Saturday will be relatively sunny and without significant precipitation

A slow wind will remain, in the eastern part of the country, a slow to moderate north, northwest wind will blow. The maximum air temperature in the afternoon will be +13..+16 degrees. A relatively sunny day is expected in Riga, without precipitation and with a slow wind. The air temperature will rise to +14..+15 degrees. … Read more

Major earthquake and tsunami warning

major earthquake A major earthquake shook the west coast of Mexico on Monday at 2:05 p.m. EST. The Colima-Michoacan region felt the strong tremor whose epicenter is located at a depth of 15.1 km. Its intensity is estimated at 7.6 on the Richter scale. This sector is located between the resorts of Puerto Vallarta and … Read more

catastrophic precipitation in Pakistan likely due to climate change

EPA NOS News•Thursday, 23:01 The extreme rainfall that had catastrophic effects on Pakistan last summer is likely linked to climate change. That conclude 26 climate scientists connected to the international network World Weather Attribution (WWA). The scientists rely on climate models and weather data. These show that rainfall has increased as a result of global … Read more

The glacier at the end of the world is about to give way

Grand glacier Thwaites Glacier is located in West Antarctica. Nicknamed the “glacier of the end of the world”, this gigantic block of ice is 120 km wide and 600 km long. If it melted completely, it would cause the sea level to rise by one to three meters. Remarkable seabed imagery indicates Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, … Read more

Typhoon “Meihua” has moved into the East China Sea, Sichuan Basin, Guizhou and other places with significant precipitation – News – Science Network

Typhoon “Meihua” has moved into the East China Sea, Sichuan Basin, Guizhou and other places with obvious precipitation China News Service, September 13. According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it is expected that the typhoon “Plum Blossom” will move northward and northwest at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, and the … Read more

First major appearance of snow in Quebec!

The passage of a system over Quebec from Tuesday to Friday should bring good accumulations of rain in several areas. A larger band of precipitation extends from Abitibi-Témiscamingue to Labrador. Snow for some Rain is expected to change to snow Thursday through Friday in areas of northeastern Quebec bordering Labrador. Only a few cities are … Read more

Look up to the sky, the moon has a special show in store

Why is she called harvest moon? Well, in the past, farmers had to rely on the moon to light them up in the field after the sun went down. This lighting was crucial in particular at the end of the summer, which corresponds with the harvest period.In North America, it is also the tradition to … Read more

Hurricane Earl could have impacts in Canada

Currently, tropical activity in the Atlantic is marked by the presence of two named systems: Post-Tropical Cyclone Danielle and Hurricane Earl, which is currently Category 2. Possible major hurricane Earl will intensify as it moves and could reach peak strength after passing near Bermuda from Thursday night into Friday. The archipelago is currently on hurricane … Read more

Quebec will experience a brutal shock

And bref : Last manifestation of summer with heat and humidity; Felt over 40 in some areas; Brutal shock Thursday. high humidity An incursion of warm, humid air is pushing feelings up to nearly 40 in southern Quebec at the start of the week. In fact, this sweltering heat extends as far as the Gaspé … Read more

Something that Quebec has not seen for a long time is taking shape

An oppressive heat punctuated the beginning of the month. Between August 5 and 7, felt temperatures soared above 40 in several areas. Montreal even got a Humidex of 43. Since then, radio silence on the high Humidex side. Several sectors even had difficulty reaching 20°C at times, and freshness records were broken. The Humidex, missing … Read more