New possibilities for life on Earth’s seabed and beyond

MADRID, 24 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – Two biogeoscientists have opened up new possibilities for life in the dark at the bottom of Earth’s oceans, as well as in the entire solar system. At Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, Jeffrey Dick, and Everett Shock have determined that specific hydrothermal seafloor environments provide a unique habitat where … Read more

Estonia has declared an acute shortage of doctors

Photo: Unsplash In Estonia, because of the covid wave, they began to postpone non-urgent medical care The country’s doctors were warned that they must be prepared for a situation when the number of people in need of help will exceed their capacity. The number of people infected with the coronavirus is on the rise in … Read more

István Tarlós is preparing a material for Viktor Orbán about the possibilities of continuing Metro 4

Interview given for Blikk, the former mayor who serves as prime minister’s agent for the development of transport and public service infrastructure to the prime minister. István Tarlós he said his current job no longer requires the same pace as his work as mayor. To put it ironically: compared to what I did, I experience … Read more

Schools of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation must be renovated: “We are reaching the end of technical possibilities”

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation announced that a budget of 1 billion euros over 10 years had been released to rehabilitate many schools. Many have been waiting for major renovations for many years. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation wants to mobilize one billion euros over ten years for school buildings. Due to chronic underinvestment over the past four decades, … Read more

[TGS 21]”FF” biological father Sakaguchi Hironobu talks with the latest production producer Yoshida Naoki about the charm and possibilities of RPG-Bahamut

On the third day of Tokyo Game Show 2021, which is October 2, 2021, the host’s program was broadcast“The Charm and Possibilities of RPG ~ Hiroshin Sakaguchi x Naoki Yoshida / TGS2021 ONLINE Special Dialogue~”。 This show is invited to “Final Fantasy》The founder of the seriesHironobu Sakaguchi,and《Final Fantasy XIV》(Hereinafter referred to as “FF XIV”) Producer, … Read more

Hironobu Sakaguchi vs. Naoki Yoshida in a special conversation to share the charm and possibilities of RPG | 4Gamers

On the third day of Tokyo Game Show 2021, two well-known game producers Hironobu Sakaguchi and Naoki Yoshida had a special talk. The topic of this talk was “The Charm and Possibilities of RPG”. The whole talk lasted for one hour at TGS The official channel will be broadcast live in 2021, and the following … Read more

A.Armonaitė will present the possibilities of activities in Lithuania to the representatives of US companies

Minister of Economics and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė will receive a delegation of businessmen from the United States of America in Vilnius on Thursday. The Minister will present the opportunities for investment in Lithuania and closer cooperation to the representatives of 10 US companies engaged in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, defense, human resource management and financial services. … Read more

J.Ryvkinas, who did not raise the Lithuanian national team above the possibilities: “Maybe I exaggerated a bit” | Sports

“In my opinion, in the first two matches we played well enough, we tried to play as much as possible for the result, but in the third match psychology played a big role. The guys are not ready to fight for a great result yet, there is a lack of experience here, maybe somewhere and … Read more

The vaccine revolution – “The possibilities are basically completely unlimited”

The success of the covid-19 vaccine has resulted in an upsurge in RNA technology. Researchers are working to develop RNA-based therapies for cancer, malaria, HIV and heart disease. Before the new coronavirus struck, there was not a single drug or vaccine (drug given to prevent infectious diseases) based on human-approved mRNA technology. Many had long … Read more

Guillermo Teillier and the arrival of the PC to the Upper House after 48 years: “The Senate could disappear”

The president of the Communist Party, deputy Guillermo Teillier, spoke of his senatorial candidacy for Santiago. He will participate in the list of Approve Dignity, seeking the first place in 48 years within the Upper House for the PC. Speaking to El Siglo, Teillier stated that the intention to run for the Senate will be … Read more