AOC launches the P3 series of professional monitors; 24, 27, 34-inch variants with USB-C port, integrated webcams and stereo speakers

AOC announced the P3 professional range of monitors. We are talking about 7 models that arrive in 24, 27 or 34 inches diagonally. They feature IPS or VA panels, have a modern design with narrow bezels and offer wide viewing angles. They also bring ergonomic kickstands, 4-port USB 3.2 hubs and feature built-in 2MP or … Read more

An “American” is the Beirut port investigator, and a “Lebanese” is the Public Prosecutor on the balance of the release of Al-Awf

“Hezbollah” and its political, media and propaganda affiliates launched a violent campaign against the judicial investigator, Tariq Al-Bitar, accusing him of carrying out American orders, against the background of the “possible” release of the head of the Security and Safety Authority in the Beirut port, Muhammad Ziyad Al-Awf, when it exploded on the fourth of … Read more

CHAYO Cheat Scammers Wade to buy debt to support the port through a hundred thousand million. – stock dimensions

Stock dimension-Mr. Suksan Yasasin, Chief Executive Officer of Chayo Group Public Company Limited or CHAYO, who operates both secured and unsecured asset management business. Debt tracking business lending business and customer service center business, revealed that at present, “Chayo Capital Company Limited” which is a subsidiary of the Company Claimed by crooks by notifying the … Read more

Migrants, the Ocean Viking arrives at the port of Marina di Carrara after four days of navigation: 95 landed, 38 are minors

Four days of sailing. Over fifteen hundred kilometers traveled after the rescue off the coast of Libya. There Ocean Viking, of the NGO Sos Mediterranée has arrived in Marina di Carrara, the safe harbor assigned by the Italian authorities. There were 95 migrants on board, including 15 women and 38 minors, all from sub-Saharan Africa. … Read more

It turned into a mass of flame.. A missile targets a Turkish ship in a port in Ukraine (video)

– Advertisement – Country- On Tuesday, a missile of unknown origin hit a Turkish ship in the Ukrainian port of “Kherson”, which had been stuck in the port since February 2022, and is managed by the Turkish “Gayli Shipping” company, which led to a fire, according to video clips from the accident site and shipping … Read more

Foreign children take the lead to cheer for “Port Authority” in the open house game “BG” in the Thai League battle (clip)

On 24 Jan. 23, it became colorful in the online world. When 2 foreign children’s football fans stand up to sing and cheer for Port FC, they open their homes to beat BG 2-1 in the Thai League 2022-23 season on Sunday, January 22. Foreign Singha football fans went up to sing a song with … Read more

How to clean the iPhone charging port easily with something we all have at home

Over time and use, the charging port of our iPhone accumulates dirt. It does so especially when we carry the phone in our pocket and collects the occasional residue both from the same fabric and small particles that accumulate there. Fortunately, we can clean it very easily. Something important, it must be said, well Excessive … Read more

Soon.. Here is what the Beirut port area will witness

The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Used Car Showrooms in Lebanon, Walid Francis, announced that the sit-in, which will be held before noon today for importers and showroom owners, will be at the entrance to the Beirut port, stressing that the highway in Mahalla will be cut off in order to put pressure … Read more