BYD, China’s largest EV maker, posted 76 trillion won in sales and 3 trillion won in net profit last year

Warren Buffett Investment Firm Profits Soar 458% in One Year Last year, 1.86 million EVs were produced… Musk “Tesla’s biggest rival” Photo = REUTERS BYD, China’s largest electric vehicle maker, recorded 420 billion yuan (76 trillion won) in sales and 17 billion yuan (3.957 trillion won) in net profit last year. Bloomberg reported on the … Read more

Karina La Princesita raised concern about a series of messages she posted on her networks

The singer was sad on her vacation and the fans reacted. Karina La Princesita published messages on her Instagram account that generated the concern of his fans. It is that the singer, who removed her profile photo, wrote reflections that speak of her state of mind and show disappointment. Karina meets separated from Nicolás Furman … Read more

The current ex-girlfriend came to Facebook because of “virgin complex” and posted a post to mark him sighing: the family atmosphere has been made very dignified | Life | CTWANT

A male netizen said that he was friended by his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend on Facebook for no reason, and then he was tagged by the man in a post on Facebook in the middle of the night, and felt quite helpless. (Schematic / Pexels) A male netizen said that he was inexplicably added as a … Read more

Jimmy Zámbó’s first wife turned 68: Krisztián posted a cakey photo of Vera – Domestic star

Zambo Jimmy He was 18 years old when he fell in love with a mother of two who was three years older than him. To Csoma Vera. Although at first the young woman did not take his approach seriously, in the end the persistent courtship reached its goal, they got married and had a child. … Read more

“Mookie Praiya” posted a touching message on the anniversary to her boyfriend P’ kevin.

Move on from old love already… For the hot girl “Mookie Praiya Phadungsuk” she is very clear about love. Many people may have seen her with foreign men in her stories. This young man is “DJ Kay Kevin”, a famous young DJ working in Thailand. Picture from ig: milkypraiya Picture from ig: milkypraiya Picture from … Read more

“Walking to the Wind” finale Tan Songyun posted a post thanking everyone for liking Cheng Xiao Tan Songyun_Sina

Tan Songyun bid farewell to “Walking to the Wind” Sina Entertainment News On the 12th, the finale of “Walk into the Wind” starring Wang Kai and Tan Songyun, Tan Songyun sent a message to bid farewell to Cheng Xiao. She revealed that she was immediately ignited during the process of reading the script, “The first … Read more

“Here is a female!” Anfisa Chekhova posted new photos in a swimsuit, forcing people to discuss their forms – January 10, 2023

The famous Russian presenter, singer and actress Anfisa Chekhova has pleased her fans with new content. 45-year-old woman posted on Instagram (recognized as an extremist organization, activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited)where she currently has 1.7 million followers, three swimsuit photos geolocated to Cancun, Mexico. “Were you waiting? I can’t deceive … Read more

Zhan Yawen left Taiwan for half a month and suddenly posted a “man’s back photo” She sweetly shouted: I met happiness around the corner | Entertainment | CTWANT

The 56-year-old “Taiwanese Golden Song Queen” Zhan Yawen recently opened her brain and was shocked to see two cerebral aneurysms growing on her right brain. She revealed that if this disease explodes, she may die suddenly at any time. A few days ago, she announced that she would travel to Japan for a month before … Read more

“Nong Songkran” posted to the bullying news release “Matt”, the truth is not dead. Sin, merit, blame, it’s real.

Even though he hastily came out to clarify the hot topic after being connected as a third party, the love of the young superstar “Aum Patchrapa” and “Hisophok Prathanwong” had to stop, but it seemed that there was still drama coming in continuously. On the side of “Matt Bhirani” posted a family photo at the … Read more

Cheer up with all your heart! Prang Kannarun-a famous young actor After the man posted the first picture of the year

Another genius couple who are being watched to move up the status between young actresses. “Prang-Kannarun Wongkajornklai” or Lady Prang and the hottest young actors “Pranchan-Parama Immanothai” Both of them have many works together. With singles meeting singles, the chemistry matches, making it possible to win the status from a genius to a real couple. … Read more