the intervention. It all started on the first floor of a building. Several people entered it with the aim of robbing it. According … Read more

Dominique, in his fifties, policeman: “Last night, I said to myself that I wanted to kill my wife”

That morning, Dominique (Thierry Hellin) was out of shape. Alone in the police station locker room, he meticulously gets ready: light blue shirt, navy pants and ankle boots. Lands his colleague, Gilles (Vincent Minne). “Hi ! Did you see the game?” No, Dominique did not see the match: he argued with his wife, Magali. “Last … Read more

RoboCop: Rogue City reviews the life of the famous policeman in its new gameplay trailer

RoboCop: Rogue City He shines executing criminals of all kinds in his new gameplay. The new title starring the most famous policeman on the big screen will arrive next September at PS5, Xbox Series X|S y PC. Nacon and Teyon target the new generation for the next RoboCop adventure in the video game. You can … Read more

Fort Chabrol mortal de Héron: the policeman would have shot in self-defense

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Liège public prosecutor’s office took stock of the circumstances of the tragedy that cost the life of Loïc, a 27-year-old young man residing in rue Guilitte, in Waret-l’Evêque ( Heron). As a reminder, Loïc was shot at the family home in what is known as Fort Chabrol. The young man had … Read more

The policeman on duty fired 5 shots in a row and shot his wife’s relatives at home, scared and fled | International | CTWANT

Malaysian police fired five shots at his wife. (Schematic / Pexels) A 26-year-old policeman in Malaysia recently returned home and shot his wife five times at close range, less than 10 centimeters away from the eyes. The other five relatives were frightened and fled the scene. The suspect’s motive for the crime remains to be … Read more