The port of Riga welcomes the 10 millionth passenger / Article

August 7, 20:19 Authors: David Freudenfeld (Journalist) Passengers arrived in Riga this evening on the ship “Costa Fascinosa”, which has a capacity of 3,800 people. A special ceremony was held at the port to welcome the 10 millionth passenger. This year’s cruise season in the port of Riga could reach a record number of cruise … Read more

The 10 millionth passenger arrived at the port of Riga with the cruise ship Costa Fascinos / Diena

Although Tanja and Kristians are active travelers, this is the first time they both visit Riga. They were motivated to go on this cruise by their interest in the history and unique architecture of the Baltic States. On Sunday, the mayor of Riga Mārtiņš Staķis, the chairman of the board of the Freeport of Riga … Read more

Fire in the port of Matanzas in Cuba. Evacuation of residents

The fourth fuel tank exploded in the port of Matanzas in western Cuba, where a major fire has been under fire since Friday. Firefighters cool the next ones with seawater to prevent them from igniting. Black smoke from the fire has already reached the capital of the country, Havana, almost 100 kilometers away. By Monday … Read more

The port of Riga will welcome the 10 millionth passenger – Transport and logistics – Financenet – TVNET

The 2022 cruise season in the port of Riga promises a record number of cruise ship visits – the arrival of more than 100 cruise ships, which will exceed the last full cruise season in 2019 by a quarter. Of these, 13 ships are visiting Riga for the first time this season, and about 20 … Read more

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Mini and Define 7 Mini PC Cases Provide USB Type-C Port

Fractal Design has announced the Meshify 2 Mini and Define 7 Mini chassis for gaming desktops in a relatively small format. It is possible to use Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX and Mini ITX motherboards. Image Source: Fractal Design The Meshify 2 Mini version received a mesh front panel and a tempered glass left side section. The Define … Read more

With this expansion board, Raspberry Pi CM4 can become a dual Gigabit Ethernet port soft router | XFastest News

Raspberry Pi is a popular platform choice for playing soft routing, but the original version has only one network port, which is inconvenient in some uses, and requires an external USB network port. Now if you want to make a soft router with dual network ports, you can use Raspberry Pi CM4, a company called … Read more

How to port when the real RECESSION hasn’t arrived yet?

Entering August, the market appears to have eased concerns over strong US interest rate hikes and lower inflation in the coming months. But raising interest rates for the rest of the year continues to move forward. and the fast and strong interest rate hike in the previous period. causing economic growth to decline And there … Read more

The video of the new collapse at the grain depot in the port of Beirut | Flashes

After several days of more intense seismic activity than usual, the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted in Iceland on Wednesday, located on the Reykjanes peninsula in the southwest of the country, about 40 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik. Lava began pouring from a mountain side fissure into an uninhabited valley, attracting residents and tourists with its spectacular … Read more

The port of Riga will welcome the 10 millionth passenger

Since 2000, about 8,200 passenger ship arrivals have been registered in the port of Riga, the majority of them – about 6,600 were within the regular passenger line, while 1,600 were visits by cruise ships. 88% (~8.8 million) of all arrivals were ferry passengers, while 12% (~1.2 million) were cruise passengers from a total of … Read more