Michel Claise and financial crime: “I wonder if there is not among some politicians the fear that the fight will weaken their voters.”

Regarding drug trafficking, Jean-Marc Gheraille, editor-in-chief of the DH, notably asked him what he thought of the idea of ​​seconding soldiers to Antwerp: “An army presence was justified in a context of terrorism, we could attack people”replied the judge. “But not in the context of the fight against drug trafficking. We need police officers, magistrates, … Read more

Renzi defends the privacy of politicians but wants to know who votes for the professor

Cntc is the largest tobacco company in the world and accounts for almost half of the world’s cigarette production. Backed by the state, it holds a kind of virtual monopoly in the gigantic Chinese tobacco market, the largest in the world, which outsells Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands and Japan Tobacco International combined.

Swedish Politicians Burn Korans in Anti-Turkish Protests

Sunday, January 22 2023 – 10:41 WIB VIVA World – Quran burning took place during an anti-Turkish protest in Stockholm, Sweden, on Saturday, January 21, 2023. A far-right activist from Denmark has received permission from the police to protest outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, where he burned Al -Quran, the holy book of Muslims. … Read more

As economists remain cautious about the uncertain future, business leaders and politicians are increasingly optimistic

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Ukrainians demand from Will Smith to remove the video with the Russian song

For ten hours, the actor’s video has collected more than 7 thousand comments.The famous American actor Will Smith ran into a hate from the Ukrainians in his personal blog. The reason for such a strong anger of network users was the video published by the artist with the process of creating a frame for the … Read more

In the video, a patrol of the security forces was expelled and Bkerke insulted: “We have brigades with 3,000 fighters who will kill you.”

A video circulated on social media showing that members of the Internal Security Forces were subjected to insults, threats, and foul and sectarian speech that the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkerke did not spare, against the backdrop of suppressing a violation in the Kafr Qahel area in the Koura district. The attacker said, “I sold you … Read more

US Citizens Hated & Politicians Attacked, Sorry The Fed Doesn’t Care

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Jerome Powell, Chair of the United States (US) central bank, also known as the Federal Reserve (The Fed), emphasized his commitment to continue raising his benchmark interest rate. This is still being done even though US citizens do not like it. As is known throughout 2022, The Fed raised interest rates … Read more

European capitals summon Iran’s representatives… and Canada imposes sanctions on it

Source: Arabic Western reactions continue to follow after Iran executed two people and issued more death sentences, following trials related to the protests that have swept the country since last September. In this context, the British Foreign Secretary summoned, today, Monday, the Iranian Chargé d’Affairs in London to protest against new death sentences issued against … Read more

Active Again in PPP, Romahurmuziy Equates Politicians with the Doctor Profession

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the Advisory Council PPP Romahurmuziy alias Romi stated that being a politician is a calling in life. He also compared politicians to the medical profession. According to him, when a doctor makes a mistake or malpractice, he can still practice being a doctor again. The same goes for politicians. … Read more

Oleg Romantsev: “Russia did not get to the 2022 World Cup to please rotten politicians. They tried to stuff the tournament with political ambitions, but this abomination was crossed out by a luxurious final” – Football

Oleg Romantsev believes that World Cup 2022 tried to stuff them with political ambitions. – What football events do you remember from the past year? – First of all, the world championship in Qatar. It’s always a big celebration. But this time I followed him not in the same mood as before. And not even … Read more