Video portrait of windsurfer Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt

13 years ago, Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt (33) faced a choice in life. She was bitten by the windsurfing bug, but still played handball in the elite series, and committed herself fully to it. – My whole life was actually handball, handball, handball, says Brødholt. When the interest in windsurfing entered her life, the requirements … Read more

Portrait of Pau Molas-Roca – The golden boy rushes towards the stars

– The golden boy rushes all schuss towards the stars The 27-year-old Catalan, addicted to skiing, aims to revolutionize the world of aerospace transport and satellites from Bex. Published: 09.15.2022, 09:14 Pau Molas-Roca, proud of his Catalan origins, chose Bex to set up his company Coactum, the objective of which is, neither more nor less, … Read more

Lobster Nebula In Dark Energy Camera Portrait

To celebrate a decade of Dark Energy Cameras (Dark Energy Camera/DECam), astronomers publish photos showing thousands of stars in Nebula Lobster or Nebula Lobster. The Lobster Nebula or NGC 6357 as captured by the Dark Energy Camera. Credits: CTIO/NOIRLab/DOE/NSF/AURA, TA Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage/NSF’s NOIRLab), J. Miller (Gemini Observatory/NSF’s NOIRLab), M. Zamani & D. … Read more

A portrait of exceptional talent – ​​Switzerland’s most successful comedian still lives with his parents

– Switzerland’s most successful comedian still lives with his parents He has more reach than Hazel Brugger, Viktor Giacobbo and Mike Müller together: Adrian Vogt from Basel is 23 years old and a star on the internet. Published: 09/10/2022, 20:36 With a pot hairstyle and a mustache: Adrian Vogt never laughs in photos. Photo: Andrea … Read more

Michelle Obama in a bright outfit appeared in the White House – Society –

The official portraits of the former Obamas were presented at the White House. The opening ceremony and the presentation of official portraits of former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama took place at the White House. Barack and Michelle Obama / Photo: Associated Press This event did not take place for 10 years, … Read more

Polynesia: The National Portrait Gallery in London seeks to acquire the portrait of Omai, worth 58 million euros

It is described as one of the greatest portraits ever painted. The work of Joshua Reynolds, Portrait of Omai (1776), is at the center of the attention of the National Portrait Gallery in London, which wishes to acquire it for the modest sum of just over 58 million euros, the call price. If the operation … Read more

This portrait of Althaf Andhika, son of Brigadier General Krishna Murti is rarely exposed

IntipSeleb Lokal – Brigadier General Krishna Murti has a youngest child named Althaf Andhika Krishnawho followed in his footsteps and is currently studying at the Police Academy. Rarely exposed on social media, the figure of Althaf Andhika certainly invites public curiosity. So, what is the figure of Althaf Andhika? Take a peek through the portrait … Read more

Multi-recidivist kidnapper: an unflattering portrait of Jean-Pierre Bellemare

Representations to have Jean-Pierre Bellemare declared a dangerous offender continued on Tuesday at the Granby courthouse in Estrie, where a psychiatrist drew an unflattering portrait of the individual with a long history of violence. A repeat kidnapper, Bellemare had kidnapped and sequestered a 12-year-old teenager four years ago, in order to obtain a ransom. He … Read more

Sylvester Stallone puts a picture of a dog on top of his wife’s portrait tattoo

American actor Sylvester Stallone and his third wife Jennifer Flavin celebrated their silver wedding this spring, but now it seems that the star marriage is on the rocks. Jennifer’s portrait, which until recently adorned Stallone’s bicep, was unexpectedly replaced by the image of a dog. The woman’s face is covered with a picture of Stallone’s … Read more

The Most Detailed Moon Portrait View, 174 Megapixels!

Jakarta – Two astrophotographers just released a photo they claim to be Moon photo most detailed. Interestingly, this photo is the result of two years of painstaking work and more than 200 thousand frames in the making. “For thousands of years, humans have loved gazing at the Moon as it adorns the night sky, but … Read more